Patterned Tiles Done Right

The time has come to say goodbye to boring and neutral tiles and say hello to encaustic effect and patterned tiles. Tiles have always been seen primarily as a source of waterproofing wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchen splash-backs. This is changing, we are now seeing tiles being used throughout the home and garden.

As of late, we're seeing the introduction of encaustic effect and patterned tiles being used all over the home and garden. Regardless of whether it’s a eye-opening encaustic mosaic feature wall or a detailed geometric tiled floor, patterned tiling is both an interior and exterior trend set to take over the tiling industry in the forthcoming years. We have already seen a sharp rise in customers purchasing tiles featuring patterns, geometric designs, Moroccan theme and encaustic effect colourings.

The main beauty and desire of the encaustic effect floor and wall tiles is the ability that they have to replicate your personality on to a product that can last a lifetime within the home. Here at Appleby’s, we're not short of choice! With almost 200 encaustic effect tiles, we don't think it could be any easier to get creative and inspired when it comes to changing your interiors inside and outside your home.

The point of this blog is to give you an in-depth explanation of how certain encaustic effect tiles work best in each room! This blog is full of advice and inspiring ideas which we hope will help fill you with interest.

From modern Moroccan inspired pattered tiles for your entrance hall to patterned tiles full of character for the bedroom. With encaustic tiles, our best advice would be to look around and purchase with an open mind. Remember, this is your home, your personality. There is no such thing as a bad or wrong choice when it comes to picking patterned tiles. All this guide does is explains what tiles suit what area.

If you're feeling inspired by this blog or the images of this blog and want to know more, feel free to view our full range of encaustic effect floor and wall tiles here, or you can get in contact with us for further details. Our team has extensive knowledge of these tiles along with all the tiles on our website, and they would love to hear your ideas and views! 

The Entrance

We think this is the most important room in the home! We all know that first impressions count, not just first impressions of you and others, but the first impressions guests get from your home and your interior design choices. We believe the hallway is the first view of your personality.

Your interior design should capture the eyes of the one who's walking in, from the moment they step foot through your door. Therefore, always begin your renovations in the hallway, it changes the personality of the room.

Below we have a few customer project examples of how great a patterned hallway can look:

 Entrance hall patterned tile\

Above: Victorian Barnet Dorset Tile


Above: Laura ashely charcoal wicker tile

The main aspect to consider when tiling in the hallway is the size. Typically, narrow spaces are more suited to a smaller tiler; we would suggest a maximum size of 45cm x 45cm as this will get the most out of the tile, especially a patterned tile. It's important that the full effect and the beauty of the encaustic effect tiles be displayed without having bits cut off. Laying these tiles with a centre line from the front door will give you the full effect of a more spacious hallway and bring out the best in your design.

Some of the best entrance hall encaustic tile choices can be seen below:
 Patterned Entrance TilesAbove: Seville Denim Encaustic Effect Tile

Light Patterned Tiles for hallways

Above: Turin Warm Encaustic Effect Tile

Another important rule to consider is light. Most people will lack windows and natural light within their hallway, so keeping the colours neutral can really help to boost the appearance of a light and open space. This is best achieved by using more muted tones such as silver tiles, light grey tiles and white tiles. 

For those with a much more open space or a busy hallway, we understand having those light colours can pose a bit of a nightmare in terms of cleaning especially in the winter months, so the other alternative is to have a grey or coloured tile. This will allow for easy maintenance whilst still offering an encaustic effect.

Well thought out patterned tiles will catch the gaze of both regular visitors and new guests time and time again, and that is the point of these tiles; it's not to put them down and to forget about them, it's about them becoming a feature, a part of the homes personality.

Depending on your home, there are a few details to consider when choosing and installing tiles in your hallway. The most important thing is the base of the floor. If the floor is wooden, be that floor boards, chipboard or ply, you will need to use a cement board to cover and secure the existing floor, creating a solid base. The last we want is for our newly laid tiles to start lifting or cracking. An experienced tiler should be able to advise on the best method.

