The Importance of BBA Approved Brick Slips

The Importance of BBA Approved Brick Slips

If updating or renovating the home is in your immediate to-do list, it’s obvious to demand that your decor changes are not just a fad. In order to last longer than just a passing interior design trend, you can opt for Brick Slips. 

Moreover, durability is equally important as lasting beauty and thus, BBA approved brick slips are a timeless and robust option. 


Brick Slips are the best when it comes to giving a raw look to your house wall without wanting to build an actual solid new wall. The Brick Slips are generally a brick cladding system that is constructed and structured by cutting and reshaping original bricks. This brick cladding can be used for both purposes internally as well as externally. These thin and finely cut sections of genuine bricks give a royal look as of conventional brick wall. Brick cladding is flexible enough to be used at various places, this allows them to be customers' favorite choice.

This is one of the main reason as to why they use of brick cladding is increasing day by day. Brick cladding is available in a very wide range of variety and colors in the market. It also requires less maintenance and also has a long life. Apart from all these benefits one of the major benefits which give brick cladding an edge over the conventional brick wall is that it costs less. It is used as both internal and external walls cladding. 

Many companies in the market are selling different types of brick cladding. Though the brick cladding has a large number of advantages like they are durable, energy conservative and recyclable, etc. But it is advisable to buy BBA approved brick slips. British Board of Agrément is a trustworthy and trustworthy body in the construction industry which also has UKAS accredited certification. It gives certification to the brick cladding after passing it through many phases of tests. 

Big game players of the construction industry are very well aware that it is safe and preferable to buy BBA approved brick slips as these certified helps in saving time as well as money.

To acquire BBA certification a brick cladding has to go through many criteria like it should include the instruction of installation, a three-year review of the product, etc. It also includes some tests which are necessary to clear for a product in order to achieve BBA certification like bond strength of the brick cladding, effect of heat on it, its resistance towards bond acids and bond alkalies. Etc.


The brick cladding has got a wide range of applications like fireplaces, house facades, used in the internal as well as external walls. This type of brick cladding generally has a thickness ranging from 30 mm to 160 mm. The brick cladding has got a large number of benefits but it should belong to very good quality. A good quality brick cladding can only be identified when they are BBA approved.


Some of the benefits of using BBA approved brick slips are :

1. It has got a long life

This type of brick cladding has got a very long life and they are durable as well. Since the BBA certification has some rigorous tests through which this cladding has passed. Therefore it is certain that the brick cladding will work for a long period of time. This property of BBA certified brick cladding allows the BBA approved brick slips to become more popular.


2. They are cost-effective

Since the quality of the brick cladding is proven to be good and efficient. Therefore it is difficult to get a good quality product at such low rates, this is one of the major advantages which makes this product more popular. Another major benefit that comes along with it is that it requires a very little cost of maintenance. 



3. Better physical structure

The structure of BBA approved brick slips is very smooth and strong. It has got a better resistance to the airtightness. Due to this property, the house facades made from it are much more strong and durable. This also allows it to be weatherproof and water-resistant. It raises the cost and value of the house also.


4. Often used in interior design

Due to its marvelous and appealing look, this material is great for use in internal installation as well as for the external installation. Because of this, brick cladding is becoming popular gradually for interior designers. The brick cladding used in making the fireplace gives a very royal look to the house.


5. Other major benefits

The brick cladding has also got a number of advantages over the conventional brick wall which makes its demand higher. It is light weighted and therefore can be installed very easily. The installation process of brick cladding doesn't take more time to install. Installing a brick cladding on a very tall wall can be done easily as well as quickly. They are weatherproof i.e. it can serve very well in all seasons when used as a house facade. BBA certified brick cladding is also sound and temperature insulator which means that it doesn't allow the outside noise to enter the house as well as maintain the internal temperature of the house.

Apart from all these benefits, the BBA approved brick slips are very beneficial for the contractors and the other construction companies as well because they are easy to maintain, easy to use, cost-effective and are high in demand because of their natural and organic look. As they act as weatherproof they provide good comfort to the customers also. As they are constructed from original bricks so like bricks they are fire-resistant.


BBA only provides certification to those Brick Slips who have met all the requirements and cleared all the necessary tests. One of the major tests which are conducted before providing the certification is safety. Since safety is one of the most important factors, these brick cladding goes through various steps in order to be proved as safe for use.

So, if you're looking for a renovation that is evergreen and guarantees to stand the test of time, we've got just the thing- BBA approved brick slips- that assures beauty and durability.