pink kitchen tiles

  • Colour Or No Colour - Rules Of The Kitchen

    It becomes conflicting when it comes to deciding whether to go for classic black and white tiles or alluring colorful tiles for the cooking space.

    Colour or No Colour is the question that troubles us while planning our house and at a point restricts our thinking too.

    We are here to eliminate your doubtful thoughts about color combinations and whether to use color or just keep it simple, i.e. black and white.

    We are going to create a comparison between black and white v/s colorful kitchen tiles to clarify your doubts related to adding color to your kitchen or leaving it monochrome.

    Let’s first have a look at what Black and White Tiles can exactly give to your cookhouse.

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  • Create A Colorful Kitchen Splashback

    Kitchen splashbacks' used to be acknowledged only for their functionalities such as protecting the walls from oil, splashes, grease and other messes that occur while working in the kitchen. However, now this portion of your kitchen has evolved to have some creative tint. You can completely transform the looks of your kitchen by making your splashback a highlight of the cooking space.

    Creating the best of the colorful kitchen splashback is not that tough in today’s world as there are varieties of choices to go with. However, the knack to contribute beautifully providing benefits alongside is a matter to be discussed decisively. It is vital to create the latest kitchen design and make the most of your limited space, whether you are on the move to design a stylish kitchen on a fixed budget or you want to build a small dining kitchen.

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  • Using Pink Tiles In The Kitchen And Bathroom

    Using Pink Tiles In The Kitchen And Bathroom   Pink is one vibrant colour, that effortlessly defines femininity, playfulness, sweetness and fresh romance. Not only this, but the colour pink is also associated with cotton candy, bubble gums, doughnuts and babies. So in short, we can say pink stand... View Post