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  • Can You Use Brick Slips in Showers | Appleby’s Tiles

    A bathroom is a personal space, yet also a space where you can be creative and turn it into a real stand-out area in the home. This is exactly why you should choose the perfect combination of walls and floors, to create a style that is versatile and tiles that are long lasting and durable. Of all the options available, bathroom brick slips are among the most popular options home owners love to go with.

    There are many reasons why you may want to consider revamping your shower walls; you may be looking for a completely new style, add a specific feature to your bathroom, or simply want to replace an old wall with an affordable, durable new wall, to match your bathroom floor. This is where affordable tiling options come in perfectly for any bathroom, especially the shower area.

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  • The Real Battle- Brick Slips vs. Brick Effect Tiles

    A cover to cover answer to all the design requirements around you. Brick claddings are fast and affordable wall facings for both the interior and exterior of your house.

    Cloning the looks of traditional bricks these are slim masonry trims that are manufactured in various colors and sizes to fit like a ball of wax in all types of renovation and architectural designs.

    Brick slips are provided in natural stone facing tiles, which are separated, form the real stones to add refinement and finesse. These are ideal cost-saving substitutes for recreating the looks of an open brick wall.

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  • The Best Tiles for Small Bathrooms

    If you want to make your small bathroom appear and feel bigger but you have a limited foot area then this article is a boon to you.

    Try all the possible efforts you want, but remember, the size of your lavatory will remain the same. But a few visual tricks could work like magic! Adding lighter hues to your bathroom is one part of the trick, but there is more left. These tricks could convert your small bath into a snug retreat. Check out some decor advice and make your lavatory seem and feel larger even if it remains the same size.

    The few steps that can be followed to make bathrooms appear larger are: Select Soft Colors, Add Extra Lights, Change the Vanity Cabinet, Remove the Things that Stick Out, Add large Mirrors, Light Colored Flooring could work wonders, Add a Feature Wall to it, Change Frosted Glass with Transparent Ones, Remove the Clutter.

    Not just these, but the tiles you use to decorate your lavatory also play a crucial role in making it appear wider and larger.

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