Another important consideration is the cuts. Are there lots of abnormalities in your entrance? Lots of obstacles, architraves, doors, floor mats, etc that need cutting around? If thats the case then consider a smaller tile, maybe 20cm x 20cm. This size encaustic effect tile is incredibly easy to work with, small enough to get intricate cuts without loosing the full effect of the floor tile.

Lastly is it a busy home? If you have a busy home with lost of shoes and the chance of wet boots getting inside, then an anti-slip floor tile is going to best for you. 90% of all of our encaustic effect tiles offer anti-slip properties anyway due to their matt finish, just make sure when looking through, your eyes wonder over the ‘matt’ tiles and avoid the glossy ones!
 Hexagon Pattern Tiles

Above: Concrete Brown Effect Hexagon Tiles A perfect choice for a unique, anti-slip easy clean pattern tile.

We have mentioned to some degree about the beauty and desire within encaustic effect tiles, but we haven't quite moved on to the wall yet. I know what you're thinking! Tiles on a hall wall? Have we lost the plot? No! Honestly, we haven't, we are just inspired by the beauty of tiles. And besides, what difference is having a patterned tile on the wall compared to wallpaper apart from the tiles will out last the wall paper. They also look better, are easier to clean, and wont scratch or peel. So really, it should be your first choice, and encaustic tiles can look incredible on the wall they are a true feature piece so get inspired!

Above: Tribal Mono Hexagon Tiles

The Kitchen

Ah the kitchen! A room full of secrets, mums best recipes, stories of school and work, memories of entertaining! To us, the kitchen is arguably the busiest and most active room in your house, so we understand when considering the interiors of your kitchen that practicalities have always had to come first. But, that's not so much the case now. We and the tile industry has moved forward, this means you don't have to have a lump of stone installed and call it a floor, you don't have to have Lino covered in scratches instead, you can get the encaustic effect floor you love!

 Encaustic Effect Tile In Kitchen

Above: - Textile Encaustic Effect Tile

Our patterned tiles have come so far that regardless of whether your looking for new floor or wall tiles, these tiles are designed to be versatile to suit any room, including the outdoors, meaning they are perfect to be used in the kitchen to create something truly special.

A durable and stain-resistant floor is bound to save you effort and money in the future, which is why we see more and more home-owners, interior designers and architects recommending and using low maintenance kitchen floor tiles over any other floor covering product.

We will always recommend steering towards porcelain patterned tiles for a kitchen floor, mainly because porcelain is a lot more hard-wearing and more durable. This doesn't limit your options, over 80% of our encaustic effect tiles are porcelain as more and more manufacturers are moving in to creating tiles with this material, mainly due to the cost of manufacturing decreasing to almost match that of ceramic tiles.

The hardest part is choosing the design for a kitchen floor. It's a toss up between modern, contemporary, victorian and completely unique. These our examples of the four categories below:

Contemporary Encaustic tiles

Usually a more neutral colour but with highly defined characteristics such as an abnormal shape and continuous charm of pattern like below.

 Contemporary Encaustic Effect Tile

Above: Floral Blend Pattern Hexagon Tile 

Modern Patterned Tile

Just about as modern it gets is something with geometric qualities or the ability to appear as a 3D effect. These tiles deliver just that!


Victorian Pattered Tile

These are typically more rustic in their finish, contain lighter more pastel colours, and suit the period property where brining back the old is in!

Victorian-effect-floor-tilesAbove: Mixed Antique Victorian Effect Tile

Unique Patterned Tile

The more unique route is using a tile that is new to the market and only for the brave see below (although displayed on the wall this is also a floor tile)

Above: Metallic Gold Hexagon Tiles 

Although our ideas above give a great insight into what tiles work best in certain schemes, you don't have to follow or advice, completely remember we are just one opinion!

When it comes to walls, certain aspects don't need to be taken into account to the same degree as the floor. Yes, they must look stylish, must catch the eye of everyone who sees them, but you don't need an anti-slip tile and you don't need a porcelain tile on the walls so you are open to the full collection. We believe the main consideration when putting patterned tiles on the kitchen wall is what covering you have on the floor.

