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  • What Are Metro Home Tiles? | Appleby’s Tiles

    When you consider upgrading your home’s interior, you ideally want something that will really last for many years. Metro tiles are the perfect solution as it allows you to add a style to your home that will remain popular for decades to come. Metro wall tiles are very popular and can deliver a durable finish that will be popular for many decades, as this trend seems to never go out of fashion.

    With a wide variety of materials such as glass, ceramic and porcelain, metro tiles can be a great addition to your home. You can choose from various colours too, allowing you to create the perfect wall to complement your existing décor in any room in the house.

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  • Using Tiles To Create A Cottage Escape!

    Gone are the days when bathrooms were just about functionality. And the time has come to bust the myth that you need an expensive spa appointment, just for a relaxing experience.

    How would you feel if we tell you that you can recreate a spa-like experience at your home? Wouldn't it be great if you could enjoy that tranquillity and serenity anytime you want? Sounds too good to be true? If you are wondering how is that possible? This article will show you exactly how.

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