Brick Slips

  • Everything Brick Slips

    If you are looking for ways to revamp your home and give it a brand-new look, brick slips are the perfect way to do this. With so many colours, designs and finishes to choose from, you can truly be creative and use brick slips that are not only affordable but also durable to create a brand-new style in your home.

    There are a variety of brick slips available, and you can use them in your kitchen, bath room, and even outdoors. They are very versatile and this is one reason why they are so popular among homeowners and designers. They are fairly easy to install and allow you to have the same brick -like effects on your indoor walls as you have outside.

    Brick slips are a reliable, require virtually no maintenance, and offers the perfect alternative to rebuilding a brand-new wall. You can now repurpose your interior walls while giving your home a brand-new look at the same time.

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  • Tile Ideas for the Stair Wall

    When it comes to decorating the walls along your staircase, there are truly a lot of options to go with. Whether you want to keep a plain look in one colour, or go with a completely bold, interesting look with brick effect tiles, you can be creative and add a style to your staircase that will reflect your own personality.

    You can also use tiles for your stairs itself, providing that you choose the right type of tiles. You can use ceramic tiles to build your stairs, in a similar way as you would when you lay a ceramic tile floor. Ceramic tiles make a very durable covering for your stairs, providing that your staircase can handle the additional weight. However, many people simply choose to use tiles along the walls of the staircase, to keep up with a similar design in the home.

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  • How to Choose Between Brick Slips and Brick Effect Tiles?

    When it comes to choosing a brand-new wall for your home, you have a lot of options to choose from. But many home owners are now starting to move away from traditional tiles and making use of brick slips or the effect tiles throughout their home. This is the perfect way to get the same rugged, authentic look that a traditional brick wall has, but without all the effort. No need to rebuild an existing interior wall, as you can simply make use of brick slips.

    With so many different textures and colours to choose from, you can create almost any look in your home and have a cost-effective yet durable wall in any room in your home. Brick effect tiles have become very popular in recent years, especially since they allow you to have the same brick-like look inside your home than you have on the outside. Plus, you can match it with almost any theme you have in a room.

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