Unique Flooring Ideas

Unique Flooring Ideas

When it comes to adding style to your home, using the right floors can make a huge difference in any room’s décor.  That’s why you should use beautiful brick slips and even patterned tiles when you want to create a beautiful floor in the home. There are plenty of colours and design options to choose from, especially if you shop at Appleby’s for your interior tiles. WE have a range of beautiful and practical interior floor tiles that will turn any living space into a modern, stylish and versatile environment. 

Whether it’s your bathroom, kitchen, or living room, using the right tiles are extremely important. That's why you should always choose beautiful brick slips or even patterned tiles or mosaic brick-like tiles to create great floors inside your home. At Appleby’s we stock a wide variety of beautiful brick -like tiles as well as brick slips that you can use to create the effect of a real brick wall inside your home. 


You can also this for your floors, as we have an excellent range of floor tiles that can complement your interior walls. Choose from a wide variety of brick-effect patterned tiles, which are durable and hard wearing, making them perfect for popular areas such as your bathroom or kitchen.


Hexagon Tiles for Your Bathroom Floor

When it comes to floor tiles, hexagon designs are very popular. They create a beautiful look for any room, especially your bathroom where you normally have smaller areas available to work with. These tiles create a beautiful pattern, making them perfect for smaller areas. Browse through our selection, with beautiful options such as the Hexagon Gold 3D Mosaic Tile, offering a unique pattern that is striking and interesting. They offer a mosaic design that is ideal for any area you want to appear bigger, plus they have a beautiful gold colour too. 

Another hexagon option for your bathroom is the Hexagon Gloss Crystal Blue Mosaic Tile. With a beautiful embossed blue colour, these tiles are interesting, beautiful and very unique. They are ideal for upmarket homes where you want to create a beautiful floor idea for smaller rooms. 


Silver Patterned Tiles

Silver patterned tiles come in many different designs, like patterned tiles and stone effect tiles. You can also choose beautiful metro tiles, which have also gained a lot of popularity recently, especially in modern homes. They allow you the ability to mix colours, including silver, and create a lasting look that is perfect for any interior floor. 

Silver is a beautiful colour and one that can definitely be added to the bathroom. Silver bathroom tiles come in many different designs, beautifully complementing your personal space. Similar to gold tiles, silver tiles for your bathroom gives a more spacious effect as it allows for more light to be bounced off of the walls or floor. This is one reason why these tiles are so popular among home owners. 

When it comes to patterned tiles, there are many different finishes you can choose, including ceramic and glass – and you can go for a stone effect, mosaic effect, wood effect or a beautiful marble effect when you choose metro bathroom tiles. A great silver floor tile option is our popular Gunmetal Silver Stone Effect External Floor Tiles. They allow for a non-slip surface with a beautiful, hard wearing finish.


Pink Floor Tiles

Pink is undoubtedly one of the best options you can go with when you want to choose interior floor tiles. The use of pink floor tiles in the bathroom, for example, has been around for decades and it was one of the first breakthrough colours that knocked the ordinary white tiles back to make way for colourful tiles. 

Traditionally, a pink interior floor tile would be of a peach colour and usually not have much character or flare to it. It would simply be a square cut colour breaker that was used on a basic floor to create an essence of luxury in an otherwise mundane room in the home. 

Pink tiles have now become a growing trend for bathroom floors, for example, especially for those homeowners who want to create a retro and colour filled home. Pink bathroom tiles can be installed anywhere in the bathroom you want. With such a large selection of designs and colour tones available, there is no reason why you can’t mix and match either.


Mosaic Floor Tiles

Mosaic is a very popular floor tile pattern and one that remains great for modern homes today. Mosaic tiles provide a beautiful patterned tile, which you can easily use to pair a wall and a floor with. You can easily install mosaic tiles on your hallway floor, or even on a kitchen floor, especially if you buy all the right accessories from a leading supplier such as Appleby’s online. Mosaic tiles have a beautiful pattern, and they are very popular in almost any house in the world today.

We have a variety of beautiful mosaic bathroom tiles, as well as wide selection of mosaic kitchen tiles for your home. No matter what colour or design you like, you can easily get this great effect with mosaic tiles in any room in the house. They are made from durable materials such as porcelain, allowing you to have hardware walls throughout your home.


Red Floor Tiles

Red floor tiles are without doubt one of the best-looking colours on the market. The bold, in-your-face colour is a great way to make an impression. A red bathroom tile can consist of a patterned red tile with a simple red strike through the centre, or even a patterned tile with an off-red hue to it. These tiles don’t always have to be bold – they can be used in different ways to really bring out the most of your new or existing bathroom.


These are just some of the great options you can choose from when you want to revamp your interior floor tiles. With so many colour options available, you can use hard wearing floor tiles to create a personalised look, or add a popular style that will be perfect for decades to come. Whether it’s gold bathroom wall tiles or beautiful pink floor tiles for your hallway, you can avoid expensive prices, and benefit from our extensive range of floor tiles. 

For more information about our available selection of tiles for your interior floors, or to buy these tiles from a reliable UK supplier, contact us today at 0333 900 4537 or view our collections online.