Varieties of Brick Slips

Varieties of Brick Slips

When it comes to brick slips, you can benefit from a very durable, versatile finish that gives the appearance of real brick walls. This makes it easy for any home owner to add value to your home, without breaking the bank. Brick slips and brick effect tiles are a great way to add your own style and colour choices to walls and floors, creating a new look in your rooms. At Appleby’s we stock a wide range of brick slips, including bathroom brick slips and kitchen brick slips that are very practical and modern. 

When you buy from us, you can choose from a range of samples, to help you get the best value for money and choose a tile that will work for your project and your budget. Brick slips can also handle splash backs well, so they are ideal for shower areas and kitchen tops. With excellent scratch resistance and the ability to offer waterproofing abilities too, brick slips are ideal for any home. 

When you plan your home makeover, consider the amount of tiles you’ll need as well as the colours you want to go for and the type of wall you want. If you want a brick like wall, brick slips or brick effect tiles are ideal. You can also use them on your floors, creating a modern yet durable floor surface for any room in the home. 

Bathroom Brick Slips

One of our popular options include the beautiful Salt Washed Grey Brick Slips. The colour scheme within these very popular brick slips not only offer a mix of medium grey shades but also add in burnt and white washed finishes. The tiles also have natural imperfections, which make it even more attractive. It has a very popular look and is ideal for modern bathrooms that want a lot of style and character. 

You can also go for a darker colour, with our Studio Rustic Red Brick Slips. The Studio Rustic Red Brick Slips are handmade and these are sold per m2 and our price includes VAT. There are roughly 60 brick slips to a m2 and each brick effect tile measures 21cm x 6.5cm to further replicate real bricks. The depth of these tiles varies slightly as they are textured and riven but the general thickness is 20mm.

There are many reasons why you may want to consider revamping your shower walls; you may be looking for a completely new style, add a specific feature to your bathroom, or simply want to replace an old wall with an affordable, durable new wall, to match your bathroom floor. This is where affordable tiling options come in perfectly for any bathroom, especially the shower area. 

The shower area is a great way to make a statement in your bathroom and there are plenty of great wall options available when you consider bathroom brick slips. At Appleby’s, we have a wide selection of affordable and highly durable bathroom brick slips available for any home owner or designer to use. 

You can easily add a feature wall to your bathroom, making it easy to add style to your room. Since a bathroom is quite popular and used every day, it’s a great place to start for your home renovation project. Other materials such as glass can also be a great addition to bathroom brick slips, especially since they allow you to add a piece of style to an existing wall, while making the environment look bigger than it is. 


Kitchen Brick Slips

When it comes to kitchens, you can benefit from adding a variety of brick slips to your walls and floors. You can really add style and allow your personality to shine through with a variety of great designs. That’s why you should browse our selection of kitchen brick slips that will allow you to get great value for money.

One such option is our White New York Brick Slips that are perfect for lighter kitchens. These tiles can be seen in real form in many homes worldwide, even in commercial settings. These brick slips are ideal for anyone who don’t want to spend too much, especially new home owners who simply want to move in and paint the walls white. it has become so popular that many people are trying to recreate this look and we believe there is no better way than with genuine brick slips.

How about a more neutral colour for your home? Our popular Underground Grey Brick Slips make are an amazing choice when you are looking for brick effect tiles for your kitchen or fireplace. This is an exclusive and luxury brick slip with a generous mixture of greys, black and silvers creating an underground urban feature in the shower. 

Another great option for kitchen brick slips is our Weathered Worn Yellow Brick Slips that will allow you to add a beautiful warm look for your kitchen walls. Much like our yellow stock brick slip this tile has a more weathered appeal then a polished new brick which is ideal for those looking to recreate an original feature or create. feature in a traditional building without losing the character.


Not only can you save a lot of time and money by installing brick slips on your interior walls, but you can choose from various popular options such as metro tiles, marble effect tiles, or patterned tiles. They help you to create a unique space in your home, while also offering the ability to be creative and choose a style that is unique to your home and your personal preference. 

For more information about our available selection of tiles for your interior floors, or to buy these tiles from a reliable UK supplier, contact us today at 0333 900 4537 or view our collections online.