The Beauty and Versatility of Patterned Floor Tiles

The Beauty and Versatility of Patterned Floor Tiles

Tiles have always been a popular choice for modern homes, as it has many benefits; it has easy maintenance, and a cheek look. However, simple tiles look dull and uninviting, which is why a new modern alternative has taken its place on the throne. The alternative is patterned floor tiles, which offer more personality and design option then simple floor tiles.

They have a versatile appearance as there is a wide spectrum of designs. In addition to its versatile finish, it also holds all the benefits of a normal tile, sometimes, even more. They offer a durable option to anyone looking to spruce up their home to create a traditional or modern look. Patterned floor tiles in particular offer authentic designs that often replicate ancient hand-made tiles that are one of a kind. Pattern floor tiles allow you to use these ancient inspired designs to create your featured floor. 


Variations in Designs of Patterned Floor Tiles

Patterned floor tiles have garnered their popularity in recent times due to their versatile personality and character. You may look through any home magazine, and you will see a variety of patterned floor tiles featured as a part of the interior designing page. However, the magazine never offers all of the options; instead, they provide single designs that may look flattering in certain places. Some patterned floor tiles are made to look best in the kitchen, hallways, living room, or bathroom, which is why it is best to know all the options available.

Moroccan Patterned Floor Tiles: Colorful and Antique Look

This type of tile is often used in kitchens as they have a bright and colourful appearance. They have large patterns that may not be suited to entrance hallways or the living room. They often create a good match with cream-coloured walls.


Parisienne Patterned Floor Tiles: Chic and Minimalistic Look

This type of tile is completely different from Moroccan tiles as they do not have much colour. They offer a minimalistic colour range; their colour range often stays in grey or very pale hues. This type of pattern floor tile looks stunning in simple monochromatic bathrooms as they accentuate little details of the room. 


Geometric Patterned Floor Tiles: Bold and Modern Look

This type of tiles offers bold patterns that have clear cut lines and vivid colours. They can offer a modern look in the kitchen or the bathroom. Often, geometric patterns haveprimary colours that can accentuate the same coloured walls.


Patchwork Patterned Floor Tiles: Unique and Eye-catching Look

This type of patterned floor tiles uses four different styles of small tiles and combines them into one. This big tile is used to create a patchwork pattern floor that can be very eye-catching. It can be used in living rooms or kitchens as feature floors.


Aged/Scored Patterned Floor Tiles: Beautiful and Authentic Look

Aged patterned floor tiles are very carefully made through chemical procedures. They offer a rustic and authentic look; they might even have some texture or cracks. The pattern is never the same as the colour fades differently, but the pattern remains the same. This type of patterned floor tiles is used for feature floors.


Mosaic Patterned Floor Tiles: Simple and Conventional

This type of tile offers a stunning conventional mosaic effect with the use of tiny octagon-shaped tile that is put together to make a bigger tile. This mosaic design can look stunning in the bathroom, and its small size can make spaces look more prominent.


Graphic Patterned Floor Tiles: Vintage and Creative

This type of tiles is made industrially; they can have various designs printed on them, which makes them the perfect option to add a vintage and creative twist into your home. It can also have repeating swirling, geometric, or traditional designs.


How to Create Different Looks with Patterned Floor Tiles

There are many exciting patterns in the market for patterned floor tiles, which is why it can become difficult for people to choose the best-patterned tile that suits their home. However, patterned floor tiles are quite similar to wallpapers; they can be used to create personalized featured rooms. To start, you need to decide on the style or look you want to follow, some of which are mentioned below:

Traditional Style

One of the most popular styles of patterned floor tiles is the traditional look, which is used to create period-style homes. This style often uses traditional patterned floor tiles to create decorative feature floors that accentuate the simple aesthetics of the furniture in the room. Traditional designs often have corner patterns or rug-patterns with plain surrounding tiles. However, you can go full traditional and cover the whole floor with traditional tiles as well.

Modern Chic Style

This style often uses geometric patterned floor tiles to make a bold statement in minimalistic rooms. This style looks very on-trend and offers personalized appearance to simple homes. It can make minimalistic and straightforward furniture look gorgeous with its clear-cut and bold lines. Modern chic style can also be achieved with patchwork tiles that accentuate the monochrome furniture.

Retro Style

The retro-style focuses on vintage and rustic patterns that often give an antique allure. This type of style can be made through aged, vintage, or wooden patterned floor tiles. This style aims to create a 70s deco look, which often used patterns in various decorative details. Retro style does not use bright and pop colours; its patterns often use pastel scaled patterns.

Vintage Style

This style often combines traditional patterned floor tiles with the minimalistic setting. Vintage styles aim to achieve a nostalgic feeling, which can bring the personality of the room. You can use patchwork tiles and traditional tiles to create vintage feature walls inside your kitchen floor or walls along with contemporary style furniture.



The Trendiest Style in the Home Designer Market

You can install patterned floor tiles on the walls or the floor; they will look gorgeous. Their soft hues and decorative patterns have become the heartthrob of various designers and home renovators. The intricate patterns can be used to set a monochromatic feature in the home that can accentuate its minimalistic quality. Be it the bathroom, kitchen, living room, or the hallway; you can now create a personalized look with the simple addition of patterned floor tiles

In the modern age, people want simple things because it alludes to the modernist appeal for minimalistic living. However, minimalistic living can often look dull, with patterned floor tiles; you can accentuate colours in the room. These colours can match your furniture or walls to magnify the simple appeal. Moreover, it also gives creative leeway to designers as they can mix and match different patterned floor tiles with different styles to create unique rooms.