If you have a wood effect tile, then your options are completely open, same again with any other plain tile. If you're using an encaustic effect floor tile, then it may be worth either contrasting the kitchen walls with a plain or brick effect tile, or even match the floor tiles and copy this onto the wall, allowing the work units and worktop to become the break in the pattern.

What we see selling and working incredibly well is the beautiful combination of encaustic effect tiles mixed with hexagon tiles. These offer the best aesthetic appeal, and we have recently added 60 brand new pattern hexagon tiles which can be used on both floors and walls. Although, we think they look exceedingly good as a hexagon splash back tile. 

Above: Encaustic 3D Blue Hexagon Tiles 

The Dining Room

Used for entertaining guests and the one room that all the family come together to enjoy a meal, the dining room is an integral part of the home and your floor and wall coverings should be the same. 

If something won’t hold up to regular foot traffic and food mess such as wood floors and carpets, it’s not a good choice for the dining room. The greatest and most practical floor covering for a dining room is a patterned tile. It is not all about the practicalities, they can be used to create a grand dining room or the feature within the home. Our patterned tiles mix practicalities with luxury!

It's very easy to consider tiles as a cold surface, but in the hot summer months  dining room floor tiles are great insulators, meaning they will leave your and your guests’ feet cool in the summer and comfortable in the winter. They’re also a hardwearing flooring option and withstand stains, scratches and fading over time, and as made from mainly porcelain, there is no maintenance required other then a quick sweep and mop!

When it comes to picking a style of patterned tile, there are no set parameters as to what's right and wrong. But there are certain tiles that really do stand out within the dining room. The classic black and white patterned tile is centuries old and still looks amazing, keeping the room simple whilst still adding a little bit of character.

Another trend we see quite often is using multiple tiles to create designs, for example using a patterned tile as a centrepiece within the room, maybe where the dining table sits, and then surrounding these with a contrasting tile to create a feature within the floor.

Border Pattern Tiles

Above: Colour Geometric Encaustic Effect Tile 

The Living Room

The living room is the social hub of the home, the room where you put your feet up and enjoy conversation surrounded by home comforts. From entertaining friends to enjoying takeaways on a Saturday night, the amount of time you'll spend in your living room is pretty high. So it's only right to have it perfectly suited to you and your tastes.

Two main tiling aspects for your living room is the floor and the feature wall. The feature wall usually being the single wall for which is different to the other 3 or the wall in which the tv and fireplace are coupled.

The main concern our customers have with installing a tiled living room floor is the heat (or lack of it). But there are methods to ensure a warm floor all year round. One of which is to install either electric or water underfloor heating systems. These systems can be used with all porcelain encaustic effect tiles, but if your not sure, take a look at the tile description and it will let you know if suitable or not.

If the expense and the labour puts you off having a underfloor heating system, then the other option is just to use insulation boards. These simply fix down with adhesive and can provide excellent insulation properties to keep the floor warm. Lastly is to go bare! Yes, it may never be the warmest floor covering, but in the summer, a tiled floor like you would find in southern Spain can be more then welcoming!

Now moving on to the most important part of using patterned floor tiles in the living room is the aesthetics they offer! An elegant and desirable living room commands attention from floor to ceiling, and we think that a more rustic encaustic effect tile for the floor is the way forward. It adds character to the room keeping it cosy rather than clinical. Below is a stunning example of a rustic encaustic effect tile in a living room.


Above: Sunflower Encaustic Effect Tile

For those more eager to be experimental, then offering a stark contrast to the rest of the decoration can be exactly what you floor needs! If modern and contemporary is more your thing, then maybe a 3D geometric pattern tile will pleasure the eye more then a neutral rustic tile.

For the walls, again this is completely open, but a splash of colour goes a long way. So, maybe one of our colourful tiles that incorporates a geometric pattern will be ideal for you! A feature wall within the living room is certainly going to create a focal point and a stand out piece it can be looked at as a piece of art! 

The Bathroom

We think this is the most important room in the house; it's the place we all go to to relax and wash the days worries away. Importantly, when choosing patterned tiles for the bathroom, particularly the floor, we advise you to head towards anti-slip tiles. Tiles are the most efficient bathroom floor covering, they are completely waterproof and when installed correctly offer a guarantee against leaks, mould, and property damage. This is why tiles have always been the favoured choice when it comes to bathrooms.

