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Our 5 Most Popular Mosaic Tiles 

If you are in the market to revamp your home, you will know that there are plenty of tiling options available for your wall and your floor. This includes many plans, including him mosaic tiles is very popular in modern homes. Mosaic tiles allow you to create a, and benefit from a variety of sizes and styles, choosing from various different materials.

Mosaic tiles provide a beautiful patterned tile, which is ideal for your floors and your walls. You can easily install mosaic tiles, especially if you buy all the right accessories from a leading tile rate that online. Mosaic tiles have a beautiful pattern, and they are very popular in almost any house in the world today.

We have a variety of beautiful mosaic bathroom tiles, as well as wide selection of mosaic kitchen tiles for your home. No matter what colour or design you like, you can easily get this great effect with mosaic tiles in any room in the house. They are made from durable materials such as porcelain, allowing you to have hardware walls throughout your home.

Popular Mosaic Tiles

variety of mosaic tiles available this includes tiles for almost any room in the house. One of our best benefit is that we provide you with reliable samples that you can enjoy before you make your choice on what mosaic tiles to buy.

1. Micro Anthracite Hexagon Mosaic Tile

this is a very tile as it is made from durable to gives you a great, dark look. These styles are suitable and walls, allowing you to use them with underfloor heating as well. They offer a stunning display finish calibrated edge so that each hexagon mosaic sheet can's slide into position with fiction. The size of these hexagon mosaic sheets are available in 30x30cm sheet, which is the perfect size to work with almost any room. They come on and mesh back which makes them very easy to cut in shape around those such as sockets, showers and drains.


2. Hexagon Matt Pink Mosaic Tile

light pink hexagon tile is perfect for your kitchen and bathroom as it has an open design with a exquisite piece of art. This offers you a stunning stuff finish which is great if you love the lighter colours for your home. They are ideal to use on your floors or walls, and they will fit in perfectly with many different interior colours you have in the room. Mosaics are ideal for making the room seem larger than what it is, which is a great feature of these styles. They have always been at the forefront of interior design and they remain popular today.


3. Circle Marble Mix Mosaic Tiles

's tiles are a beautiful tranquil mix of marble and beautiful designs to offer you encaustic effect marble mosaic tile. The mob distinctive mosaics is individual to ease peace and this makes it quite unique for your kitchen. Mosaics look incredible on floors and your home. These tiles will give you a great rustic look for any wall floor, and they are hard as they are made from durable marble which is always seen in upmarket homes.


4. Vibrant Orange Glass Mosaic Tiles

These tiles will definitely allow you to add character to your home as they are beautiful and vibrant. They offer you a striking deep colour to get lost design, making them not only durable but very practical for your kitchen or bath. Mosaics are ideal for making your bathroom look larger, which is why they are a very popular choice for feature rooms in various for modern homes. They offer your comp and stylish modern approach to cover your wall spaces and they are also ideal to use as a feature wall.


5. Herringbone Matt Blue Mosaic Tiles


These tiles have been designed and manufactured to be at the forefront of your interior design layout. They offer you a beautiful design with very durable ceramic material, with only 6 mm. Each of these stylesheets measured just over 50 cm, making them very easy to install in various areas in your home. This style gives you a beautiful Chelsea blue colour turn, to create a beautiful mosaic that reflects your unique personality and style.


These are just some of the beautiful mosaic tiles that you can use in your bathroom or kitchen. You can put mosaic tiles throughout your entire home, as they are ideal to cover a complete war floor, or even just as a feature wall in specific areas in the home. They can also allow you to a beautiful effect on an existing wall, which is why this design is very popular interior designers and homeowners.


Mosaic tiles are very practical and hard wearing, so they are ideal for almost any room in the house. They can also be installed in other areas such as commercial spaces and office buildings, as they provide a beautiful feature with a very unique design. They are fairly easy to install, is if you have the right excessiveness and all the right installation products from a leading supplier such as Appleby's.


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