Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles Vs Concrete Effect Bathroom Tiles

Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles Vs Concrete Effect Bathroom Tiles


No other experience can compete with the joy of unwinding in your plush private oasis. And having a crisp, clean, luxurious bathroom adds more joy to the whole experience. An extravagant bathroom with a separate bathtub, a luxurious private shower, huge mirrors with embossed borders and a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The whole setting can give you a spa-like experience at your home, whenever you want.


But what about the bathroom tiles?

A luxurious bathroom cannot be luxurious until paired with gorgeous and beautiful tiles. Doesn't matter how expensive your bathroom accessories are or how fancy your shower is or how much time you have spent while picking up the perfect pair of lamps or chandeliers. If your bathroom contains tiles that don't complement the vibe you are trying to create, luxurious or contemporary, all your efforts to build your private heaven will be in vain. 

When you pick the right tiles which complement your bathroom setting, it increases the wow factor dramatically. Installing rich, lush tiles with the right colour and size not only gives your bathroom an opulent look but also creates a serene and calm environment for you to relax. 

But picking out the right pair of tiles is not simple anymore. With tiles available in every colour, shape and size in the market, creating your bliss could be a daunting task. 

But what if we told you that you can limit your choices to just two species of tiles? What if you don't have to spend all your precious time hunting for the right tile and no matter which one you pick, you won't go wrong?

When it comes to luxurious and contemporary style, two families of tiles have effortlessly ruled the tile industry for decades. Marble effect bathroom tiles are the first choice of interior designers when comes to creating stylish and luxurious bathrooms, while concrete effect bathroom tiles are perfect for achieving a more urban and contemporary look. The best trait of both tiles is that they do not overshadow your bathroom accessories and blend in seamlessly. The subtle shades and off white calming colours of both the tiles create a canvas-like effect in your bathroom, giving the illusion of a spacious room. 

But what is the difference between the two? Which one will suit your taste and style?

Concrete effect Bathroom tiles

Back in the day, the concrete effect was confined to basements and garages. But not anymore. Interior designers fell head over heels in love a long time ago with the industrial look and the contemporary vibe these concrete effect bathroom tiles have to offer. Hence these tiles can be easily spotted in many places offering luxurious experiences like hotels, spas, resorts etc. 

The ideal tile for achieving this urban effect is a rustic concrete effect bathroom tile. Our concrete effect tiles usually boast a Matt finish not only renders concrete effect but also can be polished, stained and stamped, giving you unlimited ways to customise your bathroom. The best part of investing in porcelain tiles is that it frees you from the curse of waxing the concrete floor at least twice a month, which could be a dreadful task. 

concrete effect bathroom tiles are easy to maintain and install, even in the larger areas. So if you have a spacious bathroom, these tiles are ideal. One common trait these porcelain tiles share with the concrete is of durability. Not only these tiles are long-lasting but also lightweight and easy to repair (just in case).


Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles  

If you have ever visited a mansion or a palace from old times, you must have seen marble flooring, still going strong. Marble is a naturally occurring stone, that has its own unique shades and style. While marble is elegant, beautiful and unique, investing in marble flooring might take a toll on your budget. 

But if you still don't want to compromise on the stunning and magnificent look, there are few options that you can invest in. Thanks to the industry manufacturers who are constantly innovating, Marble effect bathroom tiles are available in the market.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are easy to maintain, lighter than marble and easy to cut. So if you want to sprinkle a little marble effect in your bathroom, you can further fiddle around with the shape of these tiles.  

Another option that you can go for is marble effect flooring. Marble effect tiles for the flooring looks like real marble and makes use of porcelain, a more dense material offering low absorption rate, which makes it a healthy choice for the most frequently used room of your house. Even though it is a bit more expensive than ceramic, it pays for itself with its durability and easy maintenance.


While the effects rendered by these tiles are magnificent, you can also mix the two in order to amp up the marvellous look. Using textured concrete effect tiles on the walls and marble on the floor increases the dramatic effect. You can also cover your floor and most of the walls with Marble effect bathroom tiles and use a lighter shade of grey for your concrete effect bathroom tiles on smaller portions, just to highlight the special areas and help them stand out.

While people spend a fortune on their bathroom accessories, tiles often get overlooked, which is the key to the overall experience you are trying to create. Can you imagine a luxurious bathroom containing world-class accessories made with the most expensive materials paired with mediocre tiles? Can you imagine crystal lamps hanging to illuminate a bathroom with dull tiles and boring vibe? 

We certainly cant. 

Both the effects are used widely by interior designers for attaining the lavish look. And the best part is with the help of innovation, you can bring the same effect into your bathroom, without burning a hole in your pockets. With so many alternatives available today, you cannot go wrong with these two effects.  Whichever you pick and however it is used, it will give your bathroom a spectacular look and make it even more inviting and heavenly.