Most Popular Bathroom Wall Tiles

Most Popular Bathroom Wall Tiles


The design industry is one industry that witnesses numerous innovations and trend shifts throughout the year. Every single day, new design trends are rolled out in the market which catches the eyes of not only the home owners but also the top notch interior decorators of the industry. But how many of these design trends stay? How many of these actually make a difference in the long run?

Many people spend a fortune when it comes to renovating their bathroom. No doubt, they spare no expenses. They redo the flooring, the walls and also install new bathroom equipment. But after a few years, after burning a hole in their pockets, they realise that the trends they have incorporated in their bathroom have gone out of fashion and are now considered outdated.

While the only thing that's constant in every industry is change, there are some tile families that have effortlessly ruled the interior design industry. These tile families are some of the most popular tiles that interior designers have advocated for decades and these still remain the first choice of numerous designers around the world. And if you'll opt for these tile families for your bathroom, they'll certainly transform your personal space into a private paradise.

So if you are someone who is looking for some ideas to give your bathroom brand new vibrant personality, read on. We are sure you’ll love this!


Brick Effect Bathroom Tiles


Brick effect bathroom tiles are perfect for someone who is looking to incorporate beautiful timeless design elements with a minimalistic look. Brick effect bathroom tiles not only capture the charm of the countryside perfectly but also give your bathroom a traditional personality.

When many people picture Brick effect bathroom tiles, they feel confined to only one shade. But all thanks to the modern marvels, Brick effect bathroom tiles are available in diverse shades like rustic red, rustic white, light grain and many more and are also available in numerous textures. The best thing about these tiles is that they are cost effective, easy to install as well as easy to maintain.


Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles

If you have ever visited lavish spas and luxury resorts, we are certain that you must have spotted marble effect bathroom tiles. And why not? One tile family that openly advocates luxury is marble. marble effect bathroom tiles are perfect when you are trying to give your bathroom a majestic look. The beautiful diverse veins of each tile give it a distinct look and if you are looking to take things up a notch, you can pick the glossy version of these tiles to make your bathroom even more luxurious. marble effect bathroom tiles come in various shades like white, black, pearl, grey and many more and are also available in assorted textures and finishes. These marble effect tiles are not only highly durable but also are easy to maintain. 


Metro Bathroom Tiles

One of the most timeless, simplistic and elegant families of tiles is the metro bathroom tiles. metro bathroom tiles are also known as the "subway" tiles as they can be still seen in the old railway stations from the 20th century. If you are someone who wants to achieve a traditional look with a contemporary touch, these tiles are perfect for you. Today, metro tiles are not only available in diverse muted shades, but are also available in bold colours. More and more people are opting for the spunky shades like black, green, blue etc to give their bathroom a more vibrant and colourful personality. You can also mix and match these tiles to create a distinct look or you can play with the colour of the grout lines to create a contrast. The choices that metro bathroom tiles render are limitless.      


Blue Bathroom Tiles

The colour blue is known for its calming effects and is also known to represent heaven, wisdom, faith and confidence. If you are someone who wants to bring in the beauty of the sky and the sea in your bathroom, blue bathroom tiles are a perfect choice. The beauty of this colour is that it doesn't confine you to only one shade and also gives you a ton of opportunities to experiment and explore. If you are someone who wants to create a serene and calm space for yourself, you can opt for muted shades of blue. If you are someone who wants to make a bold statement, you can choose from diverse deep tones of blue. If you are someone who is looking to achieve a playful look, you can mix and match various shades of blue ranging from light to dark to create unique patterns. Needless to say, the colour blue has something in store for everyone. You can also create a beautiful feature wall with diverse shades of blue with contrasting grout lines or you can use blue bathroom tiles as a backdrop for mirrors and cabinets to make your bathroom more lavish.


Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

If you are someone who loves calming patterns and minimalism, these timeless bathroom tiles are perfect for you. The hexagon bathroom tiles have taken the interior design industry by storm and are known for their harmony as well as beauty. And just like all the tiles in this list, hexagon bathroom tiles also give you various options to achieve the look you desire. If you want to create a tranquil bathroom space, you can opt for muted, rustic shades for your bathroom. If want to give your bathroom a popping personality, you can also opt for the deep, darker tones. In order to create the perfect harmony among the tiles, you can experiment with the grout lines to bring out the perfect contrast to make your bathroom more beautiful.


All the tiles listed in this article are not only beautiful and vibrant but are also timeless and mesmerising. Most of these can be easily spotted in luxury resorts, hotels and lavish spas as they are always trending and never go out of fashion. So if you are someone who wants to create a personal space that will never go out of fashion, picking one of these tile families will not only help you save big bucks on the cost, installation and maintenance but will also help you create a luxurious timeless bathroom with a contemporary touch.