The Art Of Hexagon Tiles

If you are an admirer of art or you've ever visited an art exhibition, you must have witnessed some of the most sophisticated paintings and abstract arts. Some of these paintings are typically filled with muted hues and some are painted with vibrant bold colours. 

But every beautiful painting shares one attribute with every other beautiful painting. There is always one thing common between everything we find calming, charming and mesmerizing. Can you guess what it is? It's symmetry. 

When elements are symmetrical, they create balance. When when we look at well balanced and harmoniums designs and paintings, they please our eyes and create a calming effect. 

Wouldn’t it be great to bring these well balanced and harmonious trends into your home? How would you feel if these elegant and mesmerizing tiles get incorporated in your home to give it a more classic and timeless look? 


Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are known for their beauty, simplicity and sophistication. These tiles are not only timeless but are also perfect for someone who loves minimalistic designs and would love to achieve a classic look that's subtle yet beautiful. The best trait of hexagonal tiles is that they are available so many patterns, shades, textures that you'll be spoilt for choice. Not only these tiles are available in shades ranging from light to dark but are also available in diverse variations such as patterned, gloss, vine and anti-slip.

Patterned Hexagon tiles come in different shades and prints. Not only you can choose from a wide array of geometrical patterns but you can also choose from the traditional patterns such as Victorian and Moroccan with vibrant colours.

Gloss Hexagon tiles are known for adding an element of luxury while being harmonious. These glossy surfaces reflect light and when picked in darker shades such as blue or black, they give your room a royal and lavish look.

Anti-slip Hexagon tiles are perfect for wet rooms such as bathrooms and wash areas. These tiles are coated slip-resistant materials which make them a safe choice especially for shower areas or all the areas that involve the waterworks.

Not only Hexagon tiles are one of the most popular tiles that have been in the design trends for decades, but they are also one of the most versatile families of tiles which can be incorporated in every room. Whether you are redecorating or building your rooms from scratch, these tiles are the perfect pick for walls, floors, kitchen and your bathroom. 


Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

If you've been to a luxury spa or lavish hotel, you might have spotted hexagon bathroom tiles in the bathroom. The reason why these high-end resorts and hotels invest in timeless designs is that they save them the pain of renovating in every few years. Not only these tiles are beautiful and mesmerizing but are also easy to install and maintain, which again saves them big bucks on the repair.

Just like these luxury hotels and spas, you can also bring the beauty of the minimalistic design into your own bathroom. You can use hexagon bathroom tiles for the walls as well as floors and you can also play around with some patterns.

As mentioned before, hexagon bathroom tiles come in diverse shades, patterns as well as textures which gives you endless choices. You can either go for light coloured hexagon bathroom tiles with dark grout lines to achieve a minimalistic look or you can go for spunkier deep shades with contrasting grout lines to make a bold statement. You can also go for rustic shades in hexagonal tiles to give your bathroom a traditional look. You can also pair these rustic shaded tiles with beautiful chandeliers and ambient lights to achieve a perfect vintage look in your bathroom. Rustic hexagon bathroom tiles can be also paired with copper bathroom accessories to enhance the look.

But if you are someone for whom, nothing less than luxury will do, you can go for golden hexagon bathroom tiles. These tiles will not only transform your bathroom but will also make it look way more expensive. If you are willing to bring in some contrasting elements, peppering in some black glossy hexagon bathroom tiles will amp up the look and will create a perfect contrast.


Hexagon Kitchen Tiles

One of the most frequently used room after the bathroom is your kitchen. Doesn't matter if you are hungry or not, we are sure you visit your kitchen often just to open the fridge. So if this room is so important, why not transform it into an amazing space that you'll love even more? Why not bring the magic of symmetry to your kitchen?

There are infinite ideas that you can experiment with. The best trait of hexagon kitchen tiles is that they are highly versatile and complement everything they are paired with. If you are trying to achieve a minimalist, clean look in your kitchen, you can use muted shades of hexagon kitchen tiles and pair them with pastel-coloured walls. You can also play around with the grout lines to bring more balance and contrast to the walls.

If you want to transform your kitchen into a classy and luxurious space, you can opt for black glossy hexagon kitchen tiles with golden grout lines. You can also opt for deep tones and explore the variations of the grout lines to bring out the perfect look. If you want your kitchen to have a playful personality, you can also mix and match diverse shades of the tiles to give your kitchen a frisky personality.


Hexagon Floor Tiles


Not only do hexagon tiles look great on the wall, they even look amazing on the floor. Who wouldn't love to walk on a masterpiece floor that's perfectly symmetrical? You can mix or match light and dark shades to create a contrasting floor, you can use the deep tones of large hexagon floor tiles to create a luxurious yet minimalistic look, you can use rustic shades to give your room a traditional vibe or you can opt for Victorian and Moroccan patterns if you want to bring the ancient beauty into your house. 

No matter what you choose, you can't go wrong as these tiles will enhance the beauty of every room they are installed in. hexagon floor tiles come in diverse shades, textures, sizes and patterns, which make them highly versatile. And their beauty and minimalist looks complement almost every texture, every colour scheme they are paired with. We are sure your mind must be racing with the ideas to incorporate the mesmerizing beauty of hexagon floor tiles in your house. So when are you renovating?