Using Marble Effect Floor Tiles in the Home

Using Marble Effect Floor Tiles in the Home

Let's be straight, marble looks expensive and gorgeous but hits heavy on the wallet. What if you can get the expensive and magnificent look without it being ridiculously pricey? The answer to this question is the use of marble effect floor tiles, which are as luxurious as the real one at a fraction of the cost. 

Home renovation has been made easier with the creation of "effect" floor tiles, which can be moulded to create any shape or pattern. These have longevity and durability with various other benefits, which is why they are the modern choice of many people.


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Marble Effect Floor Tiles vs. Marble Flooring

There is a reason why marble has been used to design homes since ancient times. It is an excellent flooring material and can age beautifully; however, their upkeep has caused a lot of mayhem in the designer community. Marble effect floor tiles are a modern solution to the woes of real marble maintenance issues; it is a sleek and gorgeous option that can make a home look expensive and add maximum impact to your interior spaces!

Marble Flooring

The popularity of marble flooring stems from its versatility; there are not many naturally occurring stones that offer this type of versatility. It has been used to create homes, decorate rooms, used as cladding, or in making of sculptures. Moreover, in ancient times, pure marble was also a sign of wealth. The whiter the marble, the rarer and more expensive it was. 

Before modern times, people from all over the world wanted to get a hand on this rare material. Other naturally occurring materials in marble gave different variations of style and colour, and sometimes weather conditions could create specialized textures or veins in the marble.

However, marble had many issues; it was easily stained with chemicals. Sometimes, water would also ‘etch' into the design of the marble and dull its shine. Marble was also very easily scratched and damaged as it could not take heavy blows. The maintenance cost of maintaining marble skyrocketed because of its expensive upkeep, and it quickly lost its popularity.

Marble Effect Floor Tiles

Marble effect floor tiles were the perfect alternative option to all the issues caused by marble flooring. It is a modern counterpart of marble flooring; it offers the beautiful look and variations of real marble and offers various other benefits as well. Marble effect floor tiles are made ceramic or porcelain, while the marble effect is printed on the tile after it has been made. The shine of real marble is given by lamination sprays, which may have additional properties that can make it durable and heat-resistant. 

Marble effect tiles are less expensive then marble flooring, moreover, their transport cost is very low as well. They are durable and have low maintenance. They can be easily cleaned without damaging the original product. marble effect floor tiles have countless variations as they digitally printed on the tile.  These tiles are so durable that they can be used inside or outside without worry; they are naturally durable and can withstand humid or cold weathers.


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Benefits of using Marble Effect Floor Tiles

Do you want to make your home look luxurious and expensive, but marble flooring is just not affordable or practical? Well, no worries, there is a modern solution to every issue. marble effect floor tiles provide an affordable alternative as they look just like real marble and have many many benefits!

Resistant Properties: Marble effect floor tiles are incredibly resistant to wear; they have exceptional longevity. However, porcelain marble effect floor tiles may have better durability than ceramic marble effect floor tiles because they have a denser material. This type of flooring can be used in homes that have pets as well; it can hold up very well in high-traffic conditions in homes. Their resistant properties have made them the top choice in rental properties as they increase the property cost as well. 

Low Maintenance: Marble effect floor tiles have little to no maintenance cost as they can remain in perfect condition for a long time. Porcelain marble effect floor tiles have a natural, durable quality, which makes it very easy to maintain. They do not need special sealing sprays as they can naturally keep out the water. Their smooth surface also allows easy water cleanup, which is why they are often used in luxury bathrooms, wet rooms, and kitchens. 

Luxury Appearance: Marble effect floor tiles look just like real marble and can have variations in design. It is made of high-quality modern materials that make it look expensive and luxurious. Its gorgeous looks have gained the attention of various designers and home renovators as it can make simple homes look very expensive. Their beautiful appearance can transform any space into something expensive and worth buying.

Durability and Longevity: Marble effect floor tiles are the perfect option in areas with high-traffic in homes such as hallways, bathrooms, and the kitchen. They can withstand a lot of wear, even in harsh weather conditions. Business owners and celebrities often opt for marble effect floor tiles in high-traffic areas such as in party rooms because of its durability and luxurious appearance. 

Wide Variety of Designs: Marble effect floor tiles have a wide spectrum of designs that can make it look like any marble. They can have a crystalline effect, cashmere marble effect, Ador marble effect, Marquina marble effect, Parosha marble effect, and many more. There is no limit to the design and colour options available in the market of marble effect floor tiles. Its versatile design has made it the top choice of designers that have very specific and luxurious tastes.

Moisture Resistant: Porcelain marble effect floor tiles are the perfect choice for homeowners living in cold weather conditions.  Floor tiles made of other material might break in cold weather if they are in contact with moisture; however, Porcelain marble effect floor tiles can easily overcome this issue. Porcelain is much denser and uniform; moisture cannot penetrate the dense layers, which is why designers recommend them for inside and outside use alike. 

Increases Property Value: Due to the many benefits of marble effect floor tiles, it is a very good option in homes. However, what makes it a luxury option is its expensive predecessor, which was used to denote wealthiness. You can get your home to look expensive in the markets and increase its property value by using the modern alternative of marble flooring, which is a marble effect floor tile.

Become a Part of the Rising Trend

Porcelain and ceramic marble effect floor tiles have become increasingly popular since the advent of cheap floor tiles. They can transform a simple home into something completely different. You can now use marble effect floor tiles along with other floor tile options to create a modern, vintage, retro, or traditional home. They are a timeless investment that can increase the property value of your home or office as well, other than giving an immediate beautiful finish.

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