Stone Cladding

Stone Cladding

An old European style stone house has always been a centre of attraction and a dream to own it for almost everyone. Well in today's time everybody wants to hire a good architect and an interior designer to give their dream home a royal and sophisticated look. In today's time technology has made everything easy and simple as compared to the last decade. People have started to opt for alternative methods.A simpler way to do that is to add stone cladding to the walls of your house. Nowadays stone cladding are available in a wide range of variety and also in different colours like grey, yellow etc. Therefore, now you can choose which suits you the best according to your needs.

As far as appearance is considered the stone cladding give a very authentic look, as of a natural stone wall. A stone cladding gives a three-dimensional look of stone and is easy to implement. They actually steal aways the royal look of an old European style stone wall. Due to this, the demand for installing stone cladding on to the walls as well as the floors of the house are increasing day by day. Generally, it is very much easy to install stone cladding in your house. They act like a real stone wall in both ways internally as well as externally. Additionally, it has also got some of the benefits which generally includes

1. Gives your garden a marvellous look

When stone cladding is installed on the side floor or the sidewalls of your garden, it gives an authentic natural look to it. Being an excellent option from the interior design point of view it also adds a certain sophisticated look to your garden. A stone cladding floor around the grass will give you an exotic farm-like look. Apart from this, it is an insulator which is good both in summers and winters.

2. Cost-effective option

One of the most important factors through which stone cladding became a number one choice of people in the market is its cost-effectiveness. It is not as much costly as building a stone wall or using natural stone. The quality of our  stone cladding is of the highest grade and perfectly replicates real stone offering an authentic look at such low prices makes it even more popular among its potential customers. Therefore, it is better to opt for this option rather than choosing a natural stone wall.

3. Removes the need for maintenance

Another major benefit of using stone cladding is that it completely eradicates the need for maintaining it. In case you have an ordinary brick wall, there is a need for its maintenance which is to be fulfilled. On the other hand, if you have used stone cladding on the walls then it doesn't need to be painted. This removes a lot of tedious jobs which is required in the maintenance.

4. Can be installed on interior floors

stone cladding when appropriately installed on the floor gives an extraordinary and classy look. As it is also a very good insulator of heat, it is good in both the season's summer as well as for the winters. Because of this advantage, it has become a much better and efficient option to install. On the other hand, it also gives a royal look to your floor which also makes it the customers first choice.

5. Easy and fast to install

One of the major advantages of stone cladding is that it is very much easy to install and maintain.The process of installing stone cladding is so fast that it can be installed very easily. Installing a stone cladding into your house is the most effective, efficient and faster option available.

6. Lighter in weight

It is much lighter in weight as compared to the actual stones used.  It is one of the most beneficial advantages which gives it an edge on the other materials available at this cost. Due to its weight, it becomes very easy to use and install.

Making an investment in the chandeliers, ceiling lights and the other expensive items used for the interior decoration can go in vain if the walls and the floors of your house are not designed properly. There are a large number of benefits which goes in the favour of using a stone cladding in your house. Being cost-effective gives it an edge over the other flooring materials. It is non-porous and non-absorbent in nature due to which it doesn't absorb any outside materials like rainwater or moisture etc. This is also one of the main reason why it is considered best when comes to finding the exterior wall materials for the houses.

stone cladding is structured and constructed from the original stones of different shapes and types which allows them to replicate the original look of the stones. Therefore, when stone cladding is used on the exterior walls of a house it acts as a barrier for the unnecessary outside noise to get inside because of its sound-insulating property. While using the stone cladding one of the most important things to keep in mind is the process of installing, because is the stone cladding is not installed properly, there is a possibility that it can create hassles afterwards.