• What Are Metro Home Tiles? | Appleby’s Tiles

    When you consider upgrading your home’s interior, you ideally want something that will really last for many years. Metro tiles are the perfect solution as it allows you to add a style to your home that will remain popular for decades to come. Metro wall tiles are very popular and can deliver a durable finish that will be popular for many decades, as this trend seems to never go out of fashion.

    With a wide variety of materials such as glass, ceramic and porcelain, metro tiles can be a great addition to your home. You can choose from various colours too, allowing you to create the perfect wall to complement your existing décor in any room in the house.

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  • Create A Cottage Retreat In Your Kitchen

    Create A Cottage Retreat In Your Kitchen   Nowadays English countryside cottage patterns are storming their ways into the world of interior designing. Don't worry! we are not asking you to purchase a stone home to achieve this look. You can relish the English countryside feel by including a new... View Post
  • The Wonderful World Of Metro Kitchen Tiles

    Kitchen tiles are the key feature of any kitchen. They not only add style to your kitchen but also protect your walls encircling the sink as well as your ovens from splashes and stains. They are waterproof and durable by nature and do not fail to protect your floor from spills and leaks.

    Decisions like the style of your kitchen, it's color, tiling layout, etc. are very crucial before deciding the pattern or type of tile to be put on the kitchen walls. But no matter what one's preference might be, Metro Kitchen Tiles are the classic style of tiles that can go with any kitchen wall or backsplash.

    Whatever your style of kitchen maybe, one or the other Metro Kitchen Tiles is going to suite it. The fashion for handpainted kitchens implies that soft muted metro tiles are much preferred for kitchen splashbacks at the moment but it adding a spatter of multicolored metro tiles can also look marvelous!

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