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  • How to Make Your Bathroom Modern!

    How to Make Your Bathroom Modern!


    Will you pay hundreds of pounds for a hotel room which has a 42 inche LED TV, plush beds, exotic toiletries and all the modern-day amenities but a dull, boring and lifeless bathroom?

    We certainly wouldn't and we are sure you wouldn't too.

    If you wouldn't put up with a dull, boring bathroom in your hotel room, why put up with a bland and lifeless bathroom in your home?

    All thanks to the modern marvels, the market is flooded with hundreds of design elements and styles. And all these beautiful and elegant elements can give a complete makeover to your bathroom by equipping it with more personality.  

    The best thing about giving your bathroom a makeover is it gives you a lot of freedom. Freedom to be as bold and as creative as you want to be since your bathroom is a completely separated space from the rest of your house. And hence, it can be decorated independently.

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  • Introduce 1950’s New York To Your Bathroom

    Have you ever visited a place which had a vintage styled bathroom? If you have, did you see the bricks effect bathroom tiles on the walls and concrete or wood effect bathroom tiles on the floor? If you did, congratulations, you got to witness the beauty of 1950's New York style in the vintage themed bathroom.

    We are sure after admiring the beauty of the vintage elements you must have wondered, why the spa or hotel, being so luxurious would spend on vintage design for a bathroom that's so simple yet so charming and elegant?

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  • Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles Vs Concrete Effect Bathroom Tiles

    No other experience can compete with the joy of unwinding in your plush private oasis. And having a crisp, clean, luxurious bathroom adds more joy to the whole experience. An extravagant bathroom with a separate bathtub, a luxurious private shower, huge mirrors with embossed borders and a beautiful crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. The whole setting can give you a spa-like experience at your home, whenever you want. View Post