Patterned Hallway Tiles

Patterned Hallway Tiles

Look we know there are many choices when choosing a tile for your hallway! But what we also know is that no other tile will offer the impact that patterned hallway tiles offer! Applebys is not just your every day tile shop! We boast some of the largest and exclusive collections in the UK. With over 300 different patterned hallway tiles it is obvious why we favour these over the rest, they are beautiful and unique and offer a compelling interior finish.

If you imagine your home and approach your front door, once that door is opened you have opened the link to your personal spaces so for us we believe the hallway is the most important room in the house, it is the first room everyone walks in when that front door is open. We believe the hallway should explain the homeowners, should give an insight to their personalities and what better way to do this then with the use of patterned hallway tiles!

There are a few important factors to consider when choosing a patterned hall way tile and this includes the practicalities, for some people you walk directly in to your hallway from the front door this means muddy and wet shoes! The last thing you want is a nasty slip.

Anti-slip tiles are the start and end of slips! they offer a slightly matt/textured surface that helps reduce the chances of slips which we believe to be a very important consideration when picking out your new floor tiles!

When choosing your patterned hallway tiles check the description of the tile, it should clearly state the finish is Matt. A Matt finish means the tiles are coated with a smooth yet anti-slip surface adding safety whilst keeping the aesthetics your number one priority.

Tiles are the most efficient hallway floor covering, they are completely waterproof and when installed correctly offer a guarantee against leaks, mould, and property damage. This is why tiles have always been the favoured choice when it comes to entrances.

Now, hallway tiles have been made to offer beauty, peace and of course functionality. Remember when it comes to patterned hallway tiles, avoiding a visual disturbance is a must for these smaller spaces, so we on the contrary opt for a larger format tile as the best course of action when we discuss larger format we mean tiles measuring 30cm x 30cm or bigger!

Hallways traditionally used to be tiled in what are now referred to as victorian mosaic tiles, these are the black and white tiles you still find in communal entrances of early 1900's properties and commonly used now in restoration works. The monochrome colouring was and still is a popular choice as it gives a modern yet neutral base for homeowners to decorate around. By monochrome we mean black and whites, using this colour scheme will give your hallway a victorian/neutraul finish.


Above: Victorian Black And White Encaustic Effect Tiles

The above tiles perfectly replicate patterned victorian floor tiles but in a modern format. 100 years ago the above design was created by using individual black and white mosaic pieces and placing these to create a continuous pattern. However, these days it is not the case! Instead the above tile is a large panel design. This mean each tile has been engraved and printed to include the above design making it simple, easy and cost effective to achieve the perfect monochrome patterned hallway floor tile.

To get a real gist of how important the hallway is and how a hallway should look with patterned hallway tiles, we have researched many grand entrances, unique commercial properties and areas of Europe where the use of patterned tiles has been at the forefront of interior design.

One thing you notice when viewing these places is how much of an impact their choice in tile design can make! Every establishment needs to offer something special, something different; they don't want to follow the crowd, they want to offer that unique experience that you will remember! So, why is your entrance not the same? Why don't you have that incredibly intricate patterned hallway tile?

The choice is up to you, but you're already looking through this collection and are intrigued by the beauty of patterned hallway tiles, so take the plunge and create the hallway interior you have always desired.

As always there are many design choices to consider when choosing hallway tiles and below are a few very fitting pattern entrance tile designs. 

Floral Patterned Hallway Tiles

Floral tiles have been used for centuries, although, not quite as dull and plain as they used to be. Floral tiles have come along way now created using the HD print technology the colours are bold and captivating and not just for the walls! Floral tiles still fit perfectly within the entrance of your home, with many different floral designs. It's hard to pick but, sticking to blues to signify water is a great choice or darker colours to keep maintenance low. They fit well with the nature of the room and look natural rather than out of place and certainly applicable for those looking to create a more traditional feature in their hallway. 


Above: Synergy Vintage Floral Patterned Tiles 

Patchwork Tiles

Patchwork patterned hallway tiles originate from Morocco where the use of encaustic effect tiles which are heavily patterned can be seen throughout buildings of all distinctions! Patterned patchwork tiles are Inspiring, Intricate and ultimately a beautiful work of art, patchwork tiles are dominating the industry.

They are the type of tile that requires you to double take! They boast patchwork prints in a variety of different colours and designs to fit any room. We love the monochrome patchwork tiles on the basis that they are so versatile, they work with any hallway size.


Above: Eblem Patchwork Encaustic Style Tile

Subtle Patterned Hallway Wall And Floor Tiles 

Yes we really said it! Wall tiles in the hallway! these are growing more and more popular for those looking to create an artistic finish to their home after all why should tiles just be used in kitchens and bathrooms?

For those looking to decorate their hallway walls in tiles and create a more neutral finish to their hallway walls or floors a patterned tile does not need to be vibrant or, full of variation! Instead it can be a consistently designed tile with a repetitive pattern. These are the tiles for the more conscious person who loves the idea of having a patterned tile, but it might not fit in with the rest of the decoration or the vibe they are trying to achieve in their home. In this instance, a blended pattern tile is by far the best choice. These patterned hallway tiles usually contain a or many patterns with a single colour scheme or a colour scheme with very neutral colours to camouflage the patterns. 

Above: Riven Beige Hexagon Tiles 


To find out more about choosing the best patterned hallway tiles, get in contact with us! We are not robots, we don't read a script instead our small team of LiveChat advisors are all qualified tilers, this means the advice we offer is comprehensive and conclusive we have seen and worked with everything!