The Most Popular Tiles For Flooring

This blog is all about the big tile trend of 2019 and what will be the most popular tiles for floors in particular. We hope this blog gives you an idea of what to expect and what you should be buying for your floors at home

Floor tiles are an incredibly popular product around the world. Visit Italy, and you’ll find yourself admiring historical buildings, shopping districts, cafes and museums that are covered from entrance to exits in stunning floor tiles. Visit Southern Spain and see that every room within even home is covered in floor tiles. The same goes for Morocco where the encaustic tile takes the stand.

Here in the UK, we've always been a more reserved country when it comes to placement of tiles on the floors within our home. We like to play it safe. Tiles are usually used for kitchens and bathrooms, and carpets elsewhere. But, this trend is quickly changing, and more developers are specifying tiles to be used throughout the property.

The questions is, why shouldn’t we install tiles all over our homes? When really considered, tiles offer the practicalities of all other alternative floor coverings but with far superior versatility. Tiles are a hard-wearing, man-made product that will last for decades, unlike carpet which will become stained, dirty and flat, or wood which will scratch and become warped!

Whether you choose ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles, both are a durable product resistant to ageing and abrasions, doesn’t need to be polished, and can even withstand extreme sunlight and frost. There are not many floor coverings that can boast these benefits. And, if you require more from your tiles, then they can also offer sensory benefits along with anti-slip technology.

We hope from reading this blog, we can make homeowners become more accepting that tiles are stunning and really do work on all floors.

At Appleby's, we have a range of over 1,000 different floor tiles, we have tiles to suit every room and every environment.

Wood Effect Tiles


Above: Birch Wood Effect Floor Tiles

These floor tiles took their own stand in 2017, continuing to grow through 2018 and into 2019. These are now at the forefront of tile choice, and it is incredibly easy to see why. Unlike other tiles, these are a direct, like-for-like alternative to wood covered floors.

Tile manufacturers and designers have completely upped their game when it comes to replicating wood with the use of wood effect tiles. Now, instead of just being a plain brown tile, these tiles emulate the grain within wood. When you run your hand along the lengths of our wood effect floor tiles, you can feel the grain and texture of real wood. In addition to this, with the advancements of HD tile printing, manufacturers and designers are now taking HD prints of real engineered wood floor planks and printing these onto ceramic and porcelain structures to provide not just the real aesthetics, but the variations found in real wood.

It's not uncommon for you to unpack your new wood effect floor tiles and see that every tile within that pack has its own design, completely emulating real wood. To add to the superior benefits of using a wood effect floor tile over wood, you do not need to worry about scratches, warping, discolouration or maintenance.

We believe that wood effect tiles will be at the forefront of tile fashion for years to come, and be one of the most popular tile for flooring. For a safe, easy and versatile tile our wood effect tiles are probably the right choice for you!


Above: Grey Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles


Indoor/Outdoor Systems

When we speak about indoor/outdoor systems, what we mean is that we're seeing more and more tile manufacturers offering more robust, thick and strong tiles which allow for their tiles to be installed both internally and externally.

Set to become the most popular trend of 2019 is this system. Having a stunning concrete effect tile or wood effect floor tile installed in your kitchen/diner with bi-folding or French doors opening to and outdoor area with the same tile is the peak of tile fashion.

It allows a smooth and aesthetically perfect transition from inside the home to outside, giving the illusion of a larger and more open space. We find that manufactures are designing these tiles to incorporate two thicknesses; a 10 - 12mm tile to be used indoors (so not to reduce the floor to ceiling space in the home) and then a 20mm - 30mm match to be used outside. This additional thickness allows the tiles to be completely frost-resistant, still offering anti-slip properties and be sure to last for 20+ years without any maintenance.

Having said this, to further develop the ease of use with tiles, more and more manufacturers are actually adding materials to their tiles such as silica to allow for a single thickness tile (from 9mm-12mm) that are perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor use without having to have two different thicknesses.

Before this development only 5 years ago, you would have use a tile in your kitchen/diner, and then you would have a sandstone or slate based product for your patio that would mainly give you a stark contrast, but also the use of natural products outdoors means they need regular maintenance such as sealing/deep cleaning and re-grouting.

To find a tile that offers these capabilities, simply look for tiles with an anti-slip rating of R9 or higher, a Porcelain body and a matt finish.

Or save the hassle, and get in touch with us. Be one of the first to use these systems and be at the forefront of fashion with this stunning transitional tile.

An example of these incredibly indoor-outdoor systems can be seen below.


Above: Internal/External Wood Effect Tiles


Above: Indoor/Outdoor Aero Concrete Effect Floor Tile

Unique Floor Tiles

Brick Effect Floor Tiles

2019 is all about being able to offer something "different"; something new, fresh and causes double-looks. 

