The Charm Of Marble Effect Kitchen Tiles

The Charm of Marble Effect Kitchen Tiles

Nowadays, when homeowners seek to add personality to their homes, it is because it makes them feel at ease after a stressful at work. They want to feel the good things in life, which are always a lot more expensive than they can afford. Marble effect kitchen tiles are the perfect means to create a cosy and luxurious home without costing them a kidney or two. They are the perfect option for long-time use and abuse as they have excellent durable properties. 


The Proper Use of Marble Effect Kitchen Tiles

Anyone can buy and install marble effect kitchen tiles on a whim, but a good homeowner that genuinely wants their home to shine will research on what suits best in their home. There are thousands of variations available for Marble effect kitchen tiles, which can make the room appear bigger or smaller. By choosing the right style of marble effect kitchen tiles, you can use them to your heart's content without worry of damage.

The Right Color Matters

It should be kept in mind that the colour of the room can make the room appear very different. Neutral white-washed tones are often used on walls or floors to make the room appear larger. You can make kitchens appear more spacious by using marble effect kitchen tiles on the walls and floors. Moreover, it goes perfectly well along with feature walls in kitchens as well. 

In larger rooms, rustic neutral or coloured Marble effect kitchen tiles can make the room appear gorgeous. The combination of wooden fixtures and black marble effect kitchen tiles has become quite popular in restaurants, cafes, and kitchen as it brings a cosy touch to the room.


Put Together Look with Perfect Placement

Consider the area and the furniture in the room.If you are renovating the kitchen, then think about choosing marble effect kitchen tiles and research what your room needs. If you want to cover large areas, then it is best to consider large or medium-sized marble effect kitchen tiles, whereas smaller areas or curved areas need smaller tiles. There are a variety of small tiles that are available in various shapes that can make a room have a lot of personalities.

Moreover, it also important to remember that some marble effect kitchen tiles are specially made for floors and others are made for walls. Marble effect kitchen tiles made for floors might be heavy or thick, they won’t be easily installed on the walls, which is why placement of the tiles matters while buying the tile suited to your needs.

Spacious Appearance and Size of Tiles

Neutral colours have been a universal choice of designers as it makes small rooms appear larger. On the other hand, the size of the marble effect kitchen tiles does not have as high of an impact on the room as the colour. Nonetheless, smaller tiles with bright colours are not a good choice for bathrooms as they can make them look less spacious. Small tiles leave a lot of room for grout, which also makes the room appear congested. It is best to use medium-sized tiles in small rooms with neutral colours to make them appear larger.

On the other hand, a large kitchen can handle bright and rustic colours very well. You can choose prominently veined large Marble effect kitchen tiles to give a statement in your kitchen. Wide veined marble effect kitchen tiles can also be used as a feature wall as they can accentuate bold chrome coloured fixtures very well. 


Design Placement of Marble Effect Kitchen Tiles

There are a variety of designs available in the market, which can make the room appear quite stylish and modern. However, just by tweaking the marble and room design, you can make the room transform into a completely different dimension. Subtle design changes accent certain parts of the kitchen to appear less cluttered, more modern, or vintage. Let us look at some of the prominent designs used in modern kitchens. 

  • Calacatta Royale offers a bold surface with its cream-coloured marble and majestic wide grey veins. It compliments grey and black colours in the kitchen very well. They can be used to create backsplash or feature wall in a kitchen to accentuate the rustic colours of the kitchen.
  • Crackle marble tiles are a superb modern option that gives a marble look with glazed effect; it can be used to give a stylish appeal to the kitchen by laying them in a unique pattern on the floor such as herringbone pattern.
  • Mosiac marble effect kitchen tiles are a retro option that can look striking. However, due to their intricate design, it is best to display mosaic tiles as a backsplash or for a feature wall. As flooring, it would look too cluttered.
  • Metro marble effect tiles are a stylish option that allows a sleek finish in small and medium-sized kitchen rooms. You can use them in kitchens as wall tiles as they make small areas appear wider. White metro tiles, along with bright paint, can add a vintage style to your kitchen as well.


Types of Marble Effect Kitchen Tiles Finishes

Two main types of finishes are used in marble effect kitchen tiles, one is the glazed look, and the other is the matt look.

Usually, the glazed finish is used on the backsplash wall to make it easy to clean. It also brings the eye of the onlooker to its gorgeous finish, which is why it can be used in small areas that need more attention. The glazed marble effect is also used on classic marble effect tiles to give it an original look. You can make your kitchen look squeaky clean by adding glazed marble effect kitchen floor tiles. It also accents modern and sleek furniture very well,

The second type is the matt finish; it is usually used in specific stylized kitchens. It is often used in rustic style kitchens. Matt finish looks gorgeous with warm and cosy rooms. If you have wooden fixtures in the kitchen, then it would be best to opt for a matt finish. Otherwise, the wood and the glazed marble will be a conflict with each other and make the room look cluttered.


Transform Your Home with Marble Effect Kitchen Tiles

There are hundreds of style options available with Marble effect kitchen tiles. It can make your kitchen look luxurious and beautiful without the worry of the upkeep that is associated with a real marble. Think about your long-term goals, the easy maintenance, and conservation of marble effect kitchen tiles allows them to be used and reused after cleaning with ease. The easy upkeep of marble effect kitchen tiles has caused homes to appear more luxurious; thus, they have a higher property value.

Marble effect kitchen tiles have their charm and appeal; however, it is not the only reason which makes them a popular design option in the market. Porcelain and Ceramic marble effect kitchen tiles have many benefits such as heat resistance, water resistance, and their durability. They can last a long time in a high traffic environment; each has its benefits with all the marble-like pros attached. Renovators choose marble effect kitchen tiles because of its easy maintenance and beauty; you can transform your house by choosing this option too.