Underfloor heating - Cost Effective & Easy to Install?

Underfloor heating for your home

If you’re thinking of having new flooring done, or building your new house from scratch, that’s the perfect time to think about underfloor heating. Obviously, you could pick from a variety of ways to heat your house, but underfloor heating does have that luxurious feel, and some advantages over other forms of heating.

The main difficulty with it is that it is more awkward to fit if you’re not already planning to take up the floor, but a professional firm can have it done quickly and efficiently, and the floor replaced at the same time.

Choice of system:

Underfloor heating can be either water-based or electrical.

Electrical underfloor heating consists of either heating mats or individual wires, and is much easier to fit than a water system.

With a water-based system, a series of pipes that are linked directly to your boiler, pump hot water around under the floor to heat your rooms. This can be an efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home, but the costs of installation are much larger than with an electrical system.


Clearly, with either system, you will have to take up the floor to fit the new heating, so this is a more popular choice, either when renovating or when building a new home, though it can still be done by an experienced firm with minimum disruption.

With an electrical system, it’s simply a case of placing insulation down first in order to heat your room rather than the ground, and then laying mats or wiring on top of the insulation boards. An electrician will be needed to connect the heating to the electricity supply.

With a water system, on the other hand, pipes must be laid and connected to your boiler, and the depth of the pipes may mean having to raise the floor, and consequently raise skirting boards and doors, too.

Benefits of underfloor heating:

With a clean, elegant finish and not a radiator in sight, underfloor heating gives a high-end finish and works really well with tiled floors in bathrooms and kitchens. No more stepping out of the bath onto freezing cold tiles in winter.

Having your heating under the floor can be a major benefit for a smaller room, as precious space is no longer taken up by large radiators or heaters, giving you the chance to arrange your space however you want it.

Underfloor heating can take a little longer to heat a room, but with a timer to set the heating on before you need it, that isn’t a major problem. And with even, blanket heat coming up from the floor, every part of your room will feel cosy, with no cold spots, unlike with radiators.

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