Tile Ideas for the Stair Wall

Tile Ideas for the Stair Wall

When it comes to decorating the walls along your staircase, there are truly a lot of options to go with. Whether you want to keep a plain look in one colour, or go with a completely bold, interesting look with brick effect tiles, you can be creative and add a style to your staircase that will reflect your own personality.

You can also use tiles for your stairs itself, providing that you choose the right type of tiles. You can use ceramic tiles to build your stairs, in a similar way as you would when you lay a ceramic tile floor. Ceramic tiles make a very durable covering for your stairs, providing that your staircase can handle the additional weight. However, many people simply choose to use tiles along the walls of the staircase, to keep up with a similar design in the home.

When you choose tiles to work with, it is important to choose the right tile and you need to pay attention in the different sizes available. You don’t want to tiles to stick over the ages, as they need to perfectly fit the stair itself. If you put some planning to do the design, you can have a beautiful tiled staircase in your home.

What Are Brick Slips?

Brick slips – often referred to as brick veneers - are made from thin cuts of brick. These brick slips are purpose made and they are commonly used to give the same appearance as a real conventional brick wall. You can use brick slips both indoors and outdoors, on any wall, and they give a great rustic appearance for your staircase wall.

Brick slips are a very common choice in many homes, and the demand for them has been steadily increasing in recent years. Since they are so thin, they are very space-saving and lightweight too, making them perfect for any indoor wall, including your staircase wall and rooms like your kitchen and bathroom. Another benefit is that they offer the same features as normal bricks, giving the impression that you have a conventional brick wall.

Brick slips are very breathable and durable, and they non-combustible. This means they are energy efficient, and will work perfectly with underfloor heating in a home. Many people want to use an environmentally friendly solution for their homes, and these wall solutions are the perfect option.

For staircase walls, brick slips can create a great brick-like look, which is very popular as it allows you to have the same look inside your home as you do on the outside. Your staircase walls can get a lot of attention, and that’s why brick slips are so ideal – they come in many different colours and finishes, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to create a real stylish, featured wall in their home.

Brick slips require little to no maintenance, they are very easy to install, and they can handle heat absorption with ease. This is also one reason why they are so popular inside the home, especially around areas such as fireplaces.

What Are Stone Slips?

Stone slips are similar to brick slips and they can offer a beautiful way to revitalise a wall inside your home. An authentic stone look is always beautiful and very attractive in the home, and can offer a whole new effect, especially for areas such as a staircase. Stone slips are not only reserved for interior homes though, they look amazing in retail settings too. Also known as natural stone cladding, this is a rugged, brick-like look that give you the effect of the stone wall inside your home. Stone cladding can easily be used as part of a feature wall, which means that you can entertain your guests while allowing them to have an authentic feel with an added touch of nature.

Stone slips are very versatile in design, and there is a wide variety of colours and designs available. You can choose any finish, based on your personal taste, and create a truly unique look inside your home. Stone slips will create a very striking and original look and make your homes truly stand out, inside and out.

Another great benefit of professional stone cladding is that it gives the impression that your home has stood the test of time, with an authentic, age old stone wall. Stone slips can also add value to your home and it can blend in perfectly with your existing décor. With so many colour choices available, stone slips are a great way to add a unique character to your staircase walls inside your home.

Stone cladding is always in high demand, due to the wide variety of finishes available. From darker slates and golden buff colours, to everything in between. Add to this a very easy application and very little maintenance, and you’ll see that is stone cladding solution is the perfect way to create a feature wall for your staircase.

There is also a variety of stone cladding types you can choose from. You can go with a traditional, natural stone or you can go with a bright, bold colour that is truly unique. Stone cladding is seen as some of the best building materials to work with, especially in terms of quality and cost. These are two of the benefits that homeowners and designers often look for. Stone that has a high density has a lesser chance of absorbing water also gives a natural benefit as they won’t lose their colour over time.

Stone slips can easily be used in addition to a normal wall, as this can simply form part of the wall will be used for a feature that will stand out. You don’t necessarily have to cover an entire wall in stone slips or brick effect tiles. This is also great way if you are looking for an affordable solution to add style to an existing wall.

What Are Brick Effect Tiles?

Brick effect tiles are ideal for the inside of your home, as they create the same authentic, rugged look of a brick wall. This can easily be used as a feature wall and create a beautiful look along your staircase. Brick effect tiles are also often referred to as brick slips and they are essentially thin cuts of brick to help maintain the appearance of a traditional brick. Inside homes, brick effect tiles are commonly used as a way of decoration, but they have many other benefits to offer as well, and can be used on interior and exterior walls.

Brick effect tiles are very easy to install and they have become very popular as a result of this. They can be applied to any existing wall, indoors and outdoors, and you can do this yourself. There is no need to rebuild an existing wall in your home when you can simply use brick effect tiles to get the same beautiful brick -like effect. You can also get brick effect tiles in a variety of colours to choose from, which means that you can easily have fit in with your existing décor throughout the house.

Brick effect tiles are ideal for staircase wall as they create a beautiful feature wall that can truly attract attention. You can now have the same rugged look inside your home as you do have outside, maintaining the same appearance throughout. These tiles maintain the same texture, shape and colour as a full-sized brick and popular colours include the additional reds, browns and greys. You can choose a rough and warm textured, or you can go with something sleek and smooth.

Stone cladding has been around for many years and they are now seen inside the home as a beautiful feature. They are popular for walls such as your living room and kitchen, and they are perfect for your staircase, too. They create a beautiful look and these stone effect tiles are much more affordable than using real stone wall. Best of all, you can simply decorate your existing walls with stone cladding, which means that you don’t have to rebuild an entire wall.

When it comes to your staircase, appearances are everything. Luckily, with a variety of cost-effective options available, you can choose from various types of tiles to ensure that you have a unique, beautiful look for your staircase. While you can also make your stairs from a variety of tiles, most people keep the staircases as is, and add a beautiful feature wall for it, as this creates a magnificent atmosphere in the home.

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