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  • The Real Battle- Brick Slips vs. Brick Effect Tiles

    A cover to cover answer to all the design requirements around you. Brick claddings are fast and affordable wall facings for both the interior and exterior of your house.

    Cloning the looks of traditional bricks these are slim masonry trims that are manufactured in various colors and sizes to fit like a ball of wax in all types of renovation and architectural designs.

    Brick slips are provided in natural stone facing tiles, which are separated, form the real stones to add refinement and finesse. These are ideal cost-saving substitutes for recreating the looks of an open brick wall.

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  • Get The Most Out Of Brick Slips In Your Home

    We have seen our brick slips collection grow from a mere 10 different ranges to over 120 different brick slip designs, shapes material and sizes! This makes Applebys Tiles the largest single retailer of brick slips. We often get customers ask a variety of detail regarding brick slips so we have created this simple yet extensive guide on brick slips to answer some of your questions! View Post
  • Creating A Feature Wall With Brick Slips

    Creating a Feature Wall with Brick Slips Its official, brick slips have become the new big thing from feature walls to a décor item; they are being used in bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and even as exterior walls. There is a growing trend to use these aesthetic pieces as a feature wall, whi... View Post