Tiles That Won’t Go Out of Date

Tiles That Won’t Go Out of Date

When it’s time to revamp your home, walls and floors are among the most popular features to upgrade. You can get a completely new look for your walls or floors by using the right tile that you can enjoy, while adding value to your home. We look at some of the tile designs that simply won’t go out of fashion. 

No matter whether you need to reinstall an interior wall, give your kitchen floor a makeover or add a beautiful feature wall in a living room, these brick-like tiles really offer a lot of style and won’t go out of fashion. Plus you can install these in your bathroom as well, or any area that need to handle splash backs and a lot of traffic.

Metro Tiles

Metro tiles are always popular and they are available for just about any room in the home. Your kitchen can benefit from metro tiles that look modern and are very durable. One example is our very popular and effective Colourful Patchwork Encaustic Metro Tiles. These patchwork tiles are a stunning feat of tile design and modern living! The tiles are rectangular in shape and consist of a variety of eye-catching geometric patterns - all in a mixture of eye-catching colours. These brick shaped tiles have a defined bevelled edge. 

Other metro tile options include the very popular Yellow Sherbet Metro Wall Tiles for your kitchen. They have a striking yellow design and will never go out of fashion. They have a slim design and give you a beautiful yet timeless stile that is ideal for any modern kitchen. 


Brick Effect Tiles

Brick effect tiles are very similar to brick slips, but made from different materials. They are essentially thin tiles that are made from porcelain or clay, with a variety of designs and colours printed on them. They can give you the same look as a traditional brick wall or even traditional brick slips, but at a reduced price. They are also lightweight and come in a very wide variety of designs, making them a very easy to install and also very versatile.

They give you a timeless look as you can recreate the image of a brick wall inside your home, with a variety of designs and colours on them. Brick effect tiles are ideal for almost any room in the home. A great place where many designers use these tiles are the fireplace. You can add the Tumbled Barn House Brick Slips to these walls, making them ideal for a fireplace as they can also handle heat well.


Marble Effect Tiles

Marble is a popular finish that will always remain a very popular choice in upmarket homes. Marble is a very stylish finish, and is often considered to be used in high-end homes. In some cases, marble can be problematic, especially if you make use of polished marble. They are recommended for interior walls, because they can be easily damage outside, so try to keep these tiles for interior walls.

Marble effect tiles are cheaper than real marble, making them very popular. A good option is our Slim White Marble Plank tiles for your kitchen. These stunning marble effect tiles will give your home a luxurious makeover. Each tile is made from hard-wearing porcelain making them suitable anywhere in the home and even in light commercial areas.


Wood Effect Tiles

When it comes to choosing beautiful floors, wooden floors are always popular. But it’s not always possible to get real wood floors, especially since it can be quite expensive. Wood effect floor tiles are not only beautiful, but they are durable and very reliable, while resembling the look of real wood floors. One of the biggest benefits of wood effect floor tiles is that it offers you the ability to have a very affordable floor installation that will turn out to look just like normal hardwood floors. 

Many people choose to replace their traditional tiles with these wood-like floor tiles, as they are very durable and very easy to install. This gives you a lost in solution for hard wearing floors that can take a lot of foot traffic while maintaining its stylish looks throughout the years.

A few popular choices for wood effect floor tiles include the Walnut Wood Effect Tile for your kitchen. It has a new soft surface glaze, allowing them to be soft and soothing to the touch, while they still offer the grain of real wood. These tiles have plenty of variations to ensure this wood effect tile looks completely authentic.


White Tiles

White tiles may seem plain but they still remain a very popular option. This is ideal if you want to keep a white wall or floor, or want a neutral design that will go with any color you choose. We have Polished Colourful Terrazzo Effect Tiles available for your kitchen, all the way to New York White Brick Effect Tiles. These tiles are modern, white, but with a twist. They offer you the look of a real brick wall that you can install in your home.

This is a great way to keep your home neutral but modern at the same time. Our range of beautiful brick like tiles make it easy for any home owner to add style and affordability to any home, while benefitting from an easy install and the ability to create a wide variety of colour and style combinations. 

For more information about our available selection of tiles for your interior floors, or to buy these tiles from a reliable UK supplier, contact us today at 0333 900 4537 or view our collections online.