• What Are Metro Home Tiles? | Appleby’s Tiles

    When you consider upgrading your home’s interior, you ideally want something that will really last for many years. Metro tiles are the perfect solution as it allows you to add a style to your home that will remain popular for decades to come. Metro wall tiles are very popular and can deliver a durable finish that will be popular for many decades, as this trend seems to never go out of fashion.

    With a wide variety of materials such as glass, ceramic and porcelain, metro tiles can be a great addition to your home. You can choose from various colours too, allowing you to create the perfect wall to complement your existing décor in any room in the house.

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  • The Best Tiles for Small Bathrooms

    If you want to make your small bathroom appear and feel bigger but you have a limited foot area then this article is a boon to you.

    Try all the possible efforts you want, but remember, the size of your lavatory will remain the same. But a few visual tricks could work like magic! Adding lighter hues to your bathroom is one part of the trick, but there is more left. These tricks could convert your small bath into a snug retreat. Check out some decor advice and make your lavatory seem and feel larger even if it remains the same size.

    The few steps that can be followed to make bathrooms appear larger are: Select Soft Colors, Add Extra Lights, Change the Vanity Cabinet, Remove the Things that Stick Out, Add large Mirrors, Light Colored Flooring could work wonders, Add a Feature Wall to it, Change Frosted Glass with Transparent Ones, Remove the Clutter.

    Not just these, but the tiles you use to decorate your lavatory also play a crucial role in making it appear wider and larger.

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