Making bathrooms appear bigger with tiles

Making bathrooms appear bigger with tiles


Having a spacious bathroom in your house adds a splash of luxury in your life. Having a serene quiet place to your self where you can loosen up and wash away all your frets could be a bliss. Modern bathrooms are no longer looked as just bathrooms, they are your private heaven.

But let's be real. Unless you own an opulent custom-built house, you cannot acquire this luxury. And in modern times, where most people these days live in apartments, where the bathrooms are small and compact, this might even seem impossible. 

But what if we told you that this is possible with some simple hacks? Just a few amendments in your bathroom can make you feel more relaxed instead of feeling confined? In this article, we are going to talk about the few changes that you can make without taking a toll on your budget.

Even the most restricting bathrooms can look spacious with a few simple changes. A simple change of tiles is one of them. Picking up tiles that are light or pastel coloured helps in bouncing off the light, which makes a room look more spacious and airy. Light colours not only make the bathroom a more welcoming place but also give them a more calming, tranquil vibe. 

But we also understand that it could be really hard to pick the perfect colour and size from the endless choices available today, hence we have curated a list of calming and cool colours which will go with every spirit. Let's dive a little deeper.  we have curated a list of calming and cool colours which will go with every spirit. Let's dive a little deeper. 


1. White Bathroom Tiles

If you are looking for a colour, which implies less is more, then White bathroom tiles is the way forward!. And after you'll see the finished bathroom, you'll be hooked. White is ideal for small and compact spaces, as it bounces off the maximum amount of light, making the room more bright. And this brightness can be increased by picking a glossier version of white. White is the lightest colour which doesn't absorb any light, hence also keeps your bathroom cool.

Another best trait of this colour is it renders excellent contrast. Not only it helps other colours stand out, but it also serves as a serene backdrop, which goes with every colour of your choice and provides a calming effect. White bathroom tiles can be paired with dark colours such as blue and even black, or white can be used with subtle grout lines for achieving a minimalistic brick-like elegant effect. 


2. Beige Bathroom Tiles

Beige is often described as sandy pale fawn colour. This colour is also associated with flexibility, tranquillity and dependability. Also known as neutral wood, beige is a blend of the softness of white and warmth of brown. 

Beige bathroom tiles coupled with ambient lighting gives a luxurious, calming, spa-like feel to the bathroom. Even if you have white bathroom accessories, beige provides a lightly shaded wooden background, letting everything else stand out. If you want to mix things up, you can also pair white-coloured textured tiles with Beige bathroom tiles for the bathroom floor.


3.  Grey Bathroom Tiles

Gray is one shade, which renders a hint of elegance, without being too overpowering and conservative. The best trait of grey is that it complements every colour it is coupled with and is available in different shades for every mood. 

This blend of white and black is highly versatile in nature and gives an industrial vibe. Darker shades of grey bathroom tiles can be used for the flooring, coupled with white, beige or cream coloured tiles for contrast. The lighter shades like pearl grey can be used as tiles on the wall as well on the floor for maximum reflection of light. If you want to go for a more modern look, you can also pick glossy dark grey bathroom tiles for a small background or flooring.


4.  Cream Bathroom Tiles

Cream is one of the most evergreen colours available in the colour pallet. With a little touch of yellow, cream colour is one of the off-white colours which brings warmth and delight to the eyes with grace.

Cream defines royalty. Paired with some of the vintage themed accessories and covers or curtains, this colour can transform your bathroom into a lavish traditional royal room. But the best part about cream is that being a light colour, cream gives a subtle lift to all the white accessories. Coupled with copper-coloured pipes, cream bathroom tiles will transform your small bathroom into a splendid majestic place. 

So you went to the store and now you've picked up your favourite colour for the tiles. We know you can't wait to enter in your new and improved bathroom, but what about the size of the tiles? As the colour is important for vibe and mood, the size of the tiles also plays an important role.

Bigger tiles are ideal for small spaces. And using neutral colored tiles in small spaces will help you achieve the bigger looking room. 


1. Bigger tiles reduce grout lines

Bigger tiles automatically reduce the grout lines, which gives the illusion of a bigger space. Not only tiles become easy to maintain, but also the cleaning process becomes easier as grouts are hard to clean.


2. Less installation time

The installation time of larger tiles is reduced to half as compared to small tiles. The larger tiles occupy larger areas and fit easily with each other. 


3. The illusion of a bigger room

Because of the size of the larger tiles, the brain automatically gets tricked into believing that the room is also bigger than it is. This makes larger tiles not only ideal for small bathrooms, but also for your living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen etc. 

Being the most highly trafficked room in the house, there is no reason for a bathroom to feel cramped and restricted. But who says you need to spend a fortune on a big house to get the personal space to relax on the go, whenever you want?


With minimalistic trends that are on the boom right now and we are sure are here to stay, you can easily amp up of your bathroom with the above hacks. Using pastel-coloured tiles or shades of off-white will not only transform your bathroom into a tranquil space of your house but also will make you fall in love with the vibe of this room.