The Best Tiles for Small Bathrooms

The Best Tiles for Small Bathrooms

If you want to make your small bathroom appear and feel bigger but you have a limited foot area then this article is a boon to you.

Try all the possible efforts you want, but remember, the size of your lavatory will remain the same. But a few visual tricks could work like magic! Adding lighter hues to your bathroom is one part of the trick, but there is more left. These tricks could convert your small bath into a snug retreat. Check out some decor advice and make your lavatory seem and feel larger even if it remains the same size.

The few steps that can be followed to make bathrooms appear larger are: Select Soft Colors, Add Extra Lights, Change the Vanity Cabinet, Remove the Things that Stick Out, Add large Mirrors, Light Colored Flooring could work wonders, Add a Feature Wall to it, Change Frosted Glass with Transparent Ones, Remove the Clutter. 

Not just these, but the tiles you use to decorate your lavatory also play a crucial role in making it appear wider and larger. 

It is one of the hidden secrets of the interior designing world which the designers wouldn't want you to know. Designing a small bathroom and making it appear larger can be a tricky task but after reviewing our guide we are sure it will become a piece of cake for you!

Selecting the right tiles for your lavatory to make it appear capacious can be quite easy, but if you're concerned about where to start from, then worry not, get a peek into our catalog which can offer you a broad variety and the tiles of your dreams.

Here we are with a list of Bathroom Tiles which will make your bathroom appear larger.


(1) Bathroom Brick Slips:

Brick slips can be elucidated as thin slices of real bricks, or in a few instances, custom-made brick tiles that are usually utilized to are thin cuts of real brick, or in some cases purpose-made brick tiles, commonly used to mirror the look of a customary brick wall in both inner and outer applications.

Using original clay Bathroom Brick Slips while designing a lavatory needs to be given an in-depth thought process. There is a list of numerous things to bear in mind before you plan on starting the installation of these Bathroom Brick Slips in your lavatory.

The most difficult yet important decision is selecting the right wall in your lavatory. The phrase "less is more" works well here in this case if you are an owner of a small bathroom. This decision is a crucial one because you will require ample space for placing your mirrors to make your lavatory appear larger.

These Bathroom Brick Slips, when applied artfully in your lavatory will make it appear natural-looking and spacious too.


(2) Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles:

An enormous, as well as the latest fashion in the world of interior designing, is about creating a natural look at your home. The application of Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles helps you in maintaining this new trend and gives a touch of nature to your lavatory. Adding these tiles to make your small lavatory appear larger is a great idea. These lifelike designs of the Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles include knots and crinkles as well as whitewashed planks to give a look of opulence and nature to your bathroom.

Applying a natural wooden floor may require a lot of maintenance and may also end up hurting your wallet. Then why not replicate the natural, as well as country farmhouse, look with the help of these Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles. These tiles would not cost you the trouble of maintenance like sanding and waxing as well. All you have to do is to add them to your floor or wall and leave worry-free!

Now, the best part of the deal! These Wood Effect Bathroom Tiles, when used in a small bathroom, make it appear modern as well as capacious and because of their durability, they become a lot easier to maintain by lavatory owners.


(3) Marble effect bathroom tiles:

What if you get a sort of tile that appears like real marble and also needs the least maintenance? That would be a dream come true! Now lavatory owners can design their bathrooms with these marvelous veined effect tiles by adding Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles in their lavatory. These Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles come along with a range of diverse hues that look highly realistic and range from light and soothing creams to rich and dark browns as well as blacks.

Our range of Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles is brimmed with a touch of lavishness and is available at a cost that will not exceed your budget.

These tiles are great options to be coupled with reception rooms, lounges, as well as for bathrooms too as these Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles bring a high-end look to the place they’re fixed in without letting the owner bear large amounts for its maintenance.

Marble Effect Bathroom Tiles when combined with the right color, make your bathroom appear bigger and fuller. It gives your lavatory an elegant yet voluminous look.

(4) Metro bathroom tiles:

Metro Bathroom Tiles are gaining popularity over the years due to their versatile and durable nature. They look beautiful when applied to contemporary and conventional homes despite being dated back to the 1900s.

The homogenous appearance of these Metro Bathroom Tiles makes them ideal for using in a modern setting as they grant a neat and geometric background. 

The geometric tile pattern of these Metro Bathroom Tiles easily blends with the contemporary settings and gives your lavatory a rustic, minimal as well as an exquisite look.

Due to their polished surface, light bounces off the surface of these Metro Bathroom Tiles, making them a win-win situation for smaller bathroom owners.

Their beauty cannot just be limited in a geometric and rectangular shape but these Metro Bathroom Tiles can also be placed in a chevron or herringbone pattern in order to provide a contemporary yet eternal look to the lavatory.


We hope that these 4 ideas of tile variants that make your bathroom will make your bathroom appear spacious. If your eyes are set on one of these design ideas then turn them into reality and do let us know. Do not hesitate to get in touch for some suggestions, you are always welcome. 

You can also get in touch and can share your valuable views down in the comment section. Do not forget to keep the good things with you, spread and share this article with people who you feel might need it!