black bathroom tiles

  • How to make dark tiles work in your bathroom

    When it comes down to house renovation; you tend to go for the choices which are the best, in trends and give you long-lasting relief. For restrooms, especially, people can get very picky; from choosing the faucets to selecting perfect tiles. They usually forget the total space they have to work with; and will that design suit the compactness? Remodeling a small space area, like bathrooms, require a lot of creative thinking; one has to be very cunning and purposive while taking any relevant decision.

    Tiles are one of the first décor items you see while entering into a bathroom; they can make the compact outhouse space look capacious. Hence going for the correct tiling option- be it for floors or walls- is necessary to create a relaxing yet roomy bathroom.

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  • Best Tile Colours For the Bathroom

    Best Tile Colours For the Bathroom

    When we decide to give our bathroom some attention, whether that be to refresh the existing tiles or to renovate the whole suite, choosing the right colour is vital. Sometimes it can just be too overwhelming to think about how you might refresh the old faded bathroom that once was, so here we will go through different colours and how and why they can work in the bathroom for you.

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