encaustic effect bathroom tiles

  • Where Can Encaustic Effect Tiles Be used?

    If you are looking to add something spectacular to your floors, encaustic tiles are a great option. Not only can you choose from a range of beautiful designs, but you can benefit from hard-wearing floors that are very practical and easy to clean. Encaustic tiles are used in many homes, as they can be designed in many different styles and colours, making them a very versatile addition to your floors.

    People make use of encaustic tiles throughout their homes, to signify different styles and patterns, which perfectly fits in with any decor option you have. you can opt for different designs in different rooms, or you can choose to have the same type of floor tiles design throughout your home.

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  • 5 Unique Bathroom Floor Ideas

    Most people think that it is next to impossible to get a statement look in a small bathroom. It’s time to unshackle their beliefs because we are here to share some unique bathroom floor ideas, that will transform the overall look of your cozy private area.

    Making a design statement in a small lavatory can be quite challenging, well, in fact, designing small bathrooms is where you get to think out of the box, make bold moves, and you also get a perfect chance to discover your creative side.

    If you planning on taking a stroll on the route of designing your bathroom, you can start with changing your bathroom’s floor tiles.

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  • Creating a stunning Feature wall in the wet room

    How about planning for a feature wall to set in your bathroom, en-suite or wardrobe area? This idea of adding a feature wall to one of these recommended areas can provide a complete makeover to your room which will make your guests go ‘Oh Wow’! And they too would want to pay a visit again.

    The fact of adding some kind of storage space into your bathroom, en-suite or wardrobe room has turned into a need that has to be addressed. Be it a space for storing bulky amounts of various cosmetic and body-hygiene products, or maybe a space for keeping toilet paper rolls and cleaning products out of sight, the necessity for owning pieces of furniture has become a must.

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