Renovating the bathroom on a budget

Renovating the bathroom on a budget

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom? But pulling your steps back due to heavy price tags on your favorite essentials? Then here is exciting information for you. You don't need to have money filled pockets to be the owner of a relaxing and modern Zen bathroom. There are many ways by which you could give your bathroom a new look without actually checking your account details. 

It may seem next to impossible, but a cost-effective bathroom renovation can be achieved within a budget price. Famed remodeling trend has made bathroom refurbishing look like a high-cost makeover and that anything pre-present is not reusable hence should be substituted.  For all the bathroom renovation aspirers, this concept is a total faux and should be avoided to all extents. 

Remaking of a bathroom is just like kitchen renovation; high costing, time-consuming and tiresome. All these drawbacks can be overcome by thinking creative; scout for frugal and efficient alternatives. After building your private space from scratch, you will have a functional and clean bathroom; but also, sufficient bank balance to invest. Thinking out of the box is one way by which homeowners can save money from being drained down the pipes.

Metro Bathroom Tiles

These have sprouted from their roots found in the underground metro station wall tiles, and are also known as Subway Tiles; and are being greatly used in the domestic remaking of bathrooms, indoor bars, and kitchens.

Metro Bathroom Tiles are climbing the ladder of popularity due to their versatile nature. These Metro Bathroom Tiles fit like glove in both customary and contemporary interior design looks and are still found in various houses regardless of their discovery in the 1900s. The homogeneity of the Metro Bathroom Tiles makes them ideal to be used in all kinds of surround settings; because they provide a clean and geometric background to work on. 

These shapely subway tiles are easy to mix with small and classy country styles. Since Metro Bathroom Tiles have a polished surface; they reflect light across the room giving a deceptive look of increased room size. This quality makes the Metro Bathroom Tiles ideal for small-sized bathroom spaces, and their versatility enables the user to play with colors and use them around various rooms of the house. 


Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Looking for ideal tiles to pair with features walls in your bathroom? Using Mosaic Bathroom Tiles will be the best option to go for. The wide range of Mosaic Bathroom Tiles comes in different shades of colors to blend in with the type of bathroom look you are trying to achieve. 

Whether you wish to create a rustic yet vintage look or go for a sophisticated urbanized look; Mosaic Bathroom Tiles are guaranteed to add a “Wow Factor” to your bathroom. Choose relaxing shades of blue or the neutral hues to go with bathroom remodeling; you will find the perfect pair for your desired bathroom. 

Even if you like to use some glass/ marble/ stone accented tiles; keeping them clean and up to the mark is important. These Mosaic Bathroom Tiles are water repellant and do not let stain stick on them; hence easy maintenance and cleaning make these tiles all the more desired.  

In addition to all these qualities, the Mosaic Bathroom Tiles are made with color retaining properties and eternal i.e. these tiles do not get bruised of tempered easily; your one-time investment in these tiles can give enduring after-effects. Replacing old tiles with new mosaic tiles is cost-effective and results are stunning.


Patterned Bathroom Tiles

When you walk around an interior décor exhibit or go through one of those décor vogue magazines; you admit the trendy changes occurring around you and try to get them in your personal space. The Patterned Bathroom Tiles are ideal for adding a touch of refinement and personality to your bathroom or kitchen space. You can also use these Patterned Bathroom Tiles for making a feature wall or eye-catching floor mural. There are various culture inspired designs like Victorian or Moroccan in geometric patterns. 

Patterned Bathroom Tiles add a level of profoundness in your remodeling plans and create a center of attraction on walls and floors in both kitchens and bathrooms. Using the Patterned Bathroom Tiles is based solely upon your likes and dislikes; few like to fill the room with Patterned Bathroom Tiles whereas few others just use them to make a feature area.  

Combine these tiles with vibrant or plain colors or use come other tile forms; the decision is yours to make. Make a timeless floor rug with it or under the dining table; these tiles will never disappoint you. 


Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles

Craving for the rich Marble like effect on your bathroom floor and wall? Then you are not anole; many people wish for the same, but their pockets call them back. Marble has always been an amazing flooring option which added an exciting look to your décor; easily accessible and available in various colors and natural patterns. But to use marble in your house, either you need money or you need tolerance to up-keep the marble glint.

Over time, the innovation has come up with an efficient substitute for natural marble; Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles; easily available and affordable. These ceramic Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles con also be used instead of regular tile made of porcelain; a material used in making fake marble floor solutions. These Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles have equal pros and cons; depending on which area of the house they are being used in. Few people try to debate that Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles will not give real like look to their bathrooms and other places, but this notion is wrong.  

Although, these tiles are not made with real marble; the Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles are a viable alternative to go for. If you do not wish to take the basic route to the basic bathroom; these tiles will, for sure, elevate the look of your bathroom with added advantages of being cost-effective, stain-resistant and easy gripping even when wet. These tiles have proven to be worthy of each penny spent on them and can be used in almost all kinds of bathroom makeovers.