hexagon bathroom tiles

  • The Art Of Hexagon Tiles

    If you are an admirer of art or you've ever visited an art exhibition, you must have witnessed some of the most sophisticated paintings and abstract arts. Some of these paintings are typically filled with muted hues and some are painted with vibrant bold colours.

    But every beautiful painting shares one attribute with every other beautiful painting. There is always one thing common between everything we find calming, charming and mesmerizing. Can you guess what it is? It's symmetry.

    When elements are symmetrical, they create balance. When when we look at well balanced and harmoniums designs and paintings, they please our eyes and create a calming effect.

    Wouldn’t it be great to bring these well balanced and harmonious trends into your home? How would you feel if these elegant and mesmerizing tiles get incorporated in your home to give it a more classic and timeless look?

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  • Alternative Bathroom Wall Tiles

    The bathroom is one of the most personal spaces in your whole house. And whenever you have people over, almost all the time they ask you if they can use your bathroom. But how would you feel if your bathroom made a dull and boring first impression? Wouldn't it be great if your bathroom could exhibit more personality and come across as beautiful, elegant and luxurious?

    Apart from the floorings, mirrors and cabinets, there is one change you can make that will transform the personality of your bathroom. A change that will grab the attention of your guests and will make a lasting first impression.

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  • Hexagon Tiles - The latest Shape in Tile Design

    There is no space for old and over-used shapes of tiles, especially square ones. Hexagon tiles are the newest trend that has taken the modern world in storm. They offer a groovy style that can be used to create a vintage, retro, or traditional looks with a modern twist. They offer an interesting shape without being overly pretentious or gaudy.

    You can use hexagon-shaped tiles to create interesting feature walls or backsplashes. Moreover, they look stunning as floor tiles as well. They give an ultra-stylish appeal to homes that need an extra oomph.

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