The Wonderful World Of Metro Kitchen Tiles

The Wonderful World Of Metro Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles are the key feature of any kitchen. They not only add style to your kitchen but also protect your walls encircling the sink as well as your ovens from splashes and stains. They are waterproof and durable by nature and do not fail to protect your floor from spills and leaks. 

Decisions like the style of your kitchen, it's color, tiling layout, etc. are very crucial before deciding the pattern or type of tile to be put on the kitchen walls. But no matter what one's preference might be, Metro Kitchen Tiles are the classic style of tiles that can go with any kitchen wall or backsplash.

Whatever your style of kitchen maybe, one or the other Metro Kitchen Tiles is going to suite it. The fashion for handpainted kitchens implies that soft muted metro tiles are much preferred for kitchen splashbacks at the moment but it adding a spatter of multicolored metro tiles can also look marvelous!


Metro Kitchen Tiles permit you to present a classic antique feel; ideal for granting a captivating appearance to your kitchen by offering a wide array ranging from angled designs to glossy and slick alternatives. Metro Kitchen Tiles have been considered as a basic need on the decor list of several kitchens from the last decade and still seems to be growing stronger day after day.

Want inspiration for how to place kitchen shelves in a stylish means and also in a wonderfully simpler manner? Do not fret! Flower pots, antique knick-knacks and tiny art pieces, all pit against a wondrously moody-lightening green wall and white Metro Kitchen Tiles is one of the most phenomenal kitchen decor ideas out of the pile.


Why Should We Opt for Metro Tiles Over All Others?

These Metro Kitchen Tiles have been loved ever since their appearance at the London Underground System, at the beginning of the 20th Century. After the introduction of those tiles, it was clear that an interior icon of the future had been fabricated.                                                                                                                                      

There are several edges of using Metro Kitchen Tiles and they are as follows:

Versatility- These tiles can be used in almost any style in the kitchen be it traditional or contemporary. This implies that they can slay any style you desire to create in your kitchen.

Features- Metro or subway tiles can prove to be a perfect fit for fabricating a feature wall or blank space in your kitchen. Including the fishbone pattern, these tiles can be made use of in diverse patterns.

Colors- Metro tiles are accessible in a broad array of shades and styles. If you are willing to accumulate a vivid color, then the metro tiling feature could prove to be of great use to you. You can place the colors in a contrasting manner to formulate a feature wall.

Once you have decided to opt for Metro Kitchen Tiles and confused on how to design them in your kitchen, we have got your back with 7 mind-blowing decor ideas and they are as follows:


(1) Classic at its Best: The Subway Style:

Metro Kitchen Tiles are the focal point of a kitchen’s decor, in regards to backsplashes. It works wonders when coupled with any kitchen style as it looks classy and is affordability. With a slight hint of your inventiveness, it could become an eye-drawing part of your kitchen, or you could position it in a clever way that reflects the beauty of other spaces in the cookhouse.

By this one can easily say that metro tiles cannot go out of fashion or are eternal.

(2) Creativity With Grout Style:

This kitchen proves that grout doesn’t have to be tedious with its design made of Metro Kitchen Tiles. If you want to offer your cookhouse a hip, dramatic and restaurant-like feel, then you should opt for these metro tiles. The brass 

appurtenance grants the space a contemporary effect, while the black grout makes the subway tile look unique and becomes the center of attraction.


(3) Chevron Style Hits The Trend:

Want to give a ladylike and a capricious touch to your kitchen using metro tiles?  Why not use the Chevron pattern? While creating a bit of dimension, the chevron pattern adds another focal point to space. 


(4) Give a Shot to the Faux Panel:

if you desire a cozy look for your kitchen without applying an enormous effect to it then Faux panel Metro Kitchen Tiles are the match made in heaven for your kitchen. A peel-and-stick backsplash is a stylish yet quick makeover option for your kitchen. 


(5) Rustic and Modern:

In a cookhouse holding some trend-setting elements, classic subway tiles would be the best mate for your kitchen and will grant a grand finish when paired with the fancy elements. You can use a black grout to make these tiles stand out. 


(6) Experiment Metro with a Combination of Colours:

Subway tiles can work with almost any hue of color accessible in the world after its team-up with a deep blue one. The contemporary design depicts sophistication, but the dark hues of blue give it a character of its own along with a one of a kind flair.


(7) Eccentric and Breathtaking:

A small sized kitchen designed with an alcove along with a vivid backsplash and penny styled tile flooring, makes the kitchen appear spacious, open and airy. If you wish to give it an all connected look then you should try adding wooden breakfast bars to your kitchen which would constantly remind you of a trendy coffee house. 


The kitchen is one of the most important parts of the house. When you have your kitchen, you want to embellish it. Show some love to this place by adding Metro Kitchen Tiles to it. And use several creative ideas to give your kitchen a makeover. Try any of these ideas and let us know how well did they work for you. Also, do not forget to visit our tile store for more wide ranges of the kitchen as well as lavatory tiles.