Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles - The Latest Fashion

Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles - The Latest Fashion

Terracotta tile has been known for its timeless appeal for ages; it has been used to beautify homes in the Victorian and Edwardian period as well. Terracotta stone is a natural material that has a rustic appearance and warm hues. In the past, terracotta tiles were used as wall tiles or floor tile to spruce up the room. They were made of clay baked in a fire-kiln, which often gave them burnt brown, orange, and shades. Over time, they became a key design in rustic homes; they were used to add a traditional and warm look to bathrooms.

However, there were several drawbacks of terracotta stone; it was not easy to maintain and was not a hygienic option. It had a porous material, which made it susceptible to water seepage, it would cause it to frost over in harsh weather conditions as well. In the modern-day and age, terracotta effect bathroom tiles were created as a better alternative. Now, terracotta effect bathroom tiles can be used in bathrooms very easily as they are water and frost resistant.


Why Choose Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles over Terracotta Stone Tiles

Perhaps the single greatest advantage of using terracotta stone in the modern age is its architectural heritage appeal, which is why it is still being used in restoration projects. However, what if you want to use this material in homes, would it be a safe and hygienic option? No, it would not. Sure, it is a better aesthetic option, but not an efficient one. 

If you think it over, it would cost you more than it would provide. Terracotta stone is way more expensive then terracotta effect bathroom tiles; it can be hard to install and transport as well. They can easily break and cannot be used in harsh weather or high-traffic areas. 

Unlike terracotta effect bathroom tiles, the terracotta stone is not water-resistant, it will cause seepage and growth of fungi in bathrooms, where water is ever-present. They are also tough to repair and need replacement once damaged. They have very low durability and lose their bright colour over time; it fades to light hues.

Thus, terracotta effect bathroom tiles are a much better option; it is a modern alternative to terracotta stone and has many benefits. It is created by using industrial material such as ceramic and porcelain, which gives it various beneficial qualities. It has good durability and even better longevity.

Versatile Design Option for Bathrooms

Originally, the terracotta stone was used in wet rooms and bathrooms to give it more character and rustic appeal. It allowed the space to look warm and cozy without being overly costly. In the same manner, the modern alternative is also being used as bathroom tiles to spruce them up. terracotta effect bathroom tiles can be used as wall tiles or as flooring to give the room a lot of character.

Trendy Designs for Bathroom Walls

As wall tiles, terracotta effect bathroom tiles can be easily applied in a herringbone pattern. Lighter hues of terracotta effect bathroom tiles look gorgeous in bathrooms as wall tiles. As wall tiles, they can be used as walls or floor tiles, without causing any issues. Octagon and rhombus-shaped terracotta effect bathroom tiles are also a very popular option in modern bathrooms that need a traditional twist.

Another very popular trend for terracotta effect bathroom tiles as wall tiles is a diagonal pattern, which allows you to create statement walls. They can be used to enunciate certain aspects of the wall, or they can act to illustrate pattern bathroom tiles. Hopscotch pattern can also be used along with smaller pattern tiles to give more personality to your wall.

Subway pattern or stretcher bond is also a very popular look; it can be created using glazed terracotta effect bathroom tiles. This pattern can be used along with various rustic, retro, and vintage designs as it has a simple and sleek finish. It gives a lot of space to the bathroom for addition tile or brickwork. 


Trendy Designs for Bathroom Flooring

There is a wide spectrum of designs available for terracotta effect bathroom tiles that can be used to create styled bathrooms. Usually, matt terracotta effect bathroom tiles are used to create traditional bathroom flooring. It is one of the most vintage and conventional looks that has never run out of fashion.

Matt terracotta effect bathroom tiles can be installed in the simplest patterns using block tiles. The stack bond pattern is one of the most popular designs in both large-sized and small-sized terracotta effect bathroom tiles. The basketweave pattern is another modern installation pattern, which allows a more finessed look to appear. It uses petit rectangular tiles in pairs to create a square; the next square will be installed 90 degrees to the first. Windmill and Hopscotch are popular options in period style homes as they give a lot of leeway for additional tiles.  

Advantages of Using Terracotta Effect Bathroom Tiles

  • Water Resistant: Terracotta effect bathroom tiles are made of porcelain and ceramic, which is often sealed to make it hydrophobic. Moreover, porcelain terracotta effect bathroom tiles are naturally water-resistant so they can be used in the bathroom without sealing.
  • Frost Resistant: The material used in the making of terracotta effect bathroom tiles is dense, which allows it to be hydrophobic. Water does not seep into its material, which makes it an excellent tile that can be used in bathrooms.
  • Heat Resistant: Terracotta effect bathroom tiles are also heat-resistant; they can stand high temperatures without any damage. Terracotta stone may lose its colour due to heat. However, terracotta effect bathroom tiles retain its lush colours in harshest of conditions.
  • Durable Material: The material used in the making of terracotta effect bathroom tiles is very durable. It makes these tiles have very good longevity. They can stand high-traffic and animal without being scratched or damaged, which is why they can be used in bathrooms to create different looks without worry.
  • Versatile Style: Modern terracotta effect bathroom tiles can be mixed and matched with different other designer tiles to create modern, traditional, or vintage looks. They can have a sleek or a rustic finish depending on the style of installation, colour, shape, and size of the tile.
  • Cheap Upkeep: Terracotta effect bathroom tiles have easy maintenance; they can be cleaned with water and soap without the worry of water damage. They are also a more hygienic option as they do not have porous material and handle water flow without the worry of algae or fungi growth.

Create Trendy Traditional and Modern Spaces 

The versatility of terracotta effect bathroom tiles allows it to be used in various designed without making space look gaudy or cluttered. It can be used in Victorian period homes along with pattern designs to create traditional rustic looks. It can also be used in modern homes by installing them in retro or vintage patterns to create memorable looks.