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Unique and Stylish Colour Options for the Bathroom 

Brick tiles have become one of the most popular ways to spice up your home, inside and out. With so many different styles, easy installation, and minimal maintenance, brick tiles are very convenient to use anywhere in the home. There are different colours to choose from and this makes it even easier to get the perfect style brick slips installed in your bathroom. Whether it’s gold bathroom tiles, or bright red bathroom tiles.

The bathroom is one room in the house where homeowners often make use of this a unique, individual wall style. Brick slips can be very popular in bathrooms, specifically because they require almost no maintenance, and can be completely sealed to prevent any moisture from turning into mould. When you do choose brick slips for your bathroom, be sure to consider the amount of natural light when you choose the type of material for your walls.

At Appleby’s Tiles, we have a wide range of bathroom brick tiles available in many different colours, and we have a range of styles that you can use anywhere in your home – including your modern bathroom.

Gold Bathroom Tiles  

Gold bathroom tiles are not only stylish but very unique for any home. We have different types of gold tiles available to suit every style and taste. Our beautiful Metallic Gold Hexagon Tiles are ideal for anyone who wants to upgrade their bathroom to a new, modern and stylish look. These Metallic Gold Hexagon Tiles are made from porcelain so are suitable to be used on walls and floors and with the use of underfloor heating.

We also have the Rose Gold Hexagon Mosaic tiles that offer the most stunning colouring complimented by the latest design trend that is the hexagon tile, and then adding to the already stunning finish there are embossed prints within some of the tiles. The hexagon mosaics measure 30cm x 29.8cm and have a mesh backing for easy installation and to allow you to get a consistent grout line.

Silver Bathroom Tiles  

If you are looking for beautiful silver bathroom tiles, we have a wide range of silver tiles available. The Silver Glitter Mosaic option is beautiful and perfect for modern homes. These mosaics are purposely designed to add depth and size to your room with their elongated design and mix of stunning silver metals and muted black glass with glitter imprints! The Silver Glitter Mosaic Tiles are designed for those seeking to add unique luxury in their home.

Another stylish choice is the Ethereal Black And Silver Mosaic Tile. These mosaics have been crafted using a perfect combination of glass, metal and, quartz to create a captivating and awe-inspiring tile. The mosaic pieces are set in a brick bond fashion to ensure it meets the requirements of the latest trends, these mosaics also have mixture of smooth, matt and sating textures.

Pink Bathroom Tiles  

If pink bathroom tiles are what you’re looking for, we have you covered. Our range includes hexagon Matt Pink tiles, which offer a stunning pastel pink finish, these tiles work superb on their own on your floors or wall or are perfect in breaking up the interiors in your home when used as a feature piece.

We also have a beautiful Pink Smooth 20 x 10 Metro Wall tile that can be used anywhere in the home including the entrance, boot room, utility or even to create a stunning back drop in the living room! This range of 20 x 10 metro tiles are a more exclusive and modern take on the standard metro tile thanks to their smooth flat face rather than bevelled finish and can be mixed and match to create a design or pattern to your liking.

Purple Bathroom Tiles  

With so many options for your bathroom purple bathroom tiles can be the ideal addition for a feature wall. Our Vibrant Purple Glass Mosaic tiles are striking and beautiful with a deep colour and intricate glass design. Mosaics are ideal for making a room seem larger than what it is and great to use to create a feature within an otherwise plain room. Need something more impressive? How about the beautiful Purple Disco Mosaic tiles from Appleby’s.

These Purple Disco Mosaic Tiles offer vibrant and igniting colours that work hand in hand with light rooms and bounces these vibrant colours around the room. These glass pieces have a purple base coast with a Chroma flair finish that offers multitudes of colours to burst through with the addition of a mixed texture design, these mosaics are not to be missed!

Red Bathroom Tiles  

Red bathroom tiles offer a rustic, warm look, which is great for anyone looking to add a homely feel to the interior of their home. The bathroom area is ideal for red tiles, as it’s a small area where you can easily add a feature wall or a striking colour to add attention. Some of the

A popular choice is the New York Rustic Brick Red Effect Wall Tiles which take their inspiration from the old exposed brick walls so common in 1950s buildings. This red bathroom tiles boast a mixed red coloured finish that measures 316 x 560 and is ideal for those seeking that shabby-chic look. This versatile wall tile can be used in living spaces, kitchens, bathrooms or perhaps as a feature wall in an office space, it's uses really are limitless.

These are just a few of the great bathroom tiles available from Appleby’s. We stock a wide range of beautiful bathroom brick tiles, making it easy for you to enjoy the benefits of brick tiles throughout your home.

For more information about stylish brick tiles for your bathroom, contact Appleby’s Tiles today at 0333 900 4537 or view our collections online.