Now bathroom tiles have been made to offer beauty, peace and of course functionality. Remember when it comes to pattern floor tiles for the bathroom, avoiding a visual disturbance is a must for these smaller spaces, so we on the contrary opt for a larger format encaustic effect tile as the best course of action. Then, either continuing the same tile up a wall in the bathroom, or breaking the floor tiles up with a contrasting plain tile for the walls.

Most bathrooms contain white furniture; toilet, shower etc, so to stay in line with the colours and so as to not create a vast contrast, it may be well to stick to monochrome coloured patterned tiles such as the below:
 monochrome patterned bathroom tiles

Above: Collage Monochrome Textile Pattered Tile

These tiles offer the beauty of patterned tiles but without being in your face and without taking the whole design of the bathroom away. Instead, they look authentic to the overall bathroom design. 

To get a real gist of how important the bathroom is and how a bathroom should look with encaustic effect tiles, we have scoured many boutique hotels who prize themselves on their captivating bathrooms and make this room the focal point of the hotel package. One thing you notice when using these hotels is how much of an impact their choice in tile design can make! Every hotel needs to offer something special, something different; they don't want to follow the crowd, they want to offer that unique experience that you will remember! So, why is your bathroom not the same? Why don't you have that incredibly intricate hexagon bathroom tile or that geometric shower tile? 

The choice is up to you, but you're already reading this blog and are intrigued by the beauty of encaustic effect tiles, so take the plunge and create the bathroom interior you have always desired.

As always there are many design choices to consider when choosing bathroom tiles and below are a few very fitting pattern bathroom tile designs. 

Floral Tiles

Floral tiles have been used for centuries, although, not quite as dull and plain as they used to be. Floral tiles still fit perfectly within the bathroom, with many different floral designs. It's hard to pick but, sticking to blues to signify water is a great choice. They fit well with the nature of the room and look natural rather then out of place and certainly applicable for those looking to create a more traditional feature in their bathroom. 


Above: Synergy Vintage Floral Patterned Tiles 

Patchwork Tiles

Inspiring, Intricate and ultimately a beautiful work of art, patchwork tiles are dominating the industry. They are the type of tile that requires you to double take! They boast patchwork prints in a variety of different colours and designs to fit any bathroom. We love the monochrome patchwork tiles on the basis that they are so versatile, they work with any bathroom furniture and decoration.


Above: Eblem Patchwork Encaustic Style Tile

Subtle Encaustic Tiles 

These are the tiles for the more conscious person who loves the idea of having a patterned tile, but it might not fit in with the rest of the decoration or the vibe they are trying to achieve in their home. In this instance, a blended pattern tile is by far the best choice. These encaustic effect tiles usually contain a or many patterns with a single colour scheme or a colour scheme with very neutral colours to camouflage the geometric patterns. 

Above: Riven Beige Hexagon Tiles 

Geometric tiles

Go mad in the bathroom, go all out and let your design head make it your own.

With our range of encaustic effect tiles particular those with the geometric tile, the sky is the limit for tile design. These tiles can be used to create a captivating back drop for a bath, shower or even a floor covering. see below for an awe inspiring patterned wall design.
 Patchwork Encaustic Tile

Above: Colourful Patchwork Encaustic Effect Tile

The Bedroom 

The most sacred room in your home, it's important to take a lot of interest in the interior choices for your bedroom. It has the ability to be the most relaxing room in your home, complementing your bedroom interior with soft shades and the incorporation of natural light will ensure that you can get the quality of sleep that you need and deserve.

Scientists have reported that receptors within the retina are more sensitive to harsher colour themes, so keeping the pattern tile of choice more neutral to help improve your sleep.

Having said the above, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t add a subtle tint of drama to your space with beautiful patterned floor tiles. For us it has to be the Octagram Heritage Encaustic Wall & Floor Tile. This tile screams luxury and is so well detailed it will add all the drama to your bedroom interiors they require.

The Office

Offices are not what they used to be, traditionally a smoke filled room, full of stressed out bodies, paperwork flying around and that rough carpet that even the office chairs were scared of!

