Choosing Marble Effect Wall Tiles

Choosing Marble Effect Wall Tiles

Marble effect wall tiles offer stunning results on budget renovation plans. You make your house look luxurious and sophisticated by using marble effect wall tiles in bathrooms, living room, or the kitchen. These tiles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; each has its texture and colour.

For many years, marble was used to give a luxurious look to homes; however, their price tag and maintenance caused the modern home-owner to opt-out. Now, you can achieve the same timeless look by using marble effect wall tiles, which have overcome the issues caused by marble flooring.


Types of Marble Effect Wall Tiles

Before delving into the benefits of marble effect wall tiles, it is essential to understand the two major types that rule the market. The difference in the material can offer different pros and cons, which is why it is important to know what you need in an object.

Porcelain Marble Effect Wall Tiles

Porcelain marble effect wall tiles have a big market in the modern world as it has more benefits than any other tile material. It has a genuine look of marble and is recommended by designers because of its professional results. It has durability, smoothness, and genuine designs that encapsulate real marble’s beauty. 

Although there is a wide spectrum of marble effect wall tiles, however, one of its types is continuously in demand. The Carrara marble effect wall tiles have been in demand in the modern age because of its smooth and sleek design. It is available in various cream colours with fantastic vein designs, which may affect the cost of the marble effect wall tiles as well.


Pros of Porcelain Marble Effect Wall Tiles

  • It is exceptionally hydrophobic and resists the penetration of water or liquid because of its high-density surface area.
  • It has good longevity, even in harsh weather conditions, which can make tiles or marble muddy. However, porcelain marble effect wall tiles remain the same in cold or hot weather conditions.
  • Porcelain marble effect wall tiles also have extremely good durability because of density; it can withstand high-traffic in houses very easily.
  • It has a wide variety of designs available because of high demand in the market. 

Ceramic Marble Effect Wall Tiles

Ceramic marble effect wall tiles are much cheaper than porcelain marble effect wall tiles; it is just as popular as the latter. It has its advantages and uses. Both have a similar finish, which is why people often forget the difference that is present due to different production material.

It also offers a wide range of designs; however, it has very prominent setbacks as compared to porcelain. Ceramic marble effect wall tiles are porous; they might absorb water and become distorted over time. Moreover, they cannot handle high-traffic and may chip easily over time.

Pros of Ceramic Marble Effect Wall Tiles

  • Ceramic is very heat resistant, which is why ceramic marble effect wall tiles can be used as a backsplash behind the cooking range or in hot weather conditions.
  • It is the cheaper option as compared to porcelain marble effect wall tiles or marble.
  • It is much lighter than marble or porcelain, which is why its handling is very easy. It can also be easily cut at home for DIY projects.

Choosing the Perfect Marble Effect Design for Your Room

Getting the right tile for your bathroom can make an enormous difference as it can make your bathroom look smaller or bigger, cosy or cold, rustic or modern, etc. There are hundreds of variations of each type available in the market, how can you choose the right tile for you? Here are a few tips that can help you suit up your bathroom in the perfect way.


The Layout

Be it big or small; the layout of the marble effect wall tiles will make your room have more personality. Sure, anyone can add simple tiles into the room to make it look pretty, but it won't make a statement and surely will not be remembered as one.

For small rooms, you can trick the eye to make it seem like the room is way bigger than it is. A diagonal pattern used to layout marble effect wall tiles will make the room appear wider. You can also use this type of layout with a feature wall in a small room, to make it look less cluttered.

For larger rooms, you can use a traditional marble layout with simple marble effect wall tiles. You can add a feature wall in large rooms with marble effect wall tiles; however, it is important to keep the rest of the wall neutral as it can make the room look overwhelming. The viewer will not know where to settle their eye.

Tile Size

There is a common misconception that large tiles make the room look smaller; however, it is not the case. It the outline that causes the viewer's eye to make the room appear bigger, which is why the grout surrounding the tiles can make a lot of difference.

When choosing marble effect wall tiles for small rooms, it is best not to go with very small tiles as the grout lines will be more obvious and make the room appear small. Whereas, medium-sized or large marble tiles will make the room appear spacious if same coloured grout is applied.

For larger rooms, the modern option is to keep it simple with large marble effect wall tiles, usually the same as the floor tiles. They can be combined with feature walls just as easy to give eye-catching results.

Colour Scheme

The colour scheme is one of the most important parts of choosing marble effect wall tiles as it can make a huge difference in the room. Both small or large rooms can appear quite different if the right colour is being used to enhance its features.

Small rooms should use neutral colours as the colour scheme. Neutral coloured marble effect wall tiles can make the room appear wider and larger as they reflect more light than darker tiles. The light will flood the room and make it appear wider and spacious.

Marble effect wall tiles for a larger room can go for bolder choices as they can appear gorgeous in spacious rooms. Large tiles can accentuate the designs in bold and bright colours such as red, maroons, greens, and blues.

Fixtures and Furniture

The placement and the size of additional objects in the room can make the room look over-crowded or spacious. For smaller rooms, it is best to choose a sleek and modern option. The proportions of the room will appear much better with smaller additional objects. Monochrome fixtures and furniture can also make smaller rooms look spacious. In larger rooms, you can add a number of features such as feature wall, colourful appliances, and furniture. However, it important to keep in mind the colour scheme and layout of the room.

Create Eye-Catching Results

Marble effect wall tiles can be used creatively to give a bold and modern statement without going overboard with additional fixtures or furniture additions. It is very easy to maintain and offers leeway for creative idiosyncrasies, which is why it has become a popular choice of modern home-owners and designers.