Is Grey The New White?


Grey Tiles Are The New White!

Applebys have seen a significant increase in grey tiles especially grey metro tiles. Grey tiles are being used for a number of reasons, including ease of cleaning, adaptability and most importantly the aesthetics of the tile!

White tiles were common some 20 years ago as the only choice for bathroom and kitchen wall tiles. They were usually produced in a plain square form but over the years have developed in to all shapes and sizes with an array of finishes however, being a white tile it still attracts dirt, pet hair, grease and oil. Which is why people are leaning towards grey tiles.

For example lets take the Grey Metro Tile! first and foremost these tiles are stunning, their contemporary, modern and add a neutral tone to any property along with this, they can be used with a grey grout to create a blend. As with all grout white grout gets dirty quick and their is only so much cleaning you can do on the grout and after a year it will probably never look as good as it did however with grey grouts ranging from Silver Grey to Dark Grey, they repel dirt and marks so much easier and because of the dark colour dirt and stains do not show as they would on white.

Our tiling contracting side of Applebys has found that 94% of floor tiles laid now use grey grout and over 65% of walls tiles are also using grey grout. This reflects peoples busy lifestyles and lack of desire to spend hours cleaning their tiles!

Grey tiles come in an amazing range, from tiny mosaic tiles no more than 1" square, to large slabs of concrete-look or marble tiles that give a beautiful finish, without all the work, and make your rooms look bigger. We do of course offer sealstone such as marble and slate but remember these need maintaining with special PH cleaners and sealing before and after grouting and also involve a different cutting method making them much more costly to install.

Grey tiles are not limited to just the bathroom or the kitchen either. Our Grey Tiles can brighten up your plain office wall with a gorgeous Metro tile, Make the floor stand out with our Grey Slate Tile that enhances your furniture and creates an amazing first impression. Or bring tiles into your hall with a stunning Encaustic Grey Tile to have visitors looking on in awe.

If you have outdoor space, beautiful floor tiles like these porcelain tiles can also be used outdoors, and because they are grey they will not appear dirty within minutes like traditional white tiles. Porcelain tiles give you the option of smoothing the transition from outdoors to indoors and giving the impression that your house is larger than it is .If you'd like something really distinctive and quirky, and you have stairs with a solid riser, have you considered using feature tiles on the risers to give a completely different and highly unusual designer look? We have a range of beautiful floor tiles that could turn your staircase into a feature, rather than just an afterthought.

Don't just think traditionally when using feature tiles in your home. Have fun with your designs, try something a little different and build yourself a truly unique home that's bursting with personality.

If you'd like some help, head over to our online chat, and we'll be happy to talk you through some options, or even to fit your tiles for you.