Now it is all about design showing how forthcoming your company and office is, and thats why encaustic effect tiles are ideal for the office. They show to potential clients and employees that you are forward thinking, unique, not worried to step beyond the safety line and experiment, and that's just what a business needs.

Whether using our range of patterned tiles to showcase your business's innovative design or using them to create a more fun and interesting environment for your employees, there is a tile to suit everyone.

We think in an office environment its best to go more neutral, maybe even darker tones to keep it unique yet still professional rather than a crazy abundance of colour. 

Patterned Office Tiles

Above: Circle Repetition Encaustic Effect Tile

Like our Circle Repetition Encaustic Effect Tile, these look amazing within an office, still keeping the contemporary and professional feel whilst offering the floor something unique. These really can't be beaten!

Remember these patterned tiles don't have to be used on the floor they look incredible as a back drop, maybe behind the bosses desk or the canteen; a tile is much more than its properties it is the personality it gives to the room. 

The Garden

The big one! The garden people do not think or even consider tiles when it comes to landscaping their garden. Their go-to is paving, but all paving is, is a tile made out of different materials that require a lot of work, expense and with limited options. 

Traditionally these were favours over using tiles, as tiles have long been considered a ceramic product suitable for interior use only but, times have changed and so has outdoor tiling.

Patterned tiles of course tend to be an interior detail many consider to be exclusive to interior use, and stopping there maybe as a feature floor, a nice porch or shower cubicle wall covering. But increasingly, we are seeing more and more manufactures making tiles that are suitable to be installed outdoors with anti-slip and anti-frost protection. And because of this designers have made the decision to bring these stunning decorative tiles to the outdoors world. And what a decision they have made, combining the luxury of having a patterned tile with the frost and slip protection there is no reason to stick with traditional sandstone paving slab.

Its incredibly important to consider a matt tile over a gloss tile and this is mainly to protect against UV light. UV light can take then sheen and colour away from gloss tiles much quicker than a matt tile especially a matt tile with an antique finish. The added benefit of using these tiles and what some people forget or don't realise is that exterior paving requires more work then just installing them, to prevent damage to the stone (as stone is porous) and to prevent weeds and moss developing the tiles need cleaning with a pressure washer before drying and then sealing at-least once a year to prevent them from deteriorating where-as with tiles this isn't required, they are non-porous and are protected.

With the above said if you choose to go for authentic encaustic tiles rather then our encaustic effect tiles these are made from concrete and concrete will require sealing and are more likely to loose their colours much quicker.


Above: Beige Hexagon Pattern Tile 

The Path

Creating a pathway is much simpler the it used to be, stroll down the terraced homes in Maida Vale and you will see almost every path leading up to a front door has a traditional chequered black and white path or maybe even terrocotta. This is called victorian tiling its a British take on the encaustic tile and apart of our history they look stunning, inviting and portray the character of the home without even stepping inside now though this is much easier to achieve.

With effect tiles you don't need to handle individual mosaics, you don't need to pour days of work in to getting it right and hours of grouting instead you can get a 30-60cm2 tile and install, grout and clean them in a couple of hours not forgetting, the expense! the victorian tiling you see typically comes from one manufacture with prices ranging form £150 per m2 - £300 per m2 but it looks identical to our tiles at £30 - £60 per m2.

There are many options to choose from when considering tiling the pathway to your home, you cans tick with the more traditions like below.

 Victorian pathway tiles

Above:  Royal Chequered Black And White Chessboard Mosaic Tile

You can go for the traditional quarry or terracotta look (these tiles come in a range of colour but ooze that victorian charm


Above: Traditional Red Quarry Tiles

Or go with an encaustic effect tile like below to create something more unique and easy!


Above: Beige Mix Geometric Encaustic Effect Tile

We hope we have inspired you with our advice and guidelines on using encaustic effect tiles for different rooms, this is only advice so let yourself free and do whatever makes you happy with your tile designs but, if you have any question about this blog or want any more information please feel free to get in contact with us, as our team would be more then happy to assist you in ordering samples or looking at tiles to match your interior.