Porcelain or Ceramic bathroom tiles

Porcelain or Ceramic bathroom tiles

In modern times, bathrooms are not seen as just a room. They are seen as a place for rejuvenation and relaxation. And that's why the trend of spending a fortune on bathrooms is increasing day by day. While picking up perfect bathroom tiles, people spend an immense amount of time in selecting the most beautiful design, the perfect texture and the most elegant style. 

But what about the material? 

While choosing the perfect bathroom tiles, the material of the tiles is one of the most important factors. Since the bathroom is one of the most humid rooms in your house that witnesses most waterworks, it becomes crucial to invest in the right material of the tiles. 

In this article, we are going to discuss about two materials that are ideal for bathrooms. Porcelain and ceramic. So if you are someone who is stuck in a massive confusion between the two, read on. 

Most people use the terms porcelain and ceramic interchangeably. They think that both are one and the same. Some people think that both are worlds apart. They believe there is a massive difference between the two. While both the materials are more like cousins and have many similarities, there is a significant amount of difference between the two materials.  

Ceramic bathroom tiles

Ceramic bathroom tiles are one of the most ancient forms of decorative art and have been a part of Egyptian, Islamic, ottoman as well as Portugal empires. And even today, these tiles are widely used because of their beauty, their elegance and durability. Ceramic bathroom tiles are highly versatile in nature and are ideal for countertops, backsplashes and floorings.    

Ceramic bathroom tiles are manufactured using white, brown and red clay, and in order to minimise the water content, the tiles are fired at high temperatures. The resultant of this process is not as dense as porcelain, but it's still highly durable.  

The less dense material of the Ceramic bathroom tiles makes the tiles lightweight, making them ideal for plasterboard walls and also gives you a lot of freedom to customize designs, which make these tiles perfect for incorporating decorative elements. If you are someone who loves modern and intricate designs, these tiles will give you many opportunities to experiment as they can be easily cut.

When people think about Ceramic bathroom tiles, they believe that they are suitable for the walls and not for the floors due to their less dense material. But if you are someone who wants to use ceramic tiles for the floors as well, you can use glazed Ceramic bathroom tiles. Glazed ceramic tiles come with a protective layer which makes the tiles resistant to water and also makes them ideal for flooring. 

Ceramic bathroom tiles are not only beautiful but also highly durable. When these tiles are installed properly, they can last for decades. In case the tiles crack, these tiles can be easily replaced without much hassle. Ceramic bathroom tiles are also easy to clean and maintain, as they are water, stain and chemical resistant.  


Porcelain bathroom tiles 

porcelain bathroom tiles have been around for thousands of years and thanks to the modern marvels, these tiles have been a part of a massive evolution. In modern times, these tiles have received most updates in terms of manufacturing as well as design, which make these tiles elegant, easy to maintain, hard wearing and versatile. 

porcelain bathroom tiles are made from very fine and specific clay. A clay that's a mix of feldspar, silica, fine ground sand and other materials. The raw materials and water are blended together to achieve sand like consistency and the tiles made from this mixture are fired at 2500F to remove moisture completely. The process results in dense and hard tiles which are ideal for not only commercial properties but also for high traffic areas of the house, like bathrooms.   

The dense material of porcelain makes the tiles heavy and non porous, which means that the tiles are thick, water resistant and ideal for the rooms with high levels of moisture. The non porous material of the porcelain bathroom tiles also keeps bacterias and fungus away. Due to the dense material and less air pockets, porcelain bathroom tiles become ideal for flooring as they last for decades. 

The best thing about porcelain is that they are easy to maintain and do not require sealing to keep out the moisture as other materials. Porcelain can be easily cleaned with a single wipe and water glides off them without causing any damage.

Last but not least, porcelain bathroom tiles look stunning. There is no denying that porcelain tiles give your bathroom a luxurious look. Due to their dense material and durability, it becomes very easy for manufacturers to make larger tiles out of porcelain. Larger tiles, when installed in bathrooms, make them look larger and minimize the grout lines which not only gives the bathroom a lavish and elegant look but also makes the process of cleaning easy.   

Another benefit of investing in porcelain is it can look like anything that you desire. It can look like slate, marble, granite, limestone, wood, anything you want, which makes this porcelain bathroom tiles highly versatile. Apart from the looks, porcelain is also available in vibrant colours, distinct textures and diverse sizes which gives you endless options to choose from.  

Both tiles come with their own share of properties and traits which make them ideal for bathroom floors and walls. Both tiles are water resistant, stain resistant, durable, hard wearing and versatile. Both tiles are beautiful and elegant which make them ideal for creating a lavish bathroom and the price of both the tiles is almost the same. While there are loads of similarities between the two, they are different in terms of materials they are made from, the temperature they are fired at and the weight.  

Whether you are constructing your bathroom from scratch or you are renovating your private heaven, you can opt for both. Whether you are looking for contemporary design or a classic touch of tradition, whether you want your bathroom to have a chic design or you want your bathroom to have a more masculine vibe, whether you are looking to create something bold or you are looking for something minimalistic and timeless, both tiles will serve your purpose and after the installation, you won't be able to tell the difference.