Top Trending Tile Colours for the Kitchen

Top Trending Tile Colours for the Kitchen

At Appleby’s we stock a wide selection of beautiful kitchen tiles for your home. When you revamp your kitchen, giving your wall makeover is always a great idea. This is especially helpful if you can install beautiful kitchen brick tiles that not only looks modern also add real value to your home. There is a lot of different options available when it comes to kitchen brick tiles, and you can choose from different colours to make your walls stand out even more.

Brick walls have a lot of benefits to offer, most notably the fact that they are so versatile. You can have the same brick -like look inside your home as you do with your outside face brick walls. This makes it very convenient to use and also a great addition for any home.

When you install brick slip walls in your kitchen there are many different styles as well as materials to use. This includes marble, terracotta, stone effect tiles, as well as mosaic tiles. This gives you the ability to add a beautiful feature wall to your kitchen or even a brand-new floor that is durable and hard wearing.

But the colour you choose is very important, which is why we offer a wide range of colours kitchen brick slips for your home. Browse our selection online and choose from popular colours such as red, pink or blue. 

Red Kitchen Tiles

These kitchen brick tiles can be a beautiful option to go with, especially if you choose a brick slip wall. This is a great way to add character to your kitchen, especially if you are looking for a modern, yet rugged look. We stock a wide variety of red kitchen brick tiles and this includes the popular Manchester Distressed Brick Slips, which are handmade and replicate a real brick. This is an amazing choice if you want to add a feature wall to your kitchen, as it can handle splash backs with ease.

Another great option is our Large White Washed Red Brick Slips. These brick slips can cover a large area and have an abundance of character. It gives you a rustic yet unique finish with the beautiful look and feel that is ideal for country style kitchens. The edges of these brick slips are stumbled so that it can look even more aged and rugged. It makes for a stunning backdrop for any kitchen and these brick slips are also eco-friendly.


Pink Kitchen Tiles

If you are looking for beautiful pink wall tiles for your kitchen, a great option to go with is our Bevelled Pink Mini Metro Tiles. These are extremely modern and very versatile to use in any kitchen. With a soft pink colour, they offer a unique take on standard Metro décor. It has a solid on top of the bevelled ceramic structure, and this allows for the light to easily bounce around the room and thereby creating the illusion of a larger space. With a soft finish, they are very easy to keep clean while durable enough to be used in your kitchen.



Our Hexagon Matt Pink Mosaic Tiles are also beautiful option for your kitchen. These urban shape colours and designs give you a very unique look for your kitchen. They offer you a stunning brushed pink finish and they can be used on your walls or floors. Mosaics are ideal for making the room seem larger and this is perfect for smaller kitchens or any area that you would like to enhance.

Blue Kitchen Tiles

Blue is always a very interesting and traditional colour to use when it comes to wall tiles for your kitchen. The great option is our Blue Chic Vintage Pattern Tile, which offers a very interesting design and a beautiful encaustic effect tile. It is also a stunning option for a floor tile, as it offers a vibrant pattern would have a beautiful combination of blue and grey. It was inspired by vintage French designs and it offers timeless and elegant style which is perfect for creative kitchens.

Another very interesting option that you can go with is the Hexagon Gloss Crystal Blue Mosaic Tile. This gives you an urban shape as well as a beautiful design with an exquisite piece of art. Mosaics will make a room seem larger than it is, which is always a great thing to have in a kitchen. These tiles offer a stunning crystal blue finish and they can also be used as a creative finish on an existing wall or even as a complete feature wall in the kitchen.


Green Kitchen Tiles

Green is always safe colour to go with when you are planning to revamp your kitchen walls. We have a wide variety of green kitchen brick tiles available, of which the Lapping Green Scale Wall And Floor Tiles are always favoured. With different shades of green, tiles offer a stunning visual geometric effect with a variety of small tiles. These tiles offer a mixture of greens that bounce off each other and are also perfect for underfloor heating. 

If you're looking for something bright and bold you can always go for the Aston Sea Grass 15 x 7.5 Metro Tiles. These chic style metro tiles make for an impeccable wall covering and can be mixed with other metros to create a unique design or even a feature within the home. Metro tiles are the most popular choice when considering a kitchen splash back tile or shower wall tile and this is because they won't break the bank and offer a simple yet effective method of creating a beautiful finish.


Orange Kitchen Tiles

Orange is synonymous with kitchen tiles and one of our best options is the Bevelled Starburst Orange Metro Wall Tiles. These tiles look very near, with a bevelled edge, perfect for bathroom tiles. They are also ideal for splashbacks and a great colour scheme for your kitchen. 

You can go with the Vibrant Orange Glass Mosaic Tiles that have a great design for your kitchen. Mosaics are always popular and ideal for a kitchen as they also make the room appear larger. These tiles have a deep colour and intricate design, which are ideal for modern homes. 


These are just some of the beautiful options you can choose from when you shop for kitchen tiles from Appleby’s. Browse our selection online, ask for expert advice, or ask for a sample before you order!

For more information about our available selection of kitchen tiles, or to buy these tiles from a reliable UK supplier, contact us today at 0333 900 4537 or view our collections online.