Popular Kitchen Floor Tiles

Most popular kitchen floor tiles


Gone are the days when people just use to enter the kitchen area to cook food and wash the utensils. Now, it’s more than that- It’s beyond the practicalities.

Now, this area attracts people with its ambiance-It demands your attention more than yesteryears. Earlier, just cemented look was considered good to go but now with lots of options being available in the market, you have that added advantage in your wish list bucket.

Options to beautify your space are many but when we talk about kitchen floors then the tile is considered the better way to go with. From vibrant colors and unique designs to easy-to-maintain and well-functional things, there is much more to pay attention to when you are deciding on the kitchen flooring.

For decades concrete effect kitchen tiles, patterned kitchen tiles, encaustic effect kitchen tiles, hexagon kitchen tiles, and terracotta effect kitchen tiles have been used as an active kitchen choice and, recently it has again become the top choice of many people.

Kitchen tiles for them play one of the utmost significant roles as they act as the leading step in the beautification for all types of the kitchen- be it new or old.

So, if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or are about to build your own home try these most popular kitchen floor tiles that are currently being used.


Concrete Effect Kitchen Tiles

If you are the type of person who loves to give home an industrial look and wants a little bit of pipework, brickwork or want to give the specific area vintage kind of look then this is the perfect choice for you to go with. 

You get all the kind of concrete effect kitchen tiles that give detailed visual look matching the typical color of the cement. If you want to give rustic look then go with rough cement with a little bit of industrial brushed cement look. If not you can also move into another option of minimal cement look that will perfectly fit into your space.

How can it be used?

  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles

Advantages: concrete effect kitchen tiles does not wear water which means its best for a humid place like kitchen, gives better resistance from scratches, keeps the strain away, wipes off the dirt easily, removes dust without any hassle, No crack will be noticed.


Patterned Kitchen Tiles

Patterned kitchen tiles are the next option to go with. With these sorts of tiles, you can give the vintage style not only to the floors but even the walls of the kitchen can be decorated with various kinds of patterns available in the market.

If you love to play with colors and want to give your kitchen a playful pattern then try these Patterned kitchen tiles. From ancient time decorative palaces or big buildings to prehistoric empire of the Greeks, patterned tiles have been loved for centuries.

In today’s world, you can embrace your home with Patterned kitchen tiles as there are many choices to select from.

How can it be used?

a)Vintage style

b)Wall style

c) Floor style

Advantages: You can pair different types of Patterned kitchen tiles in a single wall to give your cooking area that awesome look. If you will mix geometric pattern tiles with marble effect kitchen tiles then you will surely find your kitchen décor stand out on a different level.

These sorts of tiles are easy to maintain and are durable enough. They too have scratch resistance, spill-proof; a dustproof feature that is just perfect fit your busy area.

With the amalgamation of decent soft colors and look of classic stone that these tiles offer you will never get bored. Get the feel of luxuriousness in your own home or office by bringing them in your arena.


Encaustic Effect Kitchen Tiles

Whether you want to enhance the look of the hallway or want to ornate the desired cooking area - go with encaustic effect kitchen tiles that will without any doubt give genuine attractiveness to your home sweet home and that also in your budget.

How can it be used?

a) Help to create both traditional and modern styles home

b) Can be used in walls

c) Easy to clean the floor surface

Advantages: encaustic effect kitchen tiles are in your budget. They are easy to maintain, durable enough, give your home that traditional as well as a modern look and a perfect combination of originality and charm that serves its purpose. 

Get that appealing look with the artistic patterns that encaustic effect kitchen tiles carries. Its long-lasting nature will not only allure you but it will also attract your visitors. Inject the ink of this vintage style and give your home that wow look.

Now, don’t think more and give your interior space a life to live.


Hexagon Kitchen Tiles

Give your home that compassionate look with the variety of hexagon kitchen tiles available in the market. From a variety of colors to various styles, you will get a lot of options to select from.

How can it be used?

  1. By making use of hexagon kitchen tiles you can create your unique designer pattern in your kitchen area.
  1. It best fits in your bathroom as well.

Advantages: It doesn’t matter if you want to renovate the kitchen space or just want that modern kitchen look as these hexagon kitchen tiles are just picture-perfect choice.


Terracotta Effect Kitchen Tiles

Terracotta effect kitchen tiles also play a great role in providing that accomplishing a resort-type look in your kitchen and washroom space. The variety of colors available in this sort of tiles will add much more beauty to your home. If you want that cozy and appealing look then do not miss the compatibility of Orange, brown and cream color which will surely make everyone’s head turn.

How can it be used?

  • Can be used in floor
  • Can be used in walls
  • It can be used in the hallway, living room, and dining space as well.

Advantages: Terracotta effect kitchen tiles provides the tiles an extraordinary look along with the benefits of durability and strength. You get all sorts of royal colors while going with it.

These Terracotta effect kitchen tiles also are easy to clean as they are made from porcelain and ceramic. Don’t go with natural terracotta as these terracotta effect kitchen tiles are much more durable and easy to clean.

In today’s world, leaving everything aside that attracts people’s attention, you can even get the most out of kitchen essentials. The thing that’s getting the spark in everyone’s eyes who wants something different is the variety of Terracotta effect kitchen tiles.

So, if you too want to renovate your home or want to make the surrounding a livelier place to live in then go with the list above that is currently being used by many people and give your home that stylish look.