Splash Back Tiles – Our Top 5

Splash Back Tiles – Our Top 5

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen walls it is important to choose just the right tile. You don't only want the best design and colour that your guests can enjoy but you also want a durable tile that can handle splash backs very effectively. That's why we sell a variety of high-quality kitchen tiles that can effectively handle splash backs with ease. Whether you are looking to revamp your bathroom or your kitchen, our selection of effect tiles is ideal for any modern home.

We take a look at five of the best options when it comes to floors for your kitchen, with affordable and highly durable tiles that can give you a modern look for your home.

Brick Effect Kitchen Tiles

With beautiful brick effect kitchen tiles, you can easily get the best look for your walls. Our Interlocking Grey Brick Effect Wall Tile is ideal for any modern kitchen and offers you a modern, sophisticated look. These tiles consist of three different colors and they interlock to give them a smooth and durable finish. 

Another great brick effect kitchen tile is the Washington Brick Effect Corner Tile.  This is an add on product for the popular Washington range, and they are suitable to be used with their counterparts and are used to go around returns to create a smooth and soft transition. The tiles are made from porcelain and has just the right thickness.


Metro Kitchen Tiles

Regardless of the size of your kitchen walls, metro kitchen tiles can add an interesting touch. They can be used in your kitchen, but also in areas such as your fireplace or bathroom, or simply as accent walls. Metro kitchen tiles can handle splash backs very well and they have become a popular choice for any modern homeowner who wants to have a sleek and designer finish in their kitchen.  

Our metro kitchen tiles are ideal for designers and home renovators as there are almost endless design choices available. We offer metro kitchen tiles in all kinds of shades, from dark to light, from pastel to bright, so you can create awe-inspiring looks for your kitchen area with ease.


Hexagon Kitchen Tiles

Hexagon kitchen tiles are extremely popular among home owners today. The rich history of these popular hexagon tiles, especially for the kitchen, has significantly improved over the years. Especially recently, when this tile started to become visible in popular, high end homes. These hexagon tiles were created using a mix of concrete and crushed materials, handmade, hand painted and individually fired. This process has now been changed a little, and it offers an affordable way of producing hexagon tiles for your kitchen. 

Modern hexagon kitchen tiles can easily handle splashbacks and have come along way. This is mainly thanks to the advances in tile technology. These modern hexagon kitchen tiles are now produced using either ceramic or porcelain, and it can get a wide variety of designs on them. These are printed directly on the tile. This offers both a low maintenance and affordable alternative to more traditional methods.

The majority of our hexagon kitchen tiles are made from porcelain, so this is a durable tile to use. Your kitchen is a practical and very busy area, so the walls will often be exposed to dirt and even damp. Using a porcelain hexagon tiles over ceramic, allows for a non-porous floor covering that is not easily scratched or stained from spills. 


Mosaic Kitchen Tiles

Mosaic kitchen tiles are not only beautiful but they have many benefits, including the fact that they are very easy to install, and also provide a durable surface. Another benefit is that they handle splash backs well, which is why they are so popular. These tiles won't get damaged or scratched easily as they are made from durable materials. If you want to use them on the floor, they are compatible with underfloor heating, making them even more practical.

Mosaic kitchen tiles also have the additional benefit of being very water resistant and scratch resistant, so they are perfect for backs and even scratches and bumps as time goes by. This is why they are ideal for kitchen areas. In terms of products, you can go for our Shiny Green Glass Mosaic Tile, which offers a combination of monochromatic blue and green tiles and creating the for your kitchen. You can also go for a darker colour, and choose our Hexagon Gloss Crystal Blue Mosaic Tile. This gives you a great combination of shapes and colours, which is perfect if you are looking for a beautiful blue colour for your kitchen.


Patterned Kitchen Tiles

Patterned kitchen tiles are beautiful for any modern home as you can really be creative and also versatile with your choices. From bold colors to striking designs, you can choose from a wide variety of beautiful and also very affordable patterned kitchen tiles at Appleby’s. 

One such option is the Falo Blue Hand Painted Effect Encaustic Tile. This offers a great design and a durable tile, which is ideal for kitchen areas as it offers a reliable surface that can handle splash backs quite well. Falo Blue Hand Painted Effect Encaustic Tiles also incorporate a grid design on the face which can be grouted. This gives the visual effect of four smaller tiles to each tile adding to the encaustic appeal.


These are just some of the great options when it comes to choosing the best tiles for your kitchen. Browse through our selection online and find durable, reliable tiles to use in your kitchen. 

For more information about our available selection of tiles for your interior floors, or to buy these tiles from a reliable UK supplier, contact us today at 0333 900 4537 or view our collections online.