pink bathroom tiles

  • Go Pink Tiles for 2020 | Appleby’s Tiles

    When it comes to choosing a colour for your home’s tiling options, pink is a popular and very practical choice. The use of pink tiles has been around for decades, and it was one of the first breakthrough colours that knocked the "ordinary white tiles" back to make way for colourful tiles.

    Whether it’s pink kitchen tiles or pink bathroom tiles, traditionally, a pink tile would be of a peach colour and usually not have much character or flare to it. It would simply be a square cut colour breaker that was used to simply create an essence of luxury in an otherwise mundane room. However, they are now in growing demand for those looking to create a retro and colour filled home.

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  • Fruity Bathroom Tiles

    If you are looking forward to a bathroom renovation; then you might be visualizing it as a clean, white and traditional one. Hold your decision making right there and hear this out. Bathroom is a place in your house where you can open up the gates of creativity and expand the horizon of practicality to create a masterpiece. After so many years of developments in bath-space décor, Colorful Tiles are back in business for elevating your bathroom look and make it even more appealing.

    Every bathroom has at least one wall that is asking for a little pop of color among the bland white or pastel tones. Maybe it is for your tub or faucets, small add-ons of vibrant shades with a slight hint of plants and greens can make your bathroom renovation better. Several interior designers favor the use of colorful tiles in your bath-area, as they can help in uplifting your mood and give a great start to your day. The addition of Colorful Tiles in any room can upgrade the designing and mixing them with monochromes can assist in pairing the vibrancy down

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  • Using Pink Tiles In The Kitchen And Bathroom

    Using Pink Tiles In The Kitchen And Bathroom   Pink is one vibrant colour, that effortlessly defines femininity, playfulness, sweetness and fresh romance. Not only this, but the colour pink is also associated with cotton candy, bubble gums, doughnuts and babies. So in short, we can say pink stand... View Post