Picking the Best Patterned Kitchen Tiles

Picking the Best Patterned Kitchen Tiles

Patterned kitchen tiles bring life to your kitchen under a budget; they also offer creative leeway and various benefits. You can add a great personality to your kitchen by adding patterned kitchen tiles to your floors, walls, or as a feature splash-back. However, choosing a final pattern can become a tough thing, as they have a multitude of variations and benefits. Let's go through a few steps that might make the process of choosing the best-patterned kitchen tiles easier.


Choosing an Eye-catching Space

Renovations of your kitchen can get very exciting, but it is a daunting task that may have many setbacks. To start this project, you need to choose a wall that can feature patterned kitchen tiles best. On the other hand, you can go the other route and use patterned kitchen tiles to create a stylized floor. Both styles are trendy these days as each has its charm.

For the feature wall, it best to consider your needs. If you have a small patch of wall available, then it is best to use simple patterned kitchen tiles that can accentuate their presence and the personality of the room. On the other hand, you can also use patterned kitchen tiles to create a beautiful splash-back area behind your cooking range and washing area to give an extra oomph to your kitchen. 

For flooring, the size of the room matters a lot while choosing a particular style of patterned kitchen tiles. Small kitchen rooms can be made to look larger with larger kitchen tiles with simple designs. On the other hand, a larger room would look gorgeous with traditional patterned kitchen tiles set; it can become a feature floor as well. However, such a grand look requires simplified furniture and appliance, or it can start to look gaudy.

Choosing Best-Suited Patterned Kitchen Tiles 

You can make a bold statement with bright colours in the tiles or give a rustic look to your kitchen with cracked tiles. You can stylize your kitchen in innumerable ways by choosing the right tile. It is essential to know the different styles available so you can make a good choice for the space available to you.

  • Moorish Patterned Kitchen Tiles: These tiles have a gorgeous white and blue hue, sometimes even grey. They have a traditional eastern pattern, which can look gorgeouswhen used as a splash-back; it can accentuate the prominent colours of the kitchen very well. It can also be used as floor tiles with simple monochrome furniture and appliances. 
  • Retro-Deco Patterned Kitchen Tiles: Coming to the very opposite side of the spectrum, this type of tile has vibrant colours that are placed in geometric patterns or patch-work. They are an ideal way of giving a modern statement as they are a bold and eye-catching choice. They work well as kitchen tiles in both traditional and contemporary stylized kitchens with rustic and simple surroundings.
  • Geometric Patterned Kitchen Tiles: They work well as back-splash tiles because of their small repeating patterns. Moreover, this type of tile looks gorgeous with a kitchen that has a lot of personalities as they have a very simple design.
  • Patch-work Patterned Kitchen Tiles: This type of pattern has four different traditional patterns on four smaller tiles that are joined together. It can give a sophisticated look to your rustic kitchen as floor tiles or as a feature wall that covers the entirety of one of your kitchen wall.
  • Vintage Patterned Kitchen Tiles: This type of tile has a very conservative look and may have a matte finish. They can look gorgeous in period-homes and can be used to give a vintage appeal to your kitchen.

Of course, these are some of the popular patterned kitchen tiles that are ruling the designer market; there may be countless other styles that specific to one company. It is important to choose one style and keep in mind the size of your kitchen before choosing the best-patterned kitchen tile.


Benefits of Patterned Floor Tiles in your Kitchen

Other than making your kitchen welcoming and eye-catching, patterned floor tiles have various other uses as well. Their character and uses have made them the perfect designer choice as they make your kitchen look gorgeous. 

The Hygienic Option

One of the best qualities of patterned floor tiles is that it can be easily cleaned. Their sleek appearance allows accidental spills or splashes to be easily cleaned, which is why their maintenance is very easy. You need a paper towel to wipe clean a patterned floor tile, which will look as good as new afterwards. When there are dust and dirt build-up on your kitchen tiles after a year or so, you can borrow a specialized polisher to bring them back to life. 

Replaceable to Suit Your Mood

Once you get tired of patterned kitchen tiles, you can easily remove them and replace the pattern with the changing demands or your mood. Moreover, if there is an accident that causes one tile to be chipped or damaged, you can replace just as easily.

Gives Personality to Your Kitchen 

Be it flashy, retro, modern, or rustic; you make your kitchen match the personality of your home with patterned kitchen tiles. There is a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes available that can be creatively mixed and matched to create the perfect match.

Easy on the Wallet

Patterned kitchen tiles are a cost-effective option of renovating your kitchen as marble, or hand-painted walls can be quite expensive. Moreover, its maintenance is even more expensive. Patterned floor tiles have very good longevity and have a meagre maintenance cost. You can use them to create feature walls, back-splashes, or use them simply as floor tiles. Unlike linoleum floor covering, patterned floor tiles are incredibly efficient and do not damage as easily.

Various Practical Function

Patterned kitchen tiles are more than just a pretty tile that is used to make your kitchen look better. They have plenty of practical functions, which allows them to be used in busy areas such as kitchens. Modern patterned kitchen tiles are hydrophobic, heat-resistant, and durable, which is why they are used as kitchen back-splashes even now.

Why Choose Patterned Floor Tiles?

When purchasing materials to make your home look the best, there are various factors to keep in mind. You can save a lot of money by choosing the right material. patterned kitchen tiles have been attested as the right option by many designers as it is durable and looks gorgeous.

Unlike marble or linoleum flooring, which has expensive upkeep, patterned floor tiles do not require constant attention. They can be very easily cleaned or replaced if you get tired of them. Moreover, their beneficial properties also make them a cost-effective choice for many people.