Using Pink Tiles In The Kitchen And Bathroom

Using Pink Tiles In The Kitchen And Bathroom


Pink is one vibrant colour, that effortlessly defines femininity, playfulness, sweetness and fresh romance. Not only this, but the colour pink is also associated with cotton candy, bubble gums, doughnuts and babies. So in short, we can say pink stands for innocence, nurturing, compassion and all the good things the world has to offer. No wonder so many people on earth adore the colour pink.

There was a time when the colour pink dominated the homes and apartments built in the early 50s. Pink is still that one colour which can be found in post-war and vintage houses. And without a doubt, pink is still used for creating beautiful and graceful vibrant designs which are a delight to look at. 

So how would you feel if this popping colour was incorporated in your bathroom or your kitchen? Wouldn't it be great if your bathroom or kitchen could reflect the femininity and quirky chic style?

In this article, we are going to cover all the possibilities for achieving a beautiful yet spunky bathroom and kitchen with the colour pink.


Pink Bathroom Tiles

The perfect shade of pink bathroom tiles can be picked from a wide range of muted hues as well as bold shades and diverse textures. From bold candy colour that will add liveliness to your mornings to warm toned-down shades that will make your bathroom a serene quiet place, perfect for unwinding from a long day. The colour pink is extremely versatile and has something in store for every taste and every mood.


The blush pink bathroom tiles

If you are looking for creating a tranquil space, blush coloured pink bathroom tiles is the colour to go for. The metro tiles in this shade give a perfect vintage vibe that is always easy on the eyes while transforming your bathroom into a calming warm space. Grout lines in white or subtle darker shades can be used to give the tiles more design and depth. 


The rosy pink checkered bathroom tiles

The rosy shade of pink bathroom tiles is perfect is you want your bathroom to feel tropical. And if you also want to achieve a minimalistic look, go for the checkered tiles with white grout lines. The small, tiles with white grout lines will give your bathroom a more cheerful vibe while being a delight to look at. When paired with copper bathroom accessories and beautiful chandeliers, the rose coloured pink bathroom tiles checkered bathroom tiles can give your bathroom a lavish and plush look. 


A feature wall

If you don't want a bathroom that's all pink, you can create a feature wall in your bathroom. A feature wall is a focal point which demands your attention. For achieving this effect, you can paint the rest of the walls in your bathroom with pastel colours and incorporate vibrant, darker shades of pink bathroom tiles on your feature wall. Not only this will amp up the look of the wall, but will also make your bathroom look more luxurious. If you want to take things up a notch, you can pick the glossy tiles for the feature wall for adding shimmer and for a luminous finish. 


Pink Kitchen Tiles

The place where people spend most of their time after the bathroom is the kitchen. From making their morning coffee in a jiffy to spending entire Sunday preparing meals for the week, the kitchen is one of the most frequently used rooms in the house.

But if that's the case, why does your kitchen has to look dull? A place that smells like a feast in heaven and where the flavours thrive to tingle your tastebuds, why does it have to be boring?

Just like your bathroom, you can incorporate pink kitchen tiles to give your kitchen a more feminine and chic personality.


Victorian kitchen tiles

Who doesn't love a classic, vintage, timeless design? And when that timeless design is paired with muted shades of pink, it can give your kitchen a traditional look blended with a contemporary vibe. The best thing is you can choose from infinite patterns of designs. From checkered and geometric to beautiful and mesmerizing paintings on the pink kitchen tiles, the choices are endless.  


Marble effect kitchen tiles

Marble effect tiles can be spotted in spas, hotels and resorts because of their timeless beauty and unique veins. The pink marble effect tiles can be used as a backdrop above the platform for all your kitchen appliances and accessories. You can also pick a wavy pattern which is a blend of lighter shades of pink with a dark background. 


Shell tiles

If you are looking for something versatile as well as timeless and don't want to pick just one shade of pink, shell tiles can be a perfect pick for you. With their pearl-like finish and diverse shades of pink varying from light to dark, shell tiles can render the perfect mixture and balance of bubble gum pink, candy pink, rose pink etc making for the perfect pink kitchen tiles

Brick effect kitchen tiles

Brick effect kitchen tiles in muted shades of pink can be incorporated in the kitchen for a classic, traditional look. These brick effect kitchen tiles look best when paired with dark coloured cabinets, which renders a perfect contrast to your kitchen. 

There are hundreds of ways in which you can give your bathroom and kitchen a complete makeover. And for this purpose, the market also has unlimited tile options to help you renovate. If you don't want to add pink to the walls, you can add muted shades of pink to the floors to brighten up the room. You can use marble effect flooring with beautiful dark veins to give your bathroom a lavish and luxurious look.

Whether you are living in a small studio apartment or in an opulent house, when you renovate spaces, it adds to the value of the property. But here's a catch. No matter how much you spend on your house, when you spend money on your bathroom and kitchen, people notice. Kitchens are mostly used for family gathering and having dinner with guests, while bathrooms are used by almost everyone you have over. So no matter who comes to your house, these two places are used by everyone, and hence it is important to keep them updated.