The Real Battle- Brick Slips vs. Brick Effect Tiles

The Real Battle- Brick Slips vs. Brick Effect Tiles 

A cover to cover answer to all the design requirements around you. Brick claddings are fast and affordable wall facings for both the interior and exterior of your house.  

Cloning the looks of traditional bricks these are slim masonry trims that are manufactured in various colors and sizes to fit like a ball of wax in all types of renovation and architectural designs.

Brick slips are provided in natural stone facing tiles, which are separated, form the real stones to add refinement and finesse. These are ideal cost-saving substitutes for recreating the looks of an open brick wall.  

Brick slips can be used inside as well as outside the house. Ranging from fire-mantel to garages, from the kitchen to outside walls of the house; these can be used everywhere. One just has to be creative while using these and they can avail the advantageous god looks and functionality of the Brick slips. 

Across the whole construction industry- these are heavily asked for during residential, commercial, etc. type of building and remaking projects. These are generally supplied to the main site as single units that are ready to be fitted on the backing board. This setting procedure is just like tiling the floor- just on a vertical canvas, lines are marked for proper placement. After this a special adhesive is applied to set the Brick slips in place; this is usually started from corners.

You might think that all the advance payments are higher than the customary bricks, but you can make great savings via labor costs. These are super easy to install in any part of the residence and the mainframe needs 1/10th weight of the actual brick. This means that you save for some extra décor items while using a durable item.


You can check out facing panels that come fixated with slips- they are chopped on-site according to the user requirements. Also, ready-made interlocking boards are available for perfection in aligning. The manufacturing of these types of products has an additional quality and safety check stage.

If you want to infuse organic touches to your cook-area, using kitchen brick slips will be a brilliant choice. They fit in the evolving home décor trends along with a slight customary feel. Using these you can go for a full-wall-fill or just a focal spot.  

Kitchen walls and all fittings come across lots of stains and splashes; these kitchen brick slips are exposed to a lot of challenges. But kitchen brick slips are not just beautiful and affordable, but they are more practical than normal tiles. They stand guard for your walls to protect them from food-fights and cooking mishaps. 

Your kitchen will become the center of attraction while you host a party; guests will be left amazed. Bid your farewell to old torn wallpapers and stained tiles and make the kitchen area nerve center of the house. Make a feature wall or splashback, around the washing area or the prep-tops; these kitchen brick slips can be used to give out remarkable outcomes. 


Brick slips blend in and with all kinds of kitchen ideas and designs since they come in so many different stunning designs, shades and patterns. Thus, feel free to make the countryside look, that you have yearned for since ages, based on your choices and cabinetry type inside your kitchen. In modern remakes and remodels, these are utilized to make a cozy and friendly atmosphere, by placing these Brick slips with edgy storage ideas and appliances.

Use of these Brick slips isn’t restricted to residential spaces only. Imagine, your top clients walking into your office lobby with the accent wall covered in Brick slips and a potted flora to highlight; they will be wowed. Or maybe use these in the cafeteria to relax your employees with subtle natural hues that reenergizes them. 

Spotting feature walls in houses and offices are so common these days; bus it is commendable that they look gorgeous. They are made to attract all attention towards them. Choosing correct feature wall brick slips can help you are attaining a classy chic look for your house or office as well, and you will have a gathering area that will be the talk to the group for days.  

The look of a funky room can be toned down to astute natural shade by a feature wall brick slips. And this could go vice versa by changing a dull room to illumined one by adding a bright accent, supports and wall colors.

One more thing- feature wall brick slips are not restrained to the indoor environment. Create a nice big accent wall with loads of greens and outdoor natural light in your lawn, backyard, or side of your home. These Brick slips are made with concrete cement meant to endure harsh weather; hot or cold. Their use is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor innovative creations.  

Worried about rains? The effect and color of these Brick slips will not be damaged by water flow. Tinted concrete is used to make the slips; unlike the cheaper ones that only are painted on their faces. Your personalized feature walls inside or outside of your house would make your neighbors covet about acquiring these same for their place.

Another use of these amazing stylists is- Fireplace! Yes, it might be a bit intriguing that how can such affordable pieces can be beautifiers and so functional at the same time.

If you are interested in the cold weather sitting near a nice warm and appealing fireplace; then use fireplace brick slips. You would be craving to show-off this amazing spot to your guests in no time; it will be a pleasing moment. Use different colors and textures of these to create new looks for your mantle. For instance, use a darker shade of fireplace brick slips for the face and go lighter as you move towards the top- like and Ombre! 

Most Brick slips made in today's date are hydrophobic- they repel water. On the other hand, the naturally made slips that are made in a fire-oven or kiln can withstand high degrees of hot temperatures. These are generally used in the kitchens but; they are versatile and with a little bit of creativity you can use it on the fireplace too.