There are a couple of new tiles that achieve this, and to some just the sound of these may cause people to have to check what they're reading. But, we are serious! We know what will and what won't work, and what will and what won't be incredibly popular!

So bare with us when we say brick effect floor tiles! We're serious, brick effect floor tiles offer a completely unique floor covering that can be used throughout the home and outdoors. It can instantly transform a modern and contemporary home into a home bursting with character and personality. A brisk walk in the village of Sauze in Turin, Italy, and you will see almost a century ago, they used bricks to create their winding roads and pathways and is one of the most unique features of the town.

Brick effect floors tiles have moved along way in the last ten years. Historically, when you consider a brick effect tile, you instantly think of a brick slip. However, now we see more and more designers requesting a quicker and easier solution, so manufactures are now designing interlocking panels that have the texture and look of real brick printed on their structure.

brick effect floor tiles

Above: Beige Brick Effect Floor And Wall Tile

Terrazzo Effect Tiles

The next is the use of terrazzo floor tiles. These are taking the UK tile market by storm, offering a traditional floor covering but without the traditional methods. Real terrazzo is a natural material that requires tons of maintenance, costs of over £100 per m2 and needs a specialist fitting. Now though, we introduce terrazzo effect tiles; tiles that perfectly replicate the beauty of true terrazzo in an array of colours and sizes to suit everyones individual needs.

The terrazzo tile range is also seeing the rise through 2019 thanks to their durability, low maintenance, and due to the colourful and mixed specks within the tile. They're great at giving the impression of always being clean.

We have noticed the demand in these tiles from interior designers has increased significantly since 2018. Feedback suggests that as well as offering a unique floor covering, they also offer incredible versatility. Their mixed colourings allow for the use of any further decoration to blend naturally with them whilst still having a feature floor tile.


Above: Peach Terrazzo Effect Floor Tiles

Hexagon Floor tiles

Staying on the popular choice of unique floor tiles, the latest trend out of this blog is the stunning introduction of hexagon floor tiles! Offering a completely unique and individual spin on the classic square or rectangle tiles, these tiles have the ability to offer a new dimension to your floor and geometric feature at the same time!

More and more designers are jumping on the trend of hexagon floor tiles and manufacturing more and more variations to ensure they are able to offer a tile that is relevant in 2019. 

At Appleby's we offer the single largest range of hexagon floor tiles on the market from marble effect hexagon tiles to encaustic effect hexagon tiles, we have a floor tile to suit everyone.

The beauty of these tiles is the addition of following the ties from floor to wall to really create a feature within the home or, even the mix of wood effect floor tiles and hexagon wall tiles.


Above: Chequer Hexagon Floor Tile


Progressively over the last 5 years we have seen marble being used less and less, and the use of marble effect floor tiles increase significantly! Marble effect floor tiles will be up there holding their own as one of the most popular tile for flooring in 2019

Much like our collections of wood effect floor tiles, our marble effect tiles have come a long way in their design and manufacturing process. Designed from real Italian Carrara and Calcutta marble, it's almost impossible to distinguish between the two.

However unlike authentic marble, marble effect tiles require no maintenance, no specialist tile installations, no sealers and there is no risk of the dreaded orange dot of oxidisation.

As a stand out floor covering, these tiles are now also being manufactured in much larger sizes, measuring up to 120cm's to minimise the use of grout lines and giving the impression of a floor that has been carved out of a single stone rather then multiple tiles added together.

For a closer look at our marble effect floor tiles check them out below!


Above: Borelli Marble Effect Floor Tile

Big Patterns

You have probably seen them everywhere, but pattern tiles originally came from the shops and establishments of Morocco where concrete encaustic effect tiles were hand made, and then hand painted by artists to create colourful and playful floor tiles to be used in all applications.

The tile industry really saw the rise of patterned tiles in 2014, with almost all manufacturers now offering a large range of encaustic effect and patterned floor tiles. We at Appleby's can proudly say that we have the largest range of patterned and encaustic effect floor tiles to stay at the forefront of popular tile trends.

When choosing to use a patterned floor tile, not too much has to be considered. It's a unique floor covering and should reflect the personality of the home owner. Because tile trends are moving so quickly, we've seen the mix of hexagon shapes and patterned coverings being used together to create the pinnacle of tile design.

patterned-floor tile

Above: Beige Star Effect Encaustic Tile

We have made sure we have covered all of the latest trends to come in 2019 and offer an extensive range in each of these collections, but if you wanted to speak to one of our tile experts about any of the tiles or collections within this blog, please feel free to get in touch! And remember, although these are the tiles to look out for in 2019, feel free to express you individuality and choose any tile that suits you!