What Are Terrazzo Effect Tiles?

What Are Terrazzo Effect Tiles? 


If you are looking for a great way to spice up your interior floors, terrazzo effect tiles are ideal. Not only do they look beautiful and unique but they also hard wearing and durable. These tiles can easily blend into a wide variety of styles and they are perfect for larger areas such as your kitchen or your living room. Terrazzo effect tiles are usually popular, due to its unique design and finish.

Terrazzo effect floor tiles always look unique since the small stone cuts used in this material are not always the same and this gives them a very unique and modern look. Apart from being used inside your home, these styles can also easily be used outdoors and are also perfect for everything from a patio area to a worktop.

Terrazzo effect floor tiles are beautiful and hard wearing, making them ideal for your outdoor steps. Made from porcelain, these tiles are very interesting and have been used in homes for decades. Terrazzo is made from chips of granite, marble, glass, quartz and other materials, and these are either precast or poured in place. Terrazzo has been used for many years but now, Terrazzo effect tiles give you all of the style, with more convenience.

Modern terrazzo effect tiles are much more convenient and cost effective to use. Apart from having a solid stone tile, you can now have a ceramic or porcelain tile with that terrazzo effect 3D printed on the tile’s surface. This gives you the same look but a lighter, more effective and durable tile to use in your home. This has been the choice for many home builders and designers, especially since you can customize the design anyway you like.

Terrazzo can be dated back as far as ancient Egypt and this means that they were first seen as early as the 16th century. Workers used to smash marble chips and set them into big pieces of clay in an effort to reduced costs. It was far less expensive to create these terrazzo floor tiles than having to outfit an entire floor with an expensive material such as marble or stone. Terrazzo was later introduced to the rest of the world but it wasn’t until the 1920s when this really became a style trend. One of the most popular uses of terrazzo effect tiles is the Hollywood Walk of Fame which was created in the late 1950s.

Terrazzo Effect Tiles

One of the most popular features of a terrazzo effect floor tile is the colour versatility. These styles produce a neutral backdrop and the clippings can be used to create virtually limitless designs and colours. There are so many colour combinations as well as varying sizes, which makes it work in any interior room.

These tiles can be used on small and large floors, to create a very inviting and stylish look. They are used in old and new homes alike, and since they are mainly light in color they can help to reflect a larger image in a room. These floor tiles are especially popular in areas such as a bathroom, as you can use a soft pattern to create a slight interest but not so overwhelming as a full-color tile.

Terrazzo Effect Kitchen Tiles

Terrazzo effect kitchen tiles are extremely popular as they are ideal for larger spaces. Plus, as an added benefit, you can also use terrazzo effect tiles for your kitchen countertop. Maintain the same feel throughout your kitchen, with various colours and designs when using terrazzo. With such a big color variety these tiles are very versatile and there also durable and hard wearing, making them ideal for any worktop. They can offer you a hard, reliable surface to work on that is hygienic and very easy to clean as well. Another benefit of terrazzo effect kitchen tiles is that they come in a wide variety of sizes, which means that you can easily fit them into almost any space in the room.

Terrazzo Effect Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom is not only personal space but also one that you can decorate your own desire. With these tiles, you can maintain a neutral appearance in your bathroom, with a hint of color by using terrazzo effect bathroom tiles that have a specific color or type of stone. You can choose any color, and even combine more than one color to use throughout your bathroom.

These bathroom tiles are very durable and they are very easy to clean. They can also handle damp areas with ease, making them highly effective for bathroom areas. You can also add in addition will nonslip layer, should you want to use these tiles on your floors. This makes them very safe for your bathroom area.

Terrazzo Effect Floor Tiles

Terrazzo effect floor tiles have become extremely popular in recent years. So much so, that they are now being seen in various environments - including residential and commercial - with great success. But these floor tiles are not the only space in which you can use the terrazzo effect. If you have a solid color war floor, you can break this with various accessories, such as a terrazzo side table in your living room.

These are a few ways in which you can implement terrazzo effect tiles throughout your home. They are strong, durable, and perfect for high traffic areas. This is why you can easily use them anywhere, from your hallway, to your kitchen and even your bedroom. You can also choose from a variety of accessories made from terrazzo, to complement any decor element you have in a room.

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