Unique Fireplace Tile Ideas

Unique Fireplace Tile Ideas

Fireplace in every home is like an equivalent term for comforting surroundings; it creates a warm soothing ambient environment. A good hearth is like a treasure preserved within the four walls of a living room. New age fireplaces are highly in demand due to their varied heating efficacy according to their constructional pattern; and super easy controlling. 

Winter is coming! And with the season of fireplace and heater love knocking on the doors; one needs to make sure their fireplace is up to the mark for use. Just like proper maintenance of a fireplace is important; improving its looks with enduring add-ons is necessary as well.

For creating a visually appealing and insulated fireplace; one needs to keep in mind the strength and foundation of the hearth. Fireplaces are like one of the major attractions of any interior design. They are like a blank canvas, on which a person can leave their creative and innovative impression.

Metro Tiles

Ever since their first appearance in the London Metro stations in around the 1990s; the Metro Tiles have become symbolic and essential in the tile manufacturing and consumer worlds. The Metro Tiles were formerly in demand due to its practicality and regular looks; not for creating inspired looks. 

These Metro Tiles have been understated since that time. But now they are viewed as a white screen; based on which new artistic ideas can be pulled off by playing with textures, shades, and materials. Metro Tiles are fabulous options to give a chic form to your hearth and can proffer healthy desire into people who visit.

Traditionally, these Metro Tiles were used horizontally; seeing their general use in the subways and to create similar old school look with contrasting environments. But they, also, can be used vertically if one is willing to try something out of the box to end up with a contemporary design.


Terracotta Effect Floor Tiles

Wish to give your fireplace a Mediterranean farmhouse like look? Also, want to avoid all extra charges for buying actual clay tiles? Then the Terracotta Effect Floor Tiles are just the companions you were looking for. They will surely elevate your mood with light tropical essence and classic old-timey looks.  

Terracotta Effect Floor Tiles are specially crafted with a skillful mixture of regenerative nature and next-gen ceramic; to give you the best possible interior look. On one hand, the Terracotta Effect Floor Tiles showcase the soothing countryside look. While on the other, they provide easy up-keep and durability features; which are highly unlikely like the original terracotta tiles, making it one of the top few choices of the people. 

These Terracotta Effect Floor Tiles are non-permeable; hence repel any kind of liquid or chemicals from entering, and resistant to all sorts of wet or dry stains. Our Terracotta Effect Floor Tiles are congenial with subsurface heating and do not block the warmth in any way. All credits to their flawless making, tiles allow the fireplace to transfer heat across the room quickly and easily.


Patterned Floor Tiles

If you don’t wish to compromise with the antique looks and functionality of your fireplace; then you are highly advised to go for the Patterned Floor Tiles. These Patterned Tiles create a modern look with a big scoop of retro on top giving a crossbred appearance to your hearth. The Patterned Floor Tiles have taken rebirth in home décor needs; while incorporating crafty textures and vivid shades from all over the world. 

Patterned Floor Tiles update your house, binds it together and make it a patterned wonderland by playing with various coherent shades and surfaces. Even though, these tiles have made a comeback in the floor coverings; the human love for colors and patterns was never lost. You can still use these timeless Patterned Floor Tiles; to create a divided yet unified look in different rooms of your house.

The Patterned Floor Tiles can be used to give a definite meaning to the existence of all rooms, and highlight the focal points like your fireplace.


Fireplace Brick Slips

For a person who has played with Lego bricks when young, Fireplace Brick Slips will do just the same; but in a grown-up form. Utilizing Fireplace Brick Slips near the hearth will for sure add an edge and beauty to it. And it won't give a hard blow to your wallet either; rather will blow your mind by adding a simplistic yet grand look to the fireplace. 

The fundamental designing norms state that a fireplace should, always, be the center of attraction within a living room, hallways and even kitchen in the countryside. Being of high rated importance, a fireplace can be customized every season with these Fireplace Brick Slips. 

These Fireplace Brick Slips are available wide range from easy to use to the intricate arty ones; to personify your fireplace. Add on perk is that it can be cleaned without extra efforts; which, for a place that gets dirty quicker than any other spot is nothing but a blessing.

With a range of uses, Fireplace Brick Slips also are manufactured in several different shades; accept the fact, the choices are endless. If you don’t like one shade, you can go for another to make your fireplace illuminate the rest space; there is no need to follow the customary trends. 


Brick Effect Fireplace tiles

When you are asked about your favorite winter memories; what will they be? Bet sitting in front of a warm fireplace with your loved ones and a mug of hot chocolate in hand; will be one among them. 

Fireplace is like the heart of a living area or bedroom. If you have one; you are lucky. Make sure that you take good care of it by using Brick Effect Fireplace tiles to keep it in mint condition. 

These Brick Effect Fireplace tiles are the ideal substitute for the rustic open-wall brick look; as they give out real-like texture and characteristics. Brick Effect Fireplace tiles are very appealing, timeless and radically fashionable; they have started attracting lots of attention from homeowners and interiors designers. 

Brick Effect Fireplace tiles are the answer to renovating a gloomy and flat fireplace; making it all-the-more attractive. The Brick Effect Fireplace tiles are specially designed to give a high-end look with functional capacity and great finished look.