Must Have Tiles For The Office

Must Have Tiles For The Office

Wether it be a home office, garden office or commercial office, your directors office should show passion, attention to detail and a sense of wisdom in its design. Which is why we think there is not better use for decorative tiles than within the office!

If we solely take a look at the practicalities of tiles over other coverings, an office is a place were you pace around on the phone closing deals and relieving your stress, a place where many hands are shaken and dirty boots are walked. It is one of those rooms where you would say "if these walls could talk"

You don't have to go over the top to create the "most unique office ever" but you can use tiles in a different fashion or maybe even tiles you didn't know existed to create a premium finish to those interiors!

Choosing Office Wall Tiles

When choosing office wall tiles your pretty much open to any tile on the market but this is your office, a place where you spend 40 hours a week and a place where you  make your living so make it dominant, amazing and interesting.

A few of our most popular wall tiles for the office are below:

Wood Effect Wall Tiles

If you look back at every film, every tv series and in fact every grand office setting you see perfectly wood cladded walls, usually a wall nut or dark teak! Wood effect wall tiles within the office set off a more mature and serious atmosphere!

At Applebys there are loads of options when it comes to Wood effect wall tiles but we think bigger is better in addition to this to create the best impact have these installed in a herringbone pattern like below.


Brick Effect Tiles

Another stunning wall option is the use of brick effect tiles, these tiles offer a loft house/apartment style finish being both rustic and urban these are suited to either those seeking a traditional finish or those looking for an urban finish such as retailers and tech companies!

As with our wood effect tiles the variations with brick effect tiles are limitless! Depending on the tiles some of these not only look like real brick but feel like them too, offering a compelling finish!

As our brick effect tiles emulate such a heavily used material (brick) they work within any setting, with any flooring and with and any decoration.


Brick Slips

Brick slips are an alternative to brick effect tiles, they are a premium alternative usually cut from real brick or moulded using the same materials. Brick slips are completely authentic and there is no telling wether the brick is actual brick work or brick slips.

We have the single largest collection of Brick slips right here and have a colour to suit all including light shaded slips for those in an office with a lack of natural light, yellow London stock Brick slips for a rustic finish and even coloured brick slips to fit in with ones brand colours.


Marble Effect Wall Tiles

A premium material marble has always been used in commercial buildings and offices thanks to its unique variation in veining, light colouring and premium aesthetic. However we have moved along and now introduce marble effect wall tiles.

marble effect wall tiles offer all of the beauty of marble tiles but without the maintenance or worry or cost! Our marble effect tiles are designed to look exactly like real marble this is done by taking HD photos of real marble and replicating this design on to porcelain tiles, many photos are taken to allow for a set number of variations per a design to further emulate this beautiful stone.


Hexagon Wall Tiles

Lastly we have the fastest up and coming wall tile on the market! The hexagon wall tiles, these tiles are perfect for those super cool and modern offices! boasting an array of designs, colours and patterns hexagon wall tiles offer a stunning geometric shape which creates a focal point within the room!


Office Floor Tiles

Of course, with any floor covering it should be practical right? This is true but it also needs to be aesthetically perfect. You don't want to be changing tiles frequently nor do you want to be stuck in a room with a tile you can't stand and having to look at it.

For this reason you should get samples, and ensure you have the perfect match. Look for something hard-wearing such as porcelain and possibly with a Matt finish for those less steady on their feet.

Below are just a few ideas from us to you of what we believe works well when it comes to floor tiles for the office enviroment,


Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Perfect choice for any office environment, wether you opt to have wood effect wall tiles as well or plain wall and these as a hard wearing wood floor covering, they are the perfect choice and with modern technology our wood effect tiles both look and feel like wood but without the scratches or short life span!

These tiles work with any colour scheme and are available in a variety of sizes to suit every office size. wood effect tiles can be laid in a variety of patterns but to emulate real wood they are best suited laid in a brick bond fashion or herringbone.

In addition to the standard wood effect floor tiles you would expect to find, Applebys are a little bit different! We offer parquet wood effect tiles for those seeking a traditional wood floor covering!


Marble Effect Floor Tiles

Much like the wall tiles marble effect floor tiles offer a statement if nothing more, it offers a premium finish that emulates wealth and stature. One of the most desired natural stones in the world is now available in a porcelain form to avoid the maintenance and hard work associated to marble.

What makes marble effect floor tiles one of our favoured choices when it comes to the office environment is their versatility to work within every interior design option possible, they are mainly light in colour (white/off-white although darker marbles are available). A design tip from us is to mix marble and wood together to create a natural interior finish. Using marble effect floor tiles and wood effect wall tiles can create a spectacular finish.