The Beauty of Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles

The Beauty of Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles

Do you want luxurious marble flooring in your bathrooms, but can't afford it? Or don't want the hassle of constant maintenance? Well, no worries at all. Marble effect bathroom tiles are a cheaper and superior alternative to all your woes. They offer a gorgeous finish and replicate the finesse of real Marble when appropriately used. Moreover, marble flooring needs a lot of upkeep, whereas, Marble effect bathroom tile do not need a large amount of maintenance or upkeep, which is why they are a better option when renovating your bathroom.


Why Choose Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles over Marble

Genuine Marble offers a natural gleam, colour, and texture that looks luxurious in homes, which is why it was used widely across the world. It was used to create traditional and lavish homes for the wealthy people of ancient times. Marble was heavily used in various parts of their houses, especially the bathrooms as it gave it a gorgeous finish. However, the upkeep of Marble was quite expensive.

Marble cannot handle long-term water damage; it will oxidise over time. It can also become damaged when it is in contact with washing chemicals, oil and grease. It is also cumbersome and can cause issues during transport. These are some of the reasons why Marble lost its popularity in modern times. Marble effect bathroom tile were made to counter these issues; it offered the genuine beauty of Marble by replicating their designs and colours.


Benefits of Using Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles

Modern designers and home renovators choose marble effect bathroom tiles because of its beauty as well as its benefits that are not present in authentic Marble. Let us look at some of the advantages of choosing Marble effect bathroom tile over marble flooring so you can choose the better option:

  • Marble effect bathroom tiles are very resistant to water and heat. They are very durable in harsh weather conditions. Porcelain marble effect bathroom tiles are a better option because of their dense surface area; it does not allow heat or water to penetrate.
  • Unlike Marble, marble effect bathroom tiles have a low maintenance cost as their upkeep is very easy. They have a durable quality, which allows them to be easily maintained. Unlike other tiles or natural Marble, they do not need special sprays or cleaner; Marble effect bathroom tiles can be wiped clean very easily.
  • Marble effect bathroom tiles have a gorgeous finish, which gives a marble-like appearance. Marble effect bathroom tiles have many designs that replicate original Marble; their appearance makes them a luxurious addition to the house.
  • Marble effect bathroom tiles, in particular, have a large variety of designs. They are available as small marble tiles or large marble tiles. The appearance of these tiles can transform the bathroom into something that suits luxury tastes.
  • As Marble effect bathroom tiles have an expensive predecessor, their presence also denotes wealthiness. Their gorgeous look makes your home appear expensive, thus raises its property value exponentially.


Best Designs of Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles 

There are a variety of designs available for a bathroom renovation; however, one of the most popular options is the use of Marble effect bathroom tile. They are used in modern homes to make them look luxurious and cosy. The light shining off the Marble makes the room look more inviting and less dull.

The glazed look of marble effect bathroom tiles reminds the mind of natural marbles shines; it calms the mind through its soft reflections. Let us look at the most popular of these designs that make the bathroom appear more relaxing and beautiful.

Carrara Porcelain

Carrara Porcelain marble effect bathroom tiles are an excellent choice as they are very durable and can stand heavy traffic very well. They can be used in small or medium-sized bathrooms to make it appear larger. In Marble, it has natural grey veins, which is replicated in marble effect bathroom tiles. The natural grey veins along with cream-coloured marbles can accentuate chrome and browns hues of the bathroom very well.



MarfilPietra marble effect bathroom tiles are a cosier option as they are available in warm brown hues. They have a cloudy design that is mixed with light creamier colours. This can look gorgeous on the walls as well as the flooring of bathrooms. It has also been used as tile tub surroundings to give a seamless finish to traditionally styled bathrooms.

Ice Aria 

Ice Aria marble effect bathroom tiles offer a gorgeous finish to small bathrooms. They have a very simple design and light hues. The light hues and simple finish allow it to make the bathroom appear larger and wider. This type of tiles is stain-resistant and water repellent, making them an excellent choice to be used in bathrooms. 


CalacattaPietra marble effect bathroom offers a more modern finish to bathrooms, and they have an extravagant design that looks dramatic. They have wide grey and brown veins on a cream-coloured marble effect tile. The colour of wide veins can look accentuate the colours of bathroom fixtures. Their wide veined design also allows them to be used as bathroom wall and floor tiles. 


Statuario Marble effect bathroom tile have a luxurious finish; they have a very wide and crackle-like vein design. The veins are almost always in darker hues of black and blues, which gives designers leeway to add bold accentuating colours in the bathroom. The Marble itself is white, which helps space appear wider and beautiful.


What’s Best Suited for Your Bathroom?

Several things need to be kept in mind while buying marble effect bathroom tiles as little differences can transform the room into something completely different. Let's go through some of the minor changes that can make your bathroom have more personality.

  • The colour marble effect bathroom tiles can make the room appear larger or cosier. Lighter cream-coloured tiles make the room appear larger, as they can reflect light. Darker, more complex colours can make the room look smaller as there are too many focal points in the room garnering the attention of the eye.
  • The size of the marble effect bathroom tiles can also make a huge difference in the style and appearance of the room. Smaller tiles in small bathrooms can make it appear clustered; it is best to use medium-sized tiles in small bathrooms to make them appear larger. In larger bathrooms, you can use smaller tiles to create feature walls or to separate an area in the room.
  • The design and grout of the marble effect bathroom tiles used in the bathroom can also make a difference in the finish. If the grout lines are the same colour as the marble effect than they can make the room appear larger. Similarly, the design of marble effect bathroom tiles can complement the fixtures in your bathroom to make it appear larger and cosier. 
  • Marble effect bathroom tiles are available in matt and glazed finishes. Matt finish can look gorgeous in medium and small size bathroom floors as they appear dry and clean. Glazed finished are often used in designer bathrooms that have a lot of space, commonly they are used as wall tiles.

Create your Dream Bathroom

You can create your dream bathroom by using the right Marble effect bathroom tile, which is why it is best to know what you can before buying materials. The limitless design options are the reason why marble effect bathroom tiles are the perfect material to transform bathrooms into a beautiful and relaxing space.