Visualize after a tiresome day at work- what you wish for the most is a long shower or bath. What could be more relaxing? But one thing that is not comforting is the worn-out walls and old paint. bathroom brick slips for your wetrooms- these are pragmatic and elegant for all bathroom sizes. So if you already have an upgraded kitchen, a feature wall, and a fireplace; then update your bathroom with the new standards of comfort.

Look for inspirations online and based on your choices, customize your bathroom brick slips design. 

For the second option, if you want to create a brick wall mirage then go for the brick effect tiles. The industrial look is outsmarting all other interior designs; every second person wants to see brick effect tiles in their personal space. If you are one of them then all you have to do is get unpolished floors and brick effect tiles. It is not that complicated just have to choose the right tile from huge stacks of differently styled tiles.

Not like factory created goods that look always the same; these brick effect tiles replicate the natural patterns and not each other. This uniqueness is legit and it adds actual character to your house/ rooms. These adaptable and multi-skilled tiles are very affordable and found in several different patterns and shades. From rust red to coal black, form polished shine to matte textures- these brick effect tiles are leading the market. 

Unique looks for any regions and spaces can be provided by using these brick effect tiles. Use them in cook-space, wetroom or even cellar; they will suit all rooms and looks. Most of them, being in earthy tones, do not show dirt and stains that easily and since they repel moisture they are healthful for you and your dear ones. These qualities make them ideal for homes with pets; no fussy wet-fur marks or pad prints on the walls; these are paw-some solutions for your homes! 

Whether you are looking forward to renovating your kitchen or decorate your new one; these tiles are ideal choices. The vast available range of these brick effect tiles makes them perfect to be used in all projects; shapes, shades, and sizes.

Kitchens, for all houses, are messy rooms; from splashes of gravy to sauté oil stains. Hence, the tiles with less maintenance and easy cleaning quality top the list of requirements; and these effect tiles fit the demand perfectly. 

You can make a backdrop or cover the whole wall with these tiles to repel the stains by master chefs of your houses. They create faultless compliant looks that go with relaxing vibes that one needs while working. To protect from stain and stress at the same time with these brick effect kitchen tiles. 

Calming hues with some scented candles; are important factors of relaxing bath time. Many people are tilting towards renovating their bathrooms according to their personal choices to label their personal spaces special. Warm brick effect bathroom tiles work perfectly in sync with the comforting surrounding that you might be looking for.  

One of the foremost approving components is waterproof and moisture imperviousness of the tiles. Water sprays near the sink and the shower; the bathroom is a water-prone area. This not-so-waterproof quality splashes water all over your open brick-wall plans as exposed bricks soak in a lot of water. This absorbed water can seep down minor creeks, weakening the structure and frame.  

If you do not look forward to expensive remakes, you have to make sure that all gaps between bricks are filled so that you have a stainless wall and floor.

The brick effect bathroom tiles are made replicating the real brick, which means each slab has non-similar cuts and grouts. These unusual lines play an important role in providing a strong grip even if the surface is wet. The level of safety that these effect tiles gives along with its water repellency; make it a great choice for wetrooms. 

There is a wide range of shapes to choose from for these tiles; t fit your desired looks and practicality. To elevate the 2D bathroom looks into 3D ones along with captivating textural appeal; these tiles fit every person’s idea of personal Zen space and dream houses. 

If you are tired of staring at the old plan walls every day, then you must have a feature wall in the rooms of your house. Use brick effect feature tiles to add a little oomph! to the room. Go for geometry or color, vibrancy or subtle; these tiles will blow your minds.  

Create something traditional or something totally out of the box; these brick effect feature tiles are like a blank space for you to go creative and do something of your preference. Go for a full-wall covering or abstract art on the walls; creativity while using these has no bounds.

Decorate your homes with these in trend stunners; they have taken over the interior décor industries. Ideal for family residences, these tiles are very durable and cost-effective; and are made with various base products. The brick effect tiles can be put to use in all different color schemes and themes for living rooms, dining areas or even bedrooms. Their natural tones connect you with outdoor verdures.

The use of brick wall tiles is done in both modern and customary designs; they fit in all conditions and demands. Particularly when you want to make a change in preexisting bland painted walls of your house; the ideal start could be these as there is not much labor or finance needed. Apart from coloring all the walls in the same shade; make one accent wall to bring out urban classic look of the room.

Try something new and along with covering one wall with these tiles, take them to the ceiling abstractly and end in unequal patterns. By doing this you will have an accent wall along with a designer ceiling. 

Try some of these designs today and boast about your cool homes in the neighborhood or on social media.