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What Are Metro Wall Tiles?

When you consider upgrading your home’s interior, you ideally want something that will really last for many years. Metro tiles are the perfect solution as it allows you to add a style to your home that will remain popular for decades to come. Metro wall tiles are very popular and can deliver a durable finish that will be popular for many decades, as this trend seems to never go out of fashion. 

With a wide variety of materials such as glass, ceramic and porcelain, metro tiles can be a great addition to your home. You can choose from various colours too, allowing you to create the perfect wall to complement your existing décor in any room in the house.

What Are Metro Wall Tiles?

Metro wall tiles are often referred to as subway tiles. These tiles come in different formats, from a small size of just 15cm x 7,5cm, right up to 40cm x 20cm, with different finishes like gloss, matt and satin. They come in different colours and can complement any room. It’s perfect for almost any colour scheme you have in a room and you can use these tiles to create the perfect accent or even a feature wall.

In the early 1900s, the walls of the famous New York and London Underground stations had plain white, brick-shaped tiles. This was seen as a powerful, yet timeless look and this is where the name ‘metro tiles’ come from. They have a simple, slick look and are also minimalist in terms of décor. Metro wall tiles are very popular and versatile, and have been popular in many homes since then. It’s seen as a look that will stand the test of time and will always look good in almost any room of the home – especially in the kitchen and bathroom.  

Metro Wall Tiles

Metro wall tiles are very popular and they are instantly recognizable by their slim brick -shaped. They are generally two to three times as wide as they are tall, and they are highly sought after, especially for modern homes. They are used by interior designers and homeowners to create a beautiful theme in any home, as this will be a timeless, classic design that will be popular for many decades to come.

Additional designs are always improved upon and customized for modern homes, which is why there is such a wide variety of made the wall tiles available today. They offer an alluring charm and can also come in different textures and finishes. This gives homeowners and interior designers a lot of options to work with, especially since these styles can be paired with so many different coloured walls and floor tiles.

Metro Kitchen Tiles

Metro kitchen tiles are perfect for any kitchen as they can immediately add style to any wall of this busy room. These kitchen tiles are easy to clean and they are very practical, making them perfect to use in your kitchen area. Since the kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the home, having tiles that can handle a little dirt and is very easy to clean, is a very popular and practical choice to go with. Some of the popular themes people go with, include a vintage look, colourful styles, and bevelled edges – very popular in the kitchen and living room areas. 

Metro Bathroom Tiles

If you’re looking for a great way to brighten up your bathroom or even add a striking feature to the room, metro bathroom tiles on the perfect solution. They can easily handle splash back and they are very easy to clean, making them a very versatile solution for bathroom walls. These bathroom tiles can easily be added to the wall, or they can even just cover part of the wall, to make for a stunning feature in your bathroom.

For your bathroom space you can always go with something a little different and choose Metro bathroom tiles that have beveled edges and come in bold, striking colours such as black. This will definitely create a unique environment and offer a definitive, striking decor look in a personalized space.

Metro wall tiles have a lot of benefits to offer, especially because they are so versatile. They are very easy to clean, durable, and perfect for areas such as your bathroom and kitchen. They can add a beautiful feature wall in your house, and they can help to create almost any theme you want. There also available in a wide variety of colours with various finishes that you can choose from to add that special touch.

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