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  • How to Choose Between Brick Slips and Brick Effect Tiles?

    When it comes to choosing a brand-new wall for your home, you have a lot of options to choose from. But many home owners are now starting to move away from traditional tiles and making use of brick slips or the effect tiles throughout their home. This is the perfect way to get the same rugged, authentic look that a traditional brick wall has, but without all the effort. No need to rebuild an existing interior wall, as you can simply make use of brick slips.

    With so many different textures and colours to choose from, you can create almost any look in your home and have a cost-effective yet durable wall in any room in your home. Brick effect tiles have become very popular in recent years, especially since they allow you to have the same brick-like look inside your home than you have on the outside. Plus, you can match it with almost any theme you have in a room.

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  • The Real Battle- Brick Slips vs. Brick Effect Tiles

    A cover to cover answer to all the design requirements around you. Brick claddings are fast and affordable wall facings for both the interior and exterior of your house.

    Cloning the looks of traditional bricks these are slim masonry trims that are manufactured in various colors and sizes to fit like a ball of wax in all types of renovation and architectural designs.

    Brick slips are provided in natural stone facing tiles, which are separated, form the real stones to add refinement and finesse. These are ideal cost-saving substitutes for recreating the looks of an open brick wall.

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  • Inspiration: 5 Modern Tile Ideas

    The world of tiles is a tricky place to navigate! With 10's of thousands of different tiles on the market with different, shapes, sizes, textures and forms it can be incredibly difficult to make the right choice when it comes to adding wall or floor tiles to the home or updating existing tiles.

    You want to make the right choice and you only want to do it once!

    This blog contains some of our most popular tile ideas and tile combinations used for a complete package be it the kitchen walls and floors or the bathroom walls and